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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

My wife and I have been saving up for a huge trip to Europe next year, so we've been cutting costs wherever we can. We got rid of all the movie channels we were paying for, and we stopped having our groceries delivered. We took some time to CLEAR mobile broadband 4G to find the best rate so I know we saved a couple of hundred dollars there. Other than that, we've cut back on clothes, magazine subscriptions, and even going out to the movies. It's amazing how expensive life can get if you let it! We really want our trip to Europe to be the trip o! f a lifetime, and we don't want to have to scrimp the whole time we're there. I think my wife may be even more excited than I am, but it's hard to tell since we're both just chomping at the bit to really get over there and stretch our legs. Having Internet at home is the best thing that ever happened to travel planning, and we've almost got the whole trip booked!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Update

A lot of things happened and I am still not in the mood to write. However, I will talk about our kittens. We always put them on Craigslist and we always gets a lot of calls. Well, a young lady called for them (they are free by the way) and asked if she can stop by and look at them, I said sure. When she got to my house, she fell in love with all three of them and don't want them to be apart.

She asked if she can take all of them. DH asked with no hesitation, "you're not going to hurt them, do you?" Her friend that was with said, "oh no, no," she rescue some animals a while back, plus they own a pet. Ok, why not, we can get rid of three kittens at one time.

When they left, DH told me, "I think we will see the kittens pretty soon." Sure enough the next day the phone ring and it was her. She said that she got a reaction overnight. She might be allergic and she asked if she can bring them back. Well, what am I to say no.

DH and I came to the conclusion that her mother didn't like having three kittens and told here to return it. We also think that she might not even in her twenties.

Anyway, this was Saturday and she returned the kittens on Sunday which was mother's day. The next day, Monday, one of the people who called on Saturday called back again and asked if we still have the kittens. She said she might take two. (She called on Saturday asking me is I can hold any of the kittens, however, since this is free and we are trying to get rid of them, I can't hold any of them for certain day.)

Well, she came with the boyfriend, and the same thing. They don't want the kittens to be apart plus they saw how they play together nicely. They got suck on how cute they are and how they liked to be held. (I have four children to thank for having such tamed kittens.) So, yes, they took all three again. I told myself, I hope I don't see them (kittens) the next day. Well, my prayers was answered and they didn't return them. I also given them the bag of kitty food since they took all of them.

I think the only time we get a hard time giving away some kittens was when they caught fleas and they are allowed to go outside. This time I told DH not to let them outside the house and to make sure the mother gets the dose of flea drugs. I like it when DH listen to better not get used to it. It was a one time thing...Ich liebe dich DH...:))


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