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Monday, December 27, 2010

Going Under

That is how I feel today. It started when I shoveled our walk path this morning. Coffee was cold when I woke up, because DH had to leave early to plow. I could not wait for the coffee to warm up before going outside. I got very cold, even now I am still cold.

It was very windy today too. DC went out twice, I went out with them because I wanted to record them. My latest recording was from 2008, you how I must be out with them. DD was practicing snow boarding. She was getting the hang of it in our little hill. I'm still a little worry for our youngest. I know I let my other four year old out before, I am worry he can't if his cold or not. he he he, I know, when they feel cold they will come in.

Anyway, I ate some hot and spicy noodle soup at dinner. Whew! That was hot! I did not sweat at all, and I'm sure I am still getting sick. I will try some Airborne before I hit the hay. I woke up sore today, then I did not have hot coffee before going out. It keep on adding up...geez, good thing we are off learning until Monday.

Have a very cold with windchill 3° F outside. This morning it was switching to 1 to 3°F. I think that depends on how the wind blows...great cold Monday night to all.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is my chair and our five months old cat favorite place to nap. She is hugging the whole chair and not letting me sit on it. Sometimes I wait until she is sleeping and move her to another chair. However, as soon as she hit the other chair she will wake up and more back to mine again.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Three more days and it is our Christmas vacation. It is shy of two days to become two weeks. I can finally catch-up with folding laundry and putting them in the correct closets. Some of them never left the basket after unloading from the dryer. My first grader is already complaining that his closets and drawings don't have any winter clothes anymore.

I still don't know where the dinner is going to be. DH is not saying anything so, I'm hoping it's going to be a last minute thing, and I don't have to cook. I'm hoping for a snow too, that means we are not going anywhere, and no one is coming. Yes, with my luck, it will happen. More likely not, my luck always goes to the different direction.

I like my husband's family, but I can't stand it when they don't along and end up arguing the whole time they are here. Separate Christmas is more fit for all of them.


Friday, December 17, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I took this around 9:30am today and it looks like it's still night time where I am. Must have something to do with the sunlight and the angle my camera was facing.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to have temperature in the low thirties this weekend...woohoo!...:))


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chatted with the Family

I found out one cousin had a baby last week, and two nieces are half way there. One step niece had one last July. She is my only brother son's soon to be a wife in January. Well, for me, they are already husband and wife when they did the deed. The sacrament of marriage is between the man and woman and the high almighty above. Not about getting the marriage license or whose church is willing to marry them. I can care less if the couple goes into the middle of the field and exchange bows and asks above that, "from this day forwards now on we are husbands and wife."

This will only work if one does not value to look nice in-front of they neighbors, or wearing a white gown walking on the isle of the so called church and people are in awe on how great the bride look or the reception. Then again, I may be the 3% who will not do it, if I've known what I know now.

Ok, let's get back to pregnant and babies above...ha ha ha. I hinted with most of them that I wanted to be one of the godmothers for their child. Well, all of them said yes, and why not, and I am most welcome...ha ha ha. Looks like I am collecting godchildren here.

The one that had her baby girl last week was my first cousin's (she is my godmother) 3rd child. She is not married, but engage to her foreigner, who teaches in my birth country. So, basically they are living together. Please see above to what I must say here. People there talks and put people down when things like this happen. If they love each other, I don't care if they are married or not. As long as they both believe that now, they belong to each other, and one cannot dream of being with someone else.

My two nieces above are both my eldest sisters' daughters. The oldest one had been married for about two years now (I think) and only having her first child. The second one was living with her husband longer than the first, and she is pregnant with their second child. And they are just one month apart. So, my parents will have four grandchildren by next year.

Our family is getting bigger everyday...It would be nice to see a picture of the whole family. There will be forty people in the picture, grandparents, five children plus five (their spouses), seventeen grandchildren plus three spouses, and four great grandchildren...whew! That's a lot. We will need a wide area to get everyone to pose.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will it Kill You

It's winter again and DH is home most of the time, unless it snows that he needed to go out and plow. I know he works very hard to provide for our family, but it would be nice if he can make a meal once a week. I'm only asking for once a week, will it kill him to make or even provide a meal once?

I wish he can think for once...ha ha ha or maybe buy a meal for dinner or lunch, just once. I am not asking every time, did I say once a week. He will probably just laugh at me.

I always cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Monday to Friday my day filled with educating my children, making sure they attend live lessons. On the weekend I go grocery shopping, washing clothes, and making chicken fingers to freeze. That mostly is my 2nd DS meal once a day and whoever wanted some. I make sure I cook enough for a week use for all of them. So, if some of them don't eat any of it, it will last for two weeks. Then I have some free time on the weekend.

We also sometimes join DH on weekend meetings and usually take all day, most it. Wanting not to think on what to feed my children for once, can come in handy. I can focus more on their schedule. I cannot tell you some many times we forgot to join live lessons because I simply forgot to turn on my reminder or simply too busy and lose track of time.

I have 13 more years, to have everyone finish their studies. That is too long. One day at a time.


Monday, December 6, 2010

I Hate the Holidays

Too much rushing and the weather is at the top of my list, why I hate the Holidays. Buying gifts that are not needed for our children, and in addition food gets wasted during the gathering.

I am not for "feed the hunger," and I'm not even that close to it. I grew up in a very practical home, and wasteful living was not the issue. My parents buy what are needed for the family to survive, not "want." There are a big differences between the two. If you can't differentiate, well, grab a dictionary.

DD started to decorate the house over the weekend. She puts everything in one place. I gave her an "A" for the effort, and she keeps bugging us to buy a pine tree for our Christmas tree this year. I rather spend that $30 on something else. However, I live in a society that everyone wanted to outdo everyone else.

I am no better because we made this as tradition for our family. If we (DH and I) started with them the way I was brought up, this will never happen. However, since we already started the whole thing, we might as well continue, or we can stop it right now. I don't have any problem with the second one.

Don't get me wrong, we still give them gifts. We just don't call it Christmas present, simply present or gift because we think they deserve it. Christmas these days is commercialized which defeated the whole purpose on why we celebrate the occasion.

Then again, this is just me. I know plenty will not agree with me. And I'm sure the whole 97% of population will not agree.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Eats

Most people will say change is good, but as for me, it depends what the change is about and for. And in my opinion, change is not all good. I like the old way of doing things when it comes to food. I like them to be "all natural," meaning no fertilizer, no antibiotic, no hormones, and free range. I care about my family and my own health. Furthermore, to tell you the truth I don't buy much food in the grocery store anymore.

I may travel further than usual, but I am sure I'm getting healthier food. They are a bit pricey I know; because they don't compete with commercialize food out there. Do you even know what they put on those things, or how they treat the animals or plants that these commercial growers grow? I don't need to say it one by one. Most Organic Meats can be found everywhere now. However, always be careful with them. Research it online and find out where they came from. Like a lot of people say, "knowledge is power," and very true. My husband is one example, and plenty is mistaken him for having a multiple college degree, if they only knew.


Winter is Here

Ghostly surrounding, cold temperature, cloudy sky 75 percent of the time, rain, sleet and snow at one time and too cold outside to catch some sun when it is shining.

Thanksgiving came and gone, the dinner was held at SIL house after 7 years. I'm hoping she will do the Christmas dinner too. I am plain too busy to clean and cook for these occasions and not worth my time. I know this is for the family, but if they can't give you the word that they are coming or simply not show up is not worth it. Too much left over and not enough people eating the feast. Then if I don't cook enough, they all decide to show up, like they are psychic of some sort.

DH and I was thinking about changing the gift giving to spring like in Easter's celebration because there are not many gifts to give our children for winter. They can only get too many sleds, boots, snow suits, and it gets old very fast. At least in spring we can get them a lot more toys to choose from.

We got some present from the mail yesterday, and we opened it right away. No waiting for Christmas in this household this year. We started shopping online, because the prices are the same and most sites offers free shipping. I don't feel like fighting the crowds in the stores this year.

This is our 5th years not using any credit card (we don't have one) when buying anything as present or household needed appliances. It feels good, not to worry about paying a corporation (who btw getting all the bailout) 50 or more percent in APR.

I suggest to everyone to stop spending what you don't have and save in silver or other means instead. I hate hearing, "I spent too much this season, now it's time to pay back my credit card," good luck with that, "I always say."


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