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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Something in the Weather (maybe)

Wow, I am such a biotch today, you will not believe. I was fine this morning and as soon as the children started doing their school work, i just lost it. Questions after questions without understanding it got me irritated.

Geez, might have something to do with menopause, because the other reasons about woman was not it. I think I needed a break, again. Good thing we only have until Thursday to do lessons, then we are off for a week. I can't wait to just lounge around the house and do nothing but cook and clean the house. And naps, plenty of it.


Monday, December 19, 2011

He's Feeling Better

All day Saturday he was very depress about his one friend attitude. I am happy he (DH) is feeling much happier now. They are still friend but he said he will not depend on him anymore. He felt like he lose a girlfriend...he he he.

He value each people too much, in my opinion that is why he gets hurt when something happens. I never had any best friend so I can't relate to what he is feeling.

Happy Monday everyone.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poor DH

DH one friend that he always questioned about where his fate finally given DH an answer without coming out and saying a word. It was always a question of, how he is too fast to understand everything and gets what DH was saying.

I feel very bad for him. He thought that he finally found someone close to us to watch his back, but he is very wrong. He was being used and he came to me this morning and finally given up on him. An individual can only have too much, and he did.

I wish I can do more for him, but there is nothing I can do but give him a hug and sympathy. He tried his best, and he got kick (always) in the back.


Friday, December 16, 2011

We Talk it Over

I spoke to DH about the christmas lies and he basically told me that the BIBLE did not told us how to breath. Yes, we are going to get (still) a dead tree and put it inside the house, and no we do not considered the tree as symbol of anything.

To clear things up, we are not christians and religious. We follow the SPIRITUAL side of all BIBLE. I call our Creator different names, because I don't really know which is correct. I hate using GOD, because backwards that spells dog, and I hate people who act like dogs.

I like the TEN REGULATIONS. Most people call it commandments.

Did you know what is behind the mistletoe? A long time ago, it was a symbol of invitation to sex. They said, people hang them outside their door to invite whoever for orgy (it was that orgy turned into christmas).

Watch the video below. You will be very surprised.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Research in My Part

Remember yesterday when I tried adding the twelve days of christmas. Well, I found out that there is nothing (really) to celebrate about on December 25th. The BIBLE or TORAH specifically said so.

Before I get into writing "you and yours," or "Xmas," and trying to be politically correct, and mostly following the trend. Last year I even commented on others who writes "Xmas," asking where is "Christ."

Well you know what, go and write it the the way you like because Jesus Christ wasn't even born on that day. And he didn't even mention to celebrate his birth. He only asked to celebrate his death and his resurrection. Yes, this is a lot to swallow in one sitting.

I have known about christmas being a pagan holiday. It's kinda hard to get rid a habit when it's been done for so long. The closest I been to celebrating according to the word of our SAVIOR was when I was little and still living with my parents.

We do not have christmas tree. We do not buy gifts and give it on christmas and call it christmas presents. However, my parents told me that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Nothing in the BIBLE telling what day he was born and to celebrate it. Nor to celebrate anyone else birthday.

I don't feel bad at all having the feeling of laziness this time of year. I don't feel like decorating or cutting a tree and bringing it inside the house to decorate. Even the way DH family was doing it does not make sense anymore.

I'm blue.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, trying to somewhat revive this blog by adding the twelve days of Christmas everyday. Well, I went on researching about it, and found that it should start on December 25, until January 6.

So, for now, I need to think of other gig until then. But hey, I posted something for two days now...ha ha ha. I complained about google yesterday and now making fun of myself.

What's next?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh my Goodness

Trying to make post today and adding picture that is very tiny takes forever in blogger. What is the matter with google (and no I am not changing it to capital letter because the word google had red underline) these days? It usually zip through uploading any images before google bought blogger. I am very unhappy with this change.

And if you are listening google, I hate you and the likes of you. Corporations are the reason why small business in this country are disappearing. NO, it's not a good thing, it might be for you but not for me. Jerks!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They are Comfortable

Yes, nursing scrubs uniforms are comfortable. Did you try wearing one, even as a costume on Halloween? I'll be wearing it all the time when I can't afford to buy clothing in the store anymore with this inflation we are having. Of course, I will be making my own from fabrics I am saving for rainy days.

Hopefully, nothing like it will ever happen, but this country is bankrupt in my opinion. Too many I owe you's and not enough gold and silver to back it up. However, while still affordable and the paper money is still flowing, you might as well stock-up on things you will need. Shop around and find the best deal to save your hard earn money.

Don't forget to your list on finding best deals on uniforms. Have you felt the fabric they use on their uniforms? I would like to get my hand on rolls of those (whatever you call the fabrics that are still rolled-up), I like the plain and simple fabric.


Due Again

I am talking about getting our floor carpeting clean again. I think we cleaned it three years ago, and when you have very active children, it's bound to get dirty repeatedly. We only rented a do-it-yourself wet vacuum from our local grocery store because we cannot afford a professional carpet cleaner like It would be nice to sit and watch other work, however that is another story.

Living in an old house have its good and bad points. And I will talk about the toilets they put in our house. May I remind you that we use water from a well. The tank flasher should be replace every five years or so to get have it working properly and not let the stopper hung for hours and water running the whole time.

When you have carpeting all over the house, there is a chance that you will be needing services for water damaged austin. I was lucky because I don't stay out for very long, and only the bathroom floor had water. I cannot imagine having a water damage in my house. The work of cleaning it up will take a long time. Plus, I got so much useable junk that will get wet.


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