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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a Heat!

What a crazy weather. It never makes up its mind. A few days ago we are wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants, today clothing is optional...geez. We had to put up our window air-conditioner to get the classroom cooler. Whew, I still have the damn thing pointing at me.

We had 89°F for the high today with a real feel of 96°. All of my boys are not wearing shirts and are still sweating. Then I bet we will have a much colder night and guess what? That is why they all have sniffles. I let their room get cooler and turn into too cool overnight.

I think we really need to get the swimming pool ready. I don't really care if the water is cold in there, that is what we wanted. Hopefully, we can do it this weekend, all we have to do is dip in there whenever we get this high temperature.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update

We went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon. Every lady can relate when I say, "I didn't have anything to wear". I went out one hour before we are scheduled to leave the house, I got a new dress. I got home and my SIL was already here. I still need to get dress and style my hair. We did not get out of the house until 3:30PM.

It was nice, not as board as other weddings we have been to. Like no one to talk to, because you don't know anyone, or you are not sitting to the people that you know. We were seated to DH old (10 years ago) co-worker, so I have to listen to them talked about the old days.

The kids went out with my SIL to see the new Shrek movie while we were out, sounded like they had fun. They don't remember much of it, but I am glad to go out by ourselves for a few hours.

Clean laundry was put away on Sunday. I can finally see the bottom of the laundry baskets. I like washing clothes but I hated the folding and putting them away. Now, I have another load that will end up sitting in the basket forever. I try washing clothes once a day, because 3 of my kids changes clothes 3 times a day. I hate putting clothes wore for 3 hours.

The weather is not cooperating either. One day it would be sooo hot, then the next will be sooo cold. Our children all have the sniffles, and I tried so many times to put the winter clothes away, but still get wear because of the weather. Winter and summer clothes is now mix with everything.

Ahh, anyway, how is your Monday so far?


Friday, May 21, 2010

Sky Watching Friday/LATSOF


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Swimming PartyDD in one of her friend birthday swimming party. Climbing from the water at 7 feet of water. A week later it's her turn to have a birthday party.

Swimming PartyThis was probably the reason why I got sick. I had to inhale chlorine air for the 5 hours. This is an indoor pool. Or maybe because we ate out for 3 consecutive lunches during PSSA week, I don't have any, the best part is I am getting stronger everyday and able to do some house work now.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am still alive and not taken to a concentration camp...ha ha. Nothing to laugh about it now. Anyway, it finally hit hard. Doing the supermom thing. It can't be done if I forget to take care of myself too. No one else can do it for me. I just hate it when I get sick, my family doesn't have any idea on what to do around the house.

Kitchen has piled of dirty stuff. Kids can't seem to understand that mommy is sick and my movement is limited. When I am up, then ask me for something they wanted, don't wait until I finally can't stand up and just lay down in bed again. Very annoying, I feel like a single mother here.

I had to force myself to stay seated and teach my kids, yes the whole time I have a fever, chill, headache, and sore throat. Tell me that is not a supermom job? Asking someone to load the stupid dishwasher is such a pain. Why does this thing keep on falling, why don't they stay still? I have to pull myself out of bed just to show how to load the stupid thing. Most of them can live in a pig pen. Trail and trails of a mess. It would be nice if DH brings home some ready to eat take out without asking me if I wanted him to get some. What! Offer to pick up milk or juice on his way home because his wife is very sick and still taking care of everything in the house.

I should probably better by now if he at least tried helping without complaining and whining to wish me better. Yea, that is tender loving care I got. What the heck! He is getting worst every year. I can go on and on and on but what is the point. I least now, even if he reads this, it's true. He can think for himself but not for the whole family when I am sick. Annoying! very. I feel a little better letting it out....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggh, now that's better.


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