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Saturday, December 22, 2012

When They Come, They Pour

Storm came & gone. PIL came and left and back again. (That was planned) Dementia with MIL got to me and I never recover until recently. Now my kidney stones are in haywire. Not to mention UTI along with it and surprised me while away from home for a doctors appointment and I came home very sick.

My body gave up on me. I am on anti-biotics right now. I have to take it for a week. FIL gave me an authorization to use his card, my own card so that it will be easy for me to buy them food, medicines or anything for that matter without being question on whose card is it I am using. The infection got me down for a day and I am still weak until today.

I am drinking a lot of fresh squeeze lemon juice. They are much better than bottled ones. My body is achy and going to the bathroom comes easier today than yesterday and the day before. Whew! Like the title says...


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MIL is With Us, FIL is Stress Out

FIL was doing very well while staying with us for 3 weeks without MIL. Now that she is back in our house, FIL look very stress. Hospice & nurses come and goes from our house now. DH told me, that he like it better if his mother goes to a home, because she is giving his father too much stress and he thinks his father will go first even though his mother have cancer & alzheimer.

FIL car got a crack on the side because my new neighbor's friend back up on it hard. She said no scratch but when I check, yes she was right, however there is crack.

DH and I rented a dumpster. Yap, every little toys goes.


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