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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HVAC and Your Home

Guest post written by Clayton Mehr

Record breaking summer temperatures take their toll on your air conditioning units both inside and outside. Recently I came home from work to find my hvac unit not working. Outside temperatures were 88 but the inside temperature had reached to nearly 92. Luckily Sears heating and air conditioning does emergency calls. The problem was simply a wire that was old and deteriorated. The problem was fixed and my hvac unit kicked right back on. He suggested I do some preventive measures to update my system and gave me a list that either he could do or I could do myself since I am very handy around the house with home improvements.

Saving money is of the utmost importance right now so I headed to the local hardware store with my list in hand. First on the list was a set of new hvac filters which is probably the most overlooked item in the summer for hvac units. Summer allergens, dust and weeds will clog a filter quickly and deteriorate the efficiency of your hvac unit. I then purchased some simple duct tape, as my hvac professional had noticed some leaks in my vents as well as the tubing in the basement. Air leaks and gaps in tubing and vents can cause significant loss in cooling and heating through your home.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Not that anyone reads We planned on going to Long beach island on Friday. We found out that DH had to work Friday and Saturday. Good thing I have not made our kids excited about the whole thing. Then Friday came, and his job called telling him yes he is definitely off. At the last minute we packed everything we need and off we went. It was so much fun. It wasn't too hot and everything was perfect. The surf is not too big and the best part was the water temperature. All I can say is perfect.

DH had another meeting on Saturday and we celebrated our youngest son 4th birthday. I got him an ice cream cake because all 4 of them requested it. It works just fine because it was too hot yesterday. He even ate the last slice of it. He didn't mined much about the gifts as long as he can have some ice

Never mind the date on the picture. He was born in 2006 and the date says 2005.

Of course there was the constant arguing with my MIL with his only son. These two will never come into agreement on anything. MIL will say things that will contradict anything she said in the past. Even if it's wrong (even my kids knows it was wrong) she will stand her ground and the argument she would give is she change her mind. Ok, I will let you fall because I change my mind. What the hell is that?

I said it in the past and I will say it again, "wrong is always wrong, however you put it".


Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update

As usual, after a training DH comes home very tired and sleeps for a long time. Poor man. He did not expect to have some cake yesterday. I told him that we don't have any cocoa powder, and I can't make any. I looked around the cupboard and found one. He said he could smell it, as soon as he enters the house.

The kids went out again and swim in the pool. I am worried that they get burn because they wanted to stay too long. Especially my youngest one, this is his first year that he actually join the others in the pool. I want them to get a tan little by little, not in one day. Getting it in one day will be a disaster because I am pretty sure it will hurt.

They played for two days using the slip-n-slide and also two days now in the pool. They have color on them already, I can see how pale they were before those 4 days. My arms are changing color now too. I can't hardly see my hairs in my arm...:P. My legs in the other hands don't get the sun much, unless I soak in the pool like my kids. The water is still too cold for me, maybe in two weeks I'll join them.

I also cleaned my desk yesterday. I am running of space for confiscated things from the kids. Anything that they are not allowed to play with ends up in my desk. I got so much mails that needed to be shredded. There are more next to my desk on the floor. Now, I have extra space to be filled up again for this coming school year, and I can see the top of my


Friday, June 18, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I know this is late but I needed to keep this blog This was taken while the little ones are outside playing with slippery slide thingy. Please excuse the dates on the pictures, I did not have time to change them after changing the batteries.

Sky Watch Friday
I promise the kids that they can go in the pool tomorrow. We are going to have another nice day tomorrow and Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conversation With DD

I cannot deny that I talk in my own language when I get mad with the kids. I don't want them to understand the not so good words I use. Once in the blue DD would ask me what is tagalog words for certain stuff.

They knew how to say water in my language. Then, one day she asked me to put some water on her water bottle. She asked me what we call bottle in tagalog...which I told her bote. Almost sounds like booty and she put it together too big booty. The tagalog word for water is tubig, sounds like too big. She made me laugh out loud. She is a stinker she calls me "mommy has a water bottle"


Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

ODS graduated last Friday and moved out the same day. He wanted to spend time with his father before going to college at Edinboro University this coming August. Below is his yearbook picture.

ODSBelow is his graduation picture. I love the smile with the above picture, totally gotten it from me along with the The only thing missing are dimples, I had a few, and he never gotten any of it.

ODSI got a hold of SIL, and she willingly watched our 4 little one while attending the above event. DH and I never liked the event, but we came to support him. The speeches made us sick, school system is brain wash to the bone. The words "changes are the inevitable"" almost made us vomit. Not all changes are for the good or always good.

Anyway, since SIL came, so was her husband. They don't have kids together but treat their dog like one. I found out today that they put the dog in my van. Furs are everywhere and if you are not a dog lover, you can smell the smell. Yuck, she never used to be that way. She and her first husband had dogs, but they never take the dogs everywhere. It's not like this dog is tiny, it is a Labrador, for crying out loud. That is what I get for asking her to watch the kids I guess.

Sunday DH took us to visit our local wild animal shelter. Boy, I can smell the skunk a mile a way. We have to give a small donation, and then it started raining. We went out of the house just to catch some summer This is an outdoor shelter, next to the owners' house too.

We are finally on summer vacation. The swimming pool is almost clean and ready for the little ones. We are just waiting for heat again for them to go in it. My vegetable garden is finally planted. I'm not sure if they will ripen before the first frost, but I can always try next year.

Happy Monday everyone, that's it for today.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Less Child

It is official that my ODS is leaving home to go to college in western PA. He will be graduating from high school this Friday. BTW, I still don't have a sitter. I might be going by myself. I will like for DH to come but no one can sit the kids. I may have to bring my little girl with me instead.

The nice part of him going away to college is, I don't have to wake him up in the morning anymore. He stays up until 4am every night, he comes home from school and go to sleep. I kept on telling him, I hope you last longer than one semester. With the attitude like that I have no faith he will last.

DH and I both agree that he should stay closer, but there is another parent say. We were out voted. At least, when he is closer, I can spy on him, making sure he is not wasting money.

Ah, all I can say is, stay together and work everything out, especially when you have a kid.


Friday, June 4, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Lovely sky we are having. Have a great weekend everyone. I am looking forward to strawberry picking this weekend...yummy!

Sky Watch Friday


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Popeye? All suit up for...

ODSI can't even take a good picture.

ODS all suit upReady to play air-soft. This was on Monday, he got invited to play with his school friends and DH met a family just like us. BTW, this is my oldest DS who is graduating this year. Going away to college in August, at the other side of PA.


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