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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Eats

Most people will say change is good, but as for me, it depends what the change is about and for. And in my opinion, change is not all good. I like the old way of doing things when it comes to food. I like them to be "all natural," meaning no fertilizer, no antibiotic, no hormones, and free range. I care about my family and my own health. Furthermore, to tell you the truth I don't buy much food in the grocery store anymore.

I may travel further than usual, but I am sure I'm getting healthier food. They are a bit pricey I know; because they don't compete with commercialize food out there. Do you even know what they put on those things, or how they treat the animals or plants that these commercial growers grow? I don't need to say it one by one. Most Organic Meats can be found everywhere now. However, always be careful with them. Research it online and find out where they came from. Like a lot of people say, "knowledge is power," and very true. My husband is one example, and plenty is mistaken him for having a multiple college degree, if they only knew.


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