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Friday, April 24, 2015

April is Almost Over

Have you notice that the days, weeks, months, and years goes faster as soon as you hit the big 40? I know right? I tried updating my writings while my children are doing their lessons and I only had one post in March. What was I doing the rest of the March while my children are doing their lessons. Geez!

The last two weeks of March I feel ill. I'm not really sure what I got because even the doctors cannot determined. I had cough, sore dry throat, and fever. I woke up from my nap feeling achy and I even went to get some grocery thinking it will go away by itself. As soon as I get back from the grocery store, that was it. I was bound to bed for the whole 2 weeks. Our children enjoyed their unexpected early spring unschooling vacation. Lucky for me, DH was still home.

DH never liked the house works. Everyone feed themselves, except for his mother whom does not have any brain left. Every time I hear him yelling at his mother, I feel more ill. I usually cook everything for her, and DH does the socializing with her. However, he can't cook and socialize...hahaha. Anyway, I feel better now except for this cough that I get every now and then. A very dry cough that will not go away unless I cough my eyes out. It happens about twice a day.

FIL papers works are still not final. MIL is still staying with us, she's like a two years old with a body of an old lady who lies 99.9 percent of a time. I think she lives to lie her whole life. Anyway, I'm not a psychology, just my own observation. We put in a door to our side of the house, now she is separated from us. She still play with the doorknob trying to force open the door. Any door that are close she need to get into, and every place she is not allowed she need to be there.

She goes outside in the middle of the night, turning on all the light switch she can find and dragging all she can from her apartment and put them in our vehicles. We have three vehicles park outside the house. She can hardly walk and once in a while I will get awaken by her screaming because she step wrong and fallen, trying to move by crawling until she can hold on to something and pick herself up. I kept telling DH to lock her door at night, but he is very much against not letting her mother out of the house. "Ok then, my mouth is shut when something bad happen to her outside, when your sister with the POA ask," I told DH.

Our house got appraised, well actually let me re-phrase that. A realtor agent came to our house to find out the value of our house for the inheritance tax to get paid. It was done before I got sick in March. It's been over a month now and she never got back to us, yet. How long exactly to figure out how much a house worth? Just base it on what you see, not what you think is the possibility if everything is 100 percent. The cost of the house on the day we purchase it play a big rule on determining the worth of the house, don't you think?

These mambo-jumbo paper works when someone passed making my brain hurts. DH and I are already making lists for our children to make it easy for them when we pass. We actually wanted to put the house on their names when we bought it, but the lawyer said no, because they are still underage. I think that was a good idea, plus they don't have to pay inheritance tax on it. However, that might be the same reason why we were not allowed to put it on their names, "the tax." Who knows, I don't work for the bar association.

Enough of these headache, you readers have a great weekend. I will be if I can get a nice rest.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Making Fun of Each Other

While DH was checking his social media, he came across my DN post about our island. I guessed he read it and ask me what is PAC-TOY. My initial reaction was "what?" Then he spelled it for me. "P-O-C-T-O-Y." I said, "it's POOKTOY, like BOOK, it's a town in my island." And he came back with, "It's not my fault your people doesn't not know how to spell." And I answered back with, "well it's not my fault your people doesn't know how to pronounce." hahaha

Anyway, here is the video he saw, and read the title I guessed because he can't understand tagalog language and the people in this video was speaking tagalog, except for a few second from one lady.

He also continue asking if we visited this beach. However, we visited the island thirteen years ago. A lot of -ism moved in since then. What -ism he asked. All the -ism that makes a place communist I answered. He started laughing because he said TOURISM is not bad. Yes, it depends whose point of view you are trying to look at.

I am proud on how quiet my province was before I left. Now a days, I don't have good words to say about it. I hate SOCIALISM, and that word is very popular over there.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

More White Stuff On Monday?

Wow, talk about not having enough in the past years and now snow keep on coming in the month of February to March. This is way too much snow in a very short time, in my opinion. However, this is only PA. I wonder how much northern states and country gets. Though, I still prepare to live in the tropic, where I can grow vegetables all year long when the typhoon is not in season :D.

One of our neighbor knocked at our door while I was out yesterday. Well, actually not knocked. but came straight in, and peeked in our inside door. I was like, "REALLY!" I thought since we've been here for a year that they already knew that we are a private residence. The building was a commercial property when we bought it and turned into private residence because we are not running business here.

Anyway, an older than us man asked DH if he can plow his driveway. Well, DH and I checked it out, but the looks of it, his driveway has never seen a plow since the very first snow. Their driveway is very steep and narrow. There is a turn in the middle but DH plow truck is way too big and heavy, the truck just spins in four wheel drive. The truck probably softened it a bit, but we turned away not helping him. DH felt bad, because he understand why the man did what he did. He don't want to pay someone to plow because he own a four wheel drive SUV, just like his late father (may his soul rest in peace).

He stopped again today and gave DH his one unused tire. Now DH feel more bad, because on Monday more snow is in the forecast, and he will be able to do anything. His driveway is beyond plow. I think shoveling it little by little will do the trick. A very long driveway shovel by hand will take forever. He got out today, so he's not having problem going up and down his driveway. We can always pick him up from the bottom of his driveway and drive to grocery store if he needs to do so.


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