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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Something in the Weather (maybe)

Wow, I am such a biotch today, you will not believe. I was fine this morning and as soon as the children started doing their school work, i just lost it. Questions after questions without understanding it got me irritated.

Geez, might have something to do with menopause, because the other reasons about woman was not it. I think I needed a break, again. Good thing we only have until Thursday to do lessons, then we are off for a week. I can't wait to just lounge around the house and do nothing but cook and clean the house. And naps, plenty of it.


Monday, December 19, 2011

He's Feeling Better

All day Saturday he was very depress about his one friend attitude. I am happy he (DH) is feeling much happier now. They are still friend but he said he will not depend on him anymore. He felt like he lose a girlfriend...he he he.

He value each people too much, in my opinion that is why he gets hurt when something happens. I never had any best friend so I can't relate to what he is feeling.

Happy Monday everyone.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poor DH

DH one friend that he always questioned about where his fate finally given DH an answer without coming out and saying a word. It was always a question of, how he is too fast to understand everything and gets what DH was saying.

I feel very bad for him. He thought that he finally found someone close to us to watch his back, but he is very wrong. He was being used and he came to me this morning and finally given up on him. An individual can only have too much, and he did.

I wish I can do more for him, but there is nothing I can do but give him a hug and sympathy. He tried his best, and he got kick (always) in the back.


Friday, December 16, 2011

We Talk it Over

I spoke to DH about the christmas lies and he basically told me that the BIBLE did not told us how to breath. Yes, we are going to get (still) a dead tree and put it inside the house, and no we do not considered the tree as symbol of anything.

To clear things up, we are not christians and religious. We follow the SPIRITUAL side of all BIBLE. I call our Creator different names, because I don't really know which is correct. I hate using GOD, because backwards that spells dog, and I hate people who act like dogs.

I like the TEN REGULATIONS. Most people call it commandments.

Did you know what is behind the mistletoe? A long time ago, it was a symbol of invitation to sex. They said, people hang them outside their door to invite whoever for orgy (it was that orgy turned into christmas).

Watch the video below. You will be very surprised.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Research in My Part

Remember yesterday when I tried adding the twelve days of christmas. Well, I found out that there is nothing (really) to celebrate about on December 25th. The BIBLE or TORAH specifically said so.

Before I get into writing "you and yours," or "Xmas," and trying to be politically correct, and mostly following the trend. Last year I even commented on others who writes "Xmas," asking where is "Christ."

Well you know what, go and write it the the way you like because Jesus Christ wasn't even born on that day. And he didn't even mention to celebrate his birth. He only asked to celebrate his death and his resurrection. Yes, this is a lot to swallow in one sitting.

I have known about christmas being a pagan holiday. It's kinda hard to get rid a habit when it's been done for so long. The closest I been to celebrating according to the word of our SAVIOR was when I was little and still living with my parents.

We do not have christmas tree. We do not buy gifts and give it on christmas and call it christmas presents. However, my parents told me that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Nothing in the BIBLE telling what day he was born and to celebrate it. Nor to celebrate anyone else birthday.

I don't feel bad at all having the feeling of laziness this time of year. I don't feel like decorating or cutting a tree and bringing it inside the house to decorate. Even the way DH family was doing it does not make sense anymore.

I'm blue.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, trying to somewhat revive this blog by adding the twelve days of Christmas everyday. Well, I went on researching about it, and found that it should start on December 25, until January 6.

So, for now, I need to think of other gig until then. But hey, I posted something for two days now...ha ha ha. I complained about google yesterday and now making fun of myself.

What's next?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh my Goodness

Trying to make post today and adding picture that is very tiny takes forever in blogger. What is the matter with google (and no I am not changing it to capital letter because the word google had red underline) these days? It usually zip through uploading any images before google bought blogger. I am very unhappy with this change.

And if you are listening google, I hate you and the likes of you. Corporations are the reason why small business in this country are disappearing. NO, it's not a good thing, it might be for you but not for me. Jerks!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They are Comfortable

Yes, nursing scrubs uniforms are comfortable. Did you try wearing one, even as a costume on Halloween? I'll be wearing it all the time when I can't afford to buy clothing in the store anymore with this inflation we are having. Of course, I will be making my own from fabrics I am saving for rainy days.

Hopefully, nothing like it will ever happen, but this country is bankrupt in my opinion. Too many I owe you's and not enough gold and silver to back it up. However, while still affordable and the paper money is still flowing, you might as well stock-up on things you will need. Shop around and find the best deal to save your hard earn money.

Don't forget to your list on finding best deals on uniforms. Have you felt the fabric they use on their uniforms? I would like to get my hand on rolls of those (whatever you call the fabrics that are still rolled-up), I like the plain and simple fabric.


Due Again

I am talking about getting our floor carpeting clean again. I think we cleaned it three years ago, and when you have very active children, it's bound to get dirty repeatedly. We only rented a do-it-yourself wet vacuum from our local grocery store because we cannot afford a professional carpet cleaner like It would be nice to sit and watch other work, however that is another story.

Living in an old house have its good and bad points. And I will talk about the toilets they put in our house. May I remind you that we use water from a well. The tank flasher should be replace every five years or so to get have it working properly and not let the stopper hung for hours and water running the whole time.

When you have carpeting all over the house, there is a chance that you will be needing services for water damaged austin. I was lucky because I don't stay out for very long, and only the bathroom floor had water. I cannot imagine having a water damage in my house. The work of cleaning it up will take a long time. Plus, I got so much useable junk that will get wet.


Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Funny

Any reason why I am getting paid post from a certain company, there is only one reason...the blog got PR. It still surprise me sometimes. I am not complaining, I simply saying all I have to do is check the paid post sites. If I have offers, it sure is PR. If nothing, then google did not give me anything.

The extra cash is sure worth it, especially that I don't have to give Uncle Sam a half of it. Why, you asked? Because I don't make enough these days for him to take any part of. It pays to be poor than being in the middle...well, you all know about it.

Have a great week, be thankful on what you got. I'm sure am thankful because I am still breathing, my family is still together and we can still afford to buy food. That is worth giving thanks about. How about you?


Bringing more visual interest to our family Thanksgiving

Guest post written by Stephanie Wallace

I have to say that Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays of the year. I'm just so into cooking and eating that I love a holiday that has turned into something that means enjoying food and being with family before anything else. Anyone in my family will be able to tell you that I'm all about cooking and the holiday in general. So I was really excited when it worked out to where everyone could come to our house for our big family meal.

Because of my love for this special holiday, I wanted to decorate our house to make it look really nice. While I was online getting some decor inspiration, I ran across the site and after I looked through it more, I decided to change over our home internet and TV to one of the packages on there.

I picked up a few cheap tablecloths for the table in rich fall colors and spray painted a few candlesticks gold to put on the table. Just some small touches make it that much more special!


Monday, October 10, 2011

The Other Half

Yup, this will be somewhat whining post about my other half. When we met I have my own little toolbox (actually it wasn't little and not a real toolbox), it is where I keep everything I needed to fix things that I can do. I actually have two hammers, a few different head type of fliers, screw drivers, and two orange long extension cords.

No, I am not complaining that he does not have any tools, as a matter of fact he has a lot if he knew where he put it or where he left them. Most of them are in the backseat of his truck. No tool box for this man.

Well, since we been together, he never know how to put things where they are belong. And he always ask me where the things are and every time I answer him, I have the mad tone saying...if you put where they are supposed to go you don't need to bug me right now.

My tools was long gone. I think I lose sight of them after 6 months of being together because I don't use it anymore. Every time I need something fix I asked him. Well, today I can't even find one single flier in this house. I am making some kind of hanger for one of my child white board so that I can hang it on the divider but none. He even lost all of my bungee cords that are inside a little toolbox. Our children was playing with that toolbox for a long time and the cords are no where to be found.

Just right now, I wanted to go out and buy my little toolbox and fill it with the things he lost. He will say, it wasn't lost, I just don't know where they are right now. In short LOST. Screw drivers everywhere, and we can never find anything at the right time. He always go digging in my desk every time he misplaced something. I even find very dirty towels in the garage because he forgot to bring it to the laundry room and got flooded in the garage and now garbage.

Yes, he annoys the living out of me, but he is my DH and I am obligated to respect what he is and trying not to focus with his flaws the way he does focus on mine. I might not cook dinner because I am very tired and he never complain about it. He just find something easy to make and be happy with it.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Wedding This Weekend

Not that we are going but I wanted to talk about it. One of our niece in DH side of the family. She found her soon groom at the beginning of summer. She said that they knew each other since fifth grade and she and her friends had a big crush on him. I'm not really sure what went-on in between and I can care less.

A very short time knowing each other and they are already getting married. From my calculation they only knew each other for four months. When I saw that she was engage, I was like...Oh no! that's not going to last. Then I thought of a reason why the very sudden wedding? She is probably pregnant that is why. I don't really care if she is pregnant as long as they take care of each other and do not sleep with someone else.

I hated people who are using the piece of paper to do bad things. Once you are with someone, that's it, you stop looking for another. Of course it's only that way with DH and I. Not everyone have the same outlook in life like us.

Anyway, the wedding is this Sunday and a little church close to where they live. No one outside the family was invited, including Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents & friends. From what I am hearing only the cousins (older cousins (our other nieces) are invited. They are having the reception in about six weeks at the same place where her mother got married and did the reception.

In my culture it is bad to marry in the same year as your other sibling. Yeah, add that to getting a divorce after a few months after the wedding. I hope it's not the case but DH agree with me. He can see more on what is going to happen according on how she act. He also told me that she is always and will be a lair...ouch! I thought children grow out of it. So, that's mean she is pregnant...interesting.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Falls Far from the Tree

Or too close. Of course I am talking about children. There different outcome on how ones children turn out to be. It maybe a mix of both parents, one parent or none of the parents at all.

Maybe those who fall under none of any parent simply one parent don't want anyone to know that he or she was the same at the certain age. And too embarrass to mention anything about it.

My nieces here in US falls into liberated type of girls. I call them girls because I am way older than they are. Having sex as teens, and been with multiple (2 the least and above) boy before getting married (only 1 fall into two boys before marrying). No, I am not perfect but I married the person who took my virginity. My nieces back home is another story. They marry first before getting into anything. And I prefer it that way. One of my sister in the other hand falls into those liberated ones, I call them.

One niece in DH side is into make believe romantic love life. I saw a picture of her wearing a wedding gown, riding in a shopping cart while being push by her boyfriend. The next picture is her reading the ingredients of a package of condom. Well at least they are having safe sex. Her mother is the typical conservative, talks the talk of being conservative and believe ones should get married before going to bed with someone. Which in my opinion only talk and never been follow within her family and her own family.

Like I said, I am not perfect. I do not talk the talk but simply wanted my children follow the order of things. I don't care if they marry young as long as they follow the order.

Last week her boyfriend supposedly called all girls are the worst driver. She was pretty upset about it and I cannot stop myself posting some comments. First of all, not all girls play with toy cars. Not all teen girls, goes joy riding at night and try new things with their cars. Teen boys are careless driver however learned a lot from being careless that is why man are better driver than women. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules. If you did what was the boy doing during their years, you are more likely to fall into the exceptions. However, if you are playing with dolls and believe with fairy tales then you are not and deal with it. Good thing I did not mention the marks she made in my lawn backing out of my driveway the last time she came to visit us is still visible, because DH said I should not say anything bad. How will they learn if you don't embarrass them on the things they have done?

When the man say, "girls are the worst driver," it does not mean they care or love you less (well with my DH side it doesn't mean anything, he simply making a statement on what he sees). And if they are keep on putting you down, that relationship is not healthy or you don't want to be in it.

Another niece of ours from my sister, changes boyfriend like changing clothes styles. I don't think she even have a time in her life that she don't have any boyfriend since she started having one. She kept saying that she have problem being really close with someone, I wonder what "really close" mean, because I am pretty sure she also do the deed with the boyfriend. I only assume that maybe being serious with the boy. I will take being serious anytime, than tasting every fish in the sea. I am very lucky I have found DH.

She should enjoy being single first before getting involved with anyone until she is ready to be really close with anyone. But that's only my opinion and I am only the Aunt, and these nieces and nephews are never going to listen to the old people. They think they knew everything to know in this world. With my age, I can't even say that. Wiser but I don't know everything.

Rebellion towards our parents is very common. Others simply never grow out of it, other grow out of it fast as soon as the parents scold them, others simply enjoyed what they are doing, and others are born with understanding of right and wrong. No one is perfect, however, act and work towards being close to it.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Goes On

DH is a little sad because his friend that he met two and a half years ago is leaving to live in the western part of the state. His family still live here but they are not awake like their son. They are both looking for big land in the west and exchange what they found. DH (or we) is also looking to be near him. Alliance is the key now a days. The best part of it all is, we will be closer to my eldest son's school. No more driving six hour one way just to see him. And he can come and visit us whenever he wants. His father forbid him being so close to any relative while in school. Guess what! unless he wants to switch him to another University...tough! We can move closer if we wanted to. He will never know about it unless my eldest tell him.

Let's get back to DH. Most of his new friend with the same mindset move away from us. One is in Switzerland now, and this one I am talking about will be moving soon too. It would be very easy if we don't have a house. Owning a house is good but selling it in a short time is very hard. I know the housing market is picking up because buyer gets it lower than 2 or 3 years ago. However, that means a lot of home owners will be selling too.

Oh yeah, I just got back from my local grocery store and met a filipina there. She lives very close to me, about 3 minutes. I did not get her phone number because every time I ask for phone number, they never call or willing to be friends. Who knows, I may see her again around. She knew where I shop, maybe I'll see her again there.

Have a great weekend everyone. We have another plan on camping out tonight and come back tomorrow afternoon. I plan on roasting some corn on a burning charcoals and letting my children play with the fire because one of the person we always goes with is not there. She is the one always telling the children, "leave the fire alone," "no you can't do that." let them be a child and discover for themselves what will happens. They will never learn anything if you keep telling them what will happen. This is the very reason, even though there is a rain in the forecast I wanted to take the children. I wanted them to be children and enjoy it. F#$k those who think otherwise.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Much Happened

Yes, our (DH and I) birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Friends' birthday parties and baptism, which we travel far just to attend, because he is one of two DH friend who live close by. Yup, 2 1/2 hours close by.

Both of them live in Montgomery County in NJ, DH moved in with me when we were dating, and he moved closer to his parents. They both moved away from each other.

Anyway, we don't do parties for gifts. We do it to catch up with relatives. We don't like the party type of socialization. Why ones need to have party to talk to one another? Just come and let's talk.

Have a great week everyone. I know some states already started school, we are not far behind.


Friday, July 29, 2011

I Think it was Funny

Our pool filter is not working again. DH had to soak it in vinegar overnight again to get the gunk out. We both went out there yesterday before bedtime last night. I removed some leaves at the bottom while he was un-screwing the piece.

I told them how dirty the screen inside the pool and left telling him I need to swish it with water. I came back with no DH in sight. He went inside the house telling me, I left him alone. What! That's what happened when you don't listen to what I am telling you.

I also planned on changing the water filtration. Well guess what? I could not get the top off. I let all the water out but the darn thing did not even budge. So I left it with the screw on top loosen and told DH I that I can't remove it and I cannot change the filter.

Ok, this morning this is the funny part. DH came upstairs told me about my trap. I have not gotten my coffee yet and I just gave him a hug. He kept on telling me about my trap. Ok, what trap, I asked. He continue on telling me that he just got done changing. Ok, you need to change to go to work right? I told him. He said "no," I was soaking wet. Apparently, half asleep with coffee and cigarette in hands, he went out to put the piece (that made the salt to chlorine) in our pool filter without changing the water filter (which is very hard to miss because I put it on top of it). He release the water from the pool to keep the filter going. Yea! The water all squirt out to him.

I think it was hilarious. That is what he gets when he does not pay attention to what I am telling him. So, he took an unexpected shower this morning with dirty pool water...ha ha ha...sorry DH. This is my funny for today. Who needs TV when my husband does things that makes me laugh out loud. Goodness.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Our 7 Year Old

A four days overdue post, yikes. I am slacking here. Just too hot the past few days and we had to put two window air conditioners to keep the house cool not comfortable but way better than outside.

He did not get any present yet. We are waiting for relatives to have free time to celebrate his birthday. SAD, but since DH is the only one that have family around, I have no choice but to play along. Plus, one of his friend is having a birthday party also, and he has to work around it too. Pushing ours way behind just accommodate everyone's schedule. Isn't he a great friend, brother, and son. Yup.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Twice in One Week

What? Exactly. I haven't said anything. I always wanted to visit an Asian store about half hour away from me. Last Wednesday I finally drag my behind and children and drove down there. It always makes me feel at home when visiting that place because they have the TV on and every word is in my language.

The children and I went to the movies on Thursday morning and watched Cars 2. I did liked the new characters in the movie but the movie is all about racing. I am not a sport fan of any kind.

On Friday, we found out that one of the gaming keyboard we bought was defective. We had to return it and buy another one. We use paypal for everything and when we don't have any money there we still use it but the funds comes out of our checking account from another bank.

Well, somehow the switch button did not stay on the one we switch to and charge the amount into the bank account that paypal was set-up from. The good news, (yeah, I am being positive here) the bank they got the funds from don't have enough, (that was $30 for non-sufficient fund fee) and since there is not enough, they transfer money from the savings, (another fee) to cover the fees. So, from paypal not keeping what we prefer to use or the money taking from the other account, we spent less than $50 in fees.

DH woke me up very early on Saturday to check the account where the money is supposed to be taken from. We have plenty, and no charges from the store we got the stuff from. Right away, I knew they hit the other account. The lesson learned, make sure paypal keep the account when switching where they should get the money from. Check it once, twice or even three times. I hate paying fees when I can easily prevent it.

We went to NJ just to cover the whole amount we spent on these office supplies. And since the bank we have there is very close to the Asian store in Parsippany, I drag everyone there and I got some Asian food that I cannot get from the one close to our house.

Most of their produce and seafood are very fresh every Saturday. Make sure to go visit them early in the morning, 9:30 or so. It is very nice to shop when there are not so many people trying to through every isle. However, I think I will stop going there or any specialty food store. Prices are going up everyday, I think and I cannot afford it anymore. I rather work on our vegetable garden or even try to find a very cheap land in the middle of nowhere to start our little farm to be self-sufficient.

That is our goal. I am still hoping and wishing we can still do it or afford it.


Monday, June 27, 2011

YDS is Five

Time flies in this family. Five years ago, he was born. And this coming September he will enter kindergarten. Not to mention we (the parents) are getting old too. Some people in our age already have grandchildren. I hope we still have some energy left when they start having children.

We had a small gathering yesterday for his birthday. Tomorrow is his actual birthday, but since DH have other plans next weekend, (camping or what not) we decided to do it before the actual day.

As usual a lot of argument between DH parents and himself. Waking people up these days is very hard. If only they jump a little higher, they will get it. But somehow they are been awake at their level, they don't go back, but they are stuck where they are.


Friday, June 24, 2011

I Got so Much to Do

I gave my four children a hair cut. The three boys wanted the same haircut, now they all look the same...well the youngest mostly wanted to look like his older siblings. My only DD got a trim, I cut half off her long hair...yeah, trim...:))

I have to clean the house for my youngest birthday party on Sunday. I also need to sew a pillow case for my FIL. He got this orthopedic pillow and he said the case that is on it right now was very hard for him. However, I think it was just fine than the fabric he bought to replace it.

He gave me the fabric a month ago, and I haven't done anything. He wanted it back this Sunday. I am catching up with DH in procrastinating. From May 17 until yesterday was very hard on me. I had to get myself ready for the court and thinking what may be ask during the hearing made me so nervous and I feel like not doing anything extra around the house. The complaint was withdrawn for now, and I am getting back to normal one day at a time.

I still need to plan on what food I will serve for Sunday. I don't think two days is enough to do all of it. Ha! I work well under pressure...NOT!...:)) Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Saturday

Friday power outage did not happened.

We were invited to a friends' house on Saturday for a get together and catch up with each other. The place is north of us and took us one hour to get there. I thought I live in the mountain (not really) but they live in more secluded area. People that lives there don't even know the foothills of the Poconos...:))

Everything was doing fine until our children left our mini-van door open. I saw it and I closed it. Later in the evening DD came to me telling me the van was locked. Ok, how we gonna get home now. Who closed and played with the locks. They all pointed fingers at each other.

After the crying, DD finally realized that it might have been lock before I closed the door. I was pissed. DH tried very hard to unlocked it with a metal hanger but these new vehicles these days is not very easy to unlock with hangers anymore.

One of our friends that lives closed there, have that very thin piece of metal that cops (long ago) used to help people with locked outs. Well, did I say the newer vehicles are hard to open with these things.

After half to an hour trying, and being eaten by mosquitoes (boy the bugs there was horrible) they gave up and other offered to drive me home, one hour one way, and get the spare key. During the drive, I was thinking, maybe I already put it in my new bag that is inside the lock mini-van. How are we going to open it? We even thought of an option with AAA, but like I said this place is in the boonies. Where are we going to find any of them?

Yup, two hours later, we are back with the set of keys. Yes, it was still in my old bag, untouched. I told DH that maybe we should stick the spare key, under the van inside a plastic container. Hoping it will not fall off when driving anywhere. The old man who offered to drive me said, that a long time ago, if you are a member of AAA they give you a hard plastic like a credit card with tear off key shape that you keep in your wallet. Yeah, that will work for me, because I always leave my bag inside the van whenever we go to someones house.

I spent 4 hours driving on Saturday. We did not get home until one o'clock on Sunday morning. What a tiring Saturday!


Friday, June 17, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

It is 66°F right now. Much better than last Friday that was too hot and no power. Have a great weekend everyone! I maybe going to a party tomorrow along with the whole family. DH just informed me this morning, I just have to wait and see if we are really going.

In This Life of Ours


Scheduled Power Outage

Last Friday I was very surprised about power outage. I was very lucky because I cooked dinner early and by 4pm I was done and my children has eaten. The power did not came back until about midnight. It woke me up because most of the light in the house was on.

Today, I heard from our neighbor that it will be off again. Two or three years ago, they did the same thing. However, they did it continuously over a period of three working days. They turned off the power every evening and turned it back on early morning for people to get ready for work.

Now, they are saying that they didn't finish whatever it was they were doing before and they wanted to finish it. I don't even know what exactly they are doing. Our power line is under ground and my street is the only one getting affecting by this. I have to make sure to cook dinner early again. I don't want to have hungry children in the house during this outage.

I also have water in four 5 gallon buckets for flushing the toilets. And 5 gallons for washing hands and brushing our teeth for the night. I wasn't ready last week and we couldn't flush. So when the power came back on, I went around the house flushing all the toilets, scared of being turned off again. Hopefully they will get done tonight and nothing like this next Friday.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Was Nice

We got home from Brooklyn around 9:30pm last night. It was nice to see DH cousins yesterday. It wasn't sad time for them because they are able to see it as no one has to supper anymore and no more pain. Our Aunt was happy to see our family. I like it when the family left is nit bitter of the passing.

I think DH connected again to his male cousin. They were very close before any of them moved away from the city (DH). I am happy because they are able to make fun of each other and smiling the whole time.

I did not like paying $8.00 at Goethal bridge, and $13.00 at Verrazano bridge. Face to face robbery I tell you. Then the stupid GPS took all the tools to get us home. When we tried getting a ticket at the parkway, it did not release anything. We waited for about 10 minutes or so, holding the line behind us but nothing. DH was so mad on how to explain to the collector what happened. However, the collector just asked where we came in and type it in in the computer.

Oh and the rain, the whole highway to and pro, nothing but rain. Before leaving Brooklyn we are thinking about going to Manhattan for our children to see (it wasn't raining in Brooklyn), but we were in the wrong lane to take the exit (not like no one cross lanes in Brooklyn). Good thing we didn't. As soon as we are in the highway more rain. DH told me that Staten Island used to be like the Poconos when his mother was growing up. Where people go to camp and be with nature. I told him, not anymore. The Poconos will turn into it in the few years, just wait and see.

We found out the his male cousin have a half brother leaving in the Poconos. That his male cousin come to Poconos very often, so we invited him to stop in our house when ever he is around. I am very happy for my husband.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going to Brooklyn

We are going to Brooklyn this afternoon. Our Uncle passed away on Saturday and we are going to the viewing this afternoon. Here are their pictures when they (uncle and aunt) came to visit us three years ago. We knew about it around noon on Saturday. I just didn't post about it until now.

They are not a very close Aunt and Uncle because of the money issue they had with DH mother when DH grandfather passed on. A few months back both of them talked to DH making him the executor of their will. When they came to visit three years ago, they both look fine. However DH just mentioned to me that our Uncle was having some kind of problem and have some good and bad days. I guessed when they visit, it was a good day because I did not see anything wrong with him. Another sad part is, their two children hardly speak to both of them either. Well, hopefully they come this afternoon out of respect if nothing else.

RIP Uncle John.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Here

Yes, in my neck of the woods. My children last day of school was Friday. We are supposed to go to a theme park today but since DH cannot go, we are staying home. I can't take our children in these places alone. I could clone myself to four pieces but that is highly unlikely to happen. The park is for their school year end event and everyone is invited.

I even asked around but no one answered, well, one answered but she lives in Singapore. My SIL is not off school yet (teacher), and my nieces have better things to do than hang out with their Aunt in a theme park.

Back home if I announce going to a theme park, all would come. Here, you can't even get hold of anyone to come...geez!

My children is getting bigger every year, and I don't even have to ask anyone if they want to tag along to help me with them. I bet anyone one hundred percent, that is when they wake and realize that family is far more important than hanging out with your own friends, that is the time when they start connecting with you.

Our swimming pool was opened on Friday too. Children was in it for a long time. The water was very cold, and the temperature wasn't too hot. I don't know how it took them too long to get out. Anyway, our oldest got a cold on Saturday. I can hear him blowing his nose. I gave him some silver, since he is the pickiest of all, I can't make him chew on Vitamin C. I needed to melt it with mango juice (which we don't have right now) and then he will drink it. I think his body reacted being in the swimming too long and caught something from the water. However, his other three siblings is feeling fine (knocking on wood).

Have a great summer everyone. I try to enjoy my summer for once and not worry about anything, well of course just making lesson plan for my kinder in September. TTFN!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Much

Well, actually a lot of things. But that is for me to know and not the world. I tried not to write when there a lot of things in my mind and trying to resolved it the correct way.

Still learning, a lot of learning in my part. Fed up with so many things. However, in the bright side, my children only have 8 school days left. I can mother naturally after that.

Its been hot here lately and very muggy. Even with the heat, the ground is still very wet and my garden never get started. I don't think I'm going to have one this year, the way it's going.

I wish I can vanish my family out of this world and live our life the way we want. Ahh, the perfect world, does it exist?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

My wife and I have been saving up for a huge trip to Europe next year, so we've been cutting costs wherever we can. We got rid of all the movie channels we were paying for, and we stopped having our groceries delivered. We took some time to CLEAR mobile broadband 4G to find the best rate so I know we saved a couple of hundred dollars there. Other than that, we've cut back on clothes, magazine subscriptions, and even going out to the movies. It's amazing how expensive life can get if you let it! We really want our trip to Europe to be the trip o! f a lifetime, and we don't want to have to scrimp the whole time we're there. I think my wife may be even more excited than I am, but it's hard to tell since we're both just chomping at the bit to really get over there and stretch our legs. Having Internet at home is the best thing that ever happened to travel planning, and we've almost got the whole trip booked!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Update

A lot of things happened and I am still not in the mood to write. However, I will talk about our kittens. We always put them on Craigslist and we always gets a lot of calls. Well, a young lady called for them (they are free by the way) and asked if she can stop by and look at them, I said sure. When she got to my house, she fell in love with all three of them and don't want them to be apart.

She asked if she can take all of them. DH asked with no hesitation, "you're not going to hurt them, do you?" Her friend that was with said, "oh no, no," she rescue some animals a while back, plus they own a pet. Ok, why not, we can get rid of three kittens at one time.

When they left, DH told me, "I think we will see the kittens pretty soon." Sure enough the next day the phone ring and it was her. She said that she got a reaction overnight. She might be allergic and she asked if she can bring them back. Well, what am I to say no.

DH and I came to the conclusion that her mother didn't like having three kittens and told here to return it. We also think that she might not even in her twenties.

Anyway, this was Saturday and she returned the kittens on Sunday which was mother's day. The next day, Monday, one of the people who called on Saturday called back again and asked if we still have the kittens. She said she might take two. (She called on Saturday asking me is I can hold any of the kittens, however, since this is free and we are trying to get rid of them, I can't hold any of them for certain day.)

Well, she came with the boyfriend, and the same thing. They don't want the kittens to be apart plus they saw how they play together nicely. They got suck on how cute they are and how they liked to be held. (I have four children to thank for having such tamed kittens.) So, yes, they took all three again. I told myself, I hope I don't see them (kittens) the next day. Well, my prayers was answered and they didn't return them. I also given them the bag of kitty food since they took all of them.

I think the only time we get a hard time giving away some kittens was when they caught fleas and they are allowed to go outside. This time I told DH not to let them outside the house and to make sure the mother gets the dose of flea drugs. I like it when DH listen to better not get used to it. It was a one time thing...Ich liebe dich DH...:))


Friday, April 29, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Taken at the backyard today around noon. Showing off one of our apple tree that has flowers.

Trees are still pretty bare in my area.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Third litter from our very first cat. Here are the twins.

This is the playful one. They are fun to watch at this age.


Monday, April 25, 2011

How Was Your Holiday?

As for me, what Holiday? Did Yeshua (sp? I always forget) really died last Friday and came back to life on Sunday? Maybe, but not April 22 or 24th. Who ever made the calendar just made up the dates for sure.

My family celebrate it as new beginning, the re-birth, or spring when everything came back to life. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for HIM for saving my ancestor from all the sins. And I acknowledge the HIGH ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR, THE SAVIOR. And I am very happy, that I am not one of those people who are trying to belong to any congregation just to belong and to brain wash that I will be saved. I wished to be saved along with my family, but most people who belong are pretty sure they will be saved.

They wanted to be known for the good deed they have done. However, isn't it better to do it without the acknowledgment of many.

Yes, it's me. One of a kind. Does not follow what was established, but simply follow what my heart is telling and what is right. If you must ask, then you are not doing it right.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

@ the park


Monday, April 18, 2011


Yup, I am in pain today. DH took down some trees around the house yesterday and I am still feeling the hard work we did. Most of the trees that are leaning towards our yard are gone. He even took down one red maple and the only flowering cherry we have.

I am hoping before the end of the week, all the fruits trees are in place. DH is picking on me, telling me that he feels the same way, every time he gets home from work. Poor man, I would think he gets use to it after a while.

Two of his friends came by to help take down the big maple tree. Our backyard is so muddy right now. Dragging branches and putting them in a pile to burn was hard work. His friends did not stay for the dragging part. I'm just glad they stop by, because I don't think I will be able to pull the big tree away from other things that will ruin it.

I think I need to soak in hot water for a while. Every inch of my body ache. Good thing the children and I are on spring break this even hurt when I laugh...:D :))

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, April 15, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Some weird looking clouds I have today. Looks like they are cracked. These are taken today around noon.

This one was taken under our maple tree.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worldless Wednesday

Yes, we were @ Howell NJ over the weekend. DH joined in the fun.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Backgrounds

Yes, I saw it. Some of my blogs backgrounds are messed up. I am working on it as I type this. I think momgen is cleaning up her photobucket account. So, please bear with me...working on solution right now.

An update....
I can't really do anything because PHOTOBUCKET is doing maintenance to some of my account. My other blogs background works fine, the other are not so lucky...I should change them to css one of these days. With that I don't need an image html. The colors will be included with the html code...


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday

Whew! What do you know, we are in spring and my eldest son will be coming for the summer on the first week of May. His first year of college is finally coming to an end.
His siblings cyber school is already asking me to re-enroll them. I don't really want to but, I have to.

I have been very busy. I am gathering some old lessons from my older children to start making my youngest one lesson plan for the next school year for kindergarten. I will be teaching him without the help of PDE. I have three years before reporting that he is learning at home with my own curriculum. I am hoping before the three years is over, we can finally claim our freedom from anything in this country. And claim sovereign enough to do whatever we want, "our pursuit of happiness."

I also asked my mom to send me plenty of seeds to plant inside the house. Since these seeds will only grow in the tropic. We are planting a lot of fruit trees. Please read my other blog about vegetable garden. DH need to trim some trees before we can finish placing them all around the house.

I'm not really sure how the radiation will affect the fruits trees, but that is in the CREATOR hands. I am hoping we are worthy enough of his grace to remove all harmful chemical lingering all around us.

That's it for now. Have a great summery temperature, everyone.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Productive Weekend

Well, at least in my part. I folded and put away all the laundry that have been hanging around in all six containers today. I don't mind hauling them to our downstairs bathroom to wash and dry, but when it comes to folding and putting it away, it takes me forever to do it.

Children are happy, because they don't have to dig in the baskets and hampers to find their clothes. I even folded and put away all the wash I did today. I know, something must be wrong with me ...:))

I have also been buying some borax, washing soda and some cheap bar soap to start making my own laundry detergent soon. I even purchase a $2.97 shredder to shred the soap with. No more expensive Tide for me. I will probably try adding baking soda on it too. I'll have to see if no one is allergic to it yet, then add things that are good for clothes.

I'll let you all know how it works.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Actively Occupy

lol, I know same meaning. Anyway, I have been chatting to my nieces and nephews, talking to my eldest sister and catching up with everything with them lately. The last time I saw them was 2001, and they were quite young. I have been posting some old pictures and most of them said, "wow, I look very young in those pictures!"

My eldest turned 50 this year. I almost lost her last year from too much stress, now she is trying not to get too much. She also started working out a few times a week as stress reliever.

We are planning to contact all our cousins and maybe set-up some kind of get together. We only seen each other when we are very young. And scattered all over the world. It would be fun if we can still see each other in the near future.

My older sister in CA finally ended up leaving her husband. There is no surprised there, she always and will be the odd one in the family. When everything gets tough with her, she easily gives up and start looking for other things to do instead. I quote, "she wants to be in control of her relationship." Now everything is clear to me, that is the reason why she married a 7 year old her junior. Well, I guessed he grow up and wants to be in control after all these sarcastic.

Yup, the drama. She is suppose to be going home this coming Easter to Phil. Doon naman cguro mag-kalat yun, was the golden rule long gone? Talking about reality to people is just like talking to a blank wall.
Really! I doubt it, are you sure? Well, if you are not sure, then research it...geez wake-up!

Happy first day of SPRING!!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Must Blog

Busy, busy, busy. Woah! DH and I niece's got engaged, had a bridal shower, and got married within a month. She finished college in December, got a job before the engagement, then rented an apartment together with her bf.

NeoCon, they don't want to sleep in the same roof before getting blessed in front of their family in friends. The problem I have with they don't sleep/sex together during the day. And they are both worry about that the creator not liking blessed before living together.

Two people who are in love getting an apartment not having sex? Come on, are we on the 40's? (sarcastic) They weren't worry about doing the deed before getting bless, but worry about living together. Whatever...

Anyway, my two children was part of the wedding entourage. My only girl was the flower girl and her younger brother was the ring bearer. My youngest one was saved for my other niece, who by the way planning her wedding already. She just broke up with her bf, and has no one right now...goodness...isn't it too for that. My youngest might be teenager for all I care before she gets married.

However, I hope not. She is very pretty girl and I don't think she will have a hard time finding the right person.

The wedding was yesterday. It was pouring all day, and hair styles are optional in a wedding. My hair style did not last very long...if I ever will compare to a drunk person...I called it "drowned"...ha ha ha.

Yup, that's where I was during my absence. Helping/attending weekends events both for my sister in law and the holy book (btw, not liking the more I get into it, just like before) learning.

How about you? What you been up to?


Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Saturday

Our septic gave up on us, around Friday morning. Since we are having a very warm day, the snow around our house are melting. Our septic somehow, getting all the meting snow and got filled us so fast. We found out Saturday, when they pump it out, that our outlet was fitted with smaller pipe. Maybe the fitting broke or the people who put the septic did not care that the whole in the septic was 2 inches wide and they put a 2 inch pipe going out. So, the 2 inches difference is where all the water from melting snow coming from.

We had and appointment to go to around 12 noon Saturday. And since we can't use any water inside the house on scare of overflowing the septic. We had to wait until they take it away before filling it up again.

Then, we had a pest problem in the kitchen too. We got the pest taking care of, but I needed to make some dish for this appointment. I can't clean the counter top because of our septic. I almost gave up, but DH got mad saying that everyone knew that his whole family is coming. To make the story short, I was running around like a chicken with no head to get everything and all the children ready.

No breakfast and lunch for us either. We did not eat until 6:30pm. I was famished and so was our children. I did not have enough energy to cut the brisket I cooked for this gathering. I let my children eat before we said grace. I'm sorry, but when everyone was running around looking for some food, or smoking cigarette outside, I can't let my children starve waiting for them. Sure, if I am not hungry I will be all over too before eating and finally sit down when everyone got their food. I hated that whole day. The only good thing came out of it, is we are all together and I learn a lot about the word of Yahweh.

All because DH refuses to terminate the stupid pest a day before. He even refuses to kill an ant. I should put him inside a tank with plenty of mosquitoes, let's see what he will do. I am still recuperating from stress. I am glad today is holiday.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


My mind was preoccupied with not so nice idea lately about a friend of mine that I wrote about way back. How did DH and I get into their lives?

James 4:4 You adulterers and adulteresses, know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

DH friend don't have much to worry about, because this couple choose not to have children. And his wife forgive him about anything. My friend is separated from her husband because of his adulterous act. Now she found her long time grade school crush, and right away both confessed to their feeling. She was at awe thinking that he feels the same way. Yes, my readers, she is on cloud nine.

However, there is two problem. This is where I came in. Yes, the kill joy of all happiness, right? He is married with three children...young children that is. I don't care how nasty his wife is, why did he marry her and have three children with her? My friend said, "I don't know, he said he will take care of everything." I'm not the one cheating, she added. But she is reciprocating his feeling.

How can someone justify her logic with the whole situation? This is the very reason why I don't have a best friend. Once their way of thinking crosses mine, I'm done with them. Am I very hard to please? Wow! Are we running out of man in this world? When the man say the magic word (I Love You), nothing can be done to separate the woman from them? Do I need to keep associating myself with this people? Am I put in their lives to stop it? Do I tell the wife what is going on, and be the middle of all the chaos? Well, I don't know the wife, but I know she have a social network and I can easily message her.

Do I shut up and do nothing? All this questions, and I don't know which way to go. I already told my friend that if she don't pick the right path, that's it for our friendship. Is it mean that the devil wins? I did stop talking to her for a while now, because I am thinking all about the questions I wrote above. Ugh, this is very annoying. The winning side of me is telling me, let them be. However, is that what the Creator wants?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worldless Wednesday


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday Ride

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

The season of joy and happiness is upon us! In my family that means packing all fifty of us into my aunt's house for tons of food and presents. No trip to my aunt's house is without controversy. Usually it spawns from the fact that everyone in my immediate family thinks they know the correct and only way to get to my aunt's house. As we leave our house and set the home security system from the debate begins. My father is loyal to the freeway while my mother clings to the streets and of course I am in the middle thinking a combination of the two is the best route.

Piling into car everyone is happy and we are on our way. Before we hit the end of the street my mother points out a mistake my father has made, "taking the long way to the freeway." The detour literally adds a minute but who cares we need something to argue about. Once on the freeway tempers have cooled, only to be aroused by a missed exit ramp. I am first to notice us fly by the ramp, prompting me to blurt out "Hey, you know you missed the exit?" This perpetuates into a full blown argument resulting in threats to be left at home next year.

We finally make it to my aunt's house and everyone is happy go lucky again and the holiday cheer is restored until the drive home.


Friday, February 4, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Taken some time this pass Wednesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worldless Wednesday


three feet long iciclesI don't want to be under these icicles when they start to melt. Talk about acupuncture yikes!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visit Where I Came From

I actually never been there before. I left the island very early on and the construction of this resort did not started until the late 1990's. When we (my family) visit in 2001 a typhoon just passed and it was left ruined.

I guessed the owner got a loan and rebuild from the ruins. A little pricey for my taste, but if you like secluded and quiet place this is the place to go. Watching the videos made me home sick. I miss the ocean, the beach and the warm temperature. I want to go home...:(


Friday, January 28, 2011

Waterprof Winter Boots

My husband will be needing an extra pair of Sorel shoes for next winter. One pair is not enough when he goes out for our plowing his costumers parking lots. Not only he plows, but he also shovel and snow blows snow. When the snow is high that is when he needed an extra pair because his boots can be only waterproof on certain height.

However, Sorel boots are much better than Geox men shoes. Why you ask, because the latter can't be worn on the snow. Dress shoes can do more harm in snow than it is intended use. I can see him coming home in pain with them on.

He also goes through one regular work boot a year. I think one of these work Frye shoes will be perfect for him. Cushioned insole can ease his feet all day. I feel bad when he gets home complaining that his feet hurt. He is the only one working in our household, and I want to make sure nothing distresses him while working. By the way, I added an image of my favorite pair Sorel winter boots above.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The TurnTable

A person that my husband knew was cleaning his house and trying to get rid lots of old electronics. DH grab everything and brought them home now knowing what type of electronics are in each box.

He brought a few boxes inside the house and left the rest in the garage. Our children dug on those boxes like they are getting new toys or something. My youngest son found the turntable and some CD's. He put one of the CD's on it thinking it is a huge CD rom drive.

Our children never seen anyone used turntable before, and they don't know what it is for either. He is our little scientist in the house. I wonder if he tried putting the needle on the CD. I actually did not saw him did it, simply showed us what he did after it was all done. DH even suggested to grab my camera and blog about it, and here I am. Children are astonishing.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Do I Need It, Good Question

Most of the things available these days are mostly for convenience and easement on how to do things. No one is honest and even the people you know most likely take advantage of you when money is involved. They will take anything they can put their hands on. I am very surprised because most of these people say they believe God, Jesus, and religious.

If everyone can follow the golden rules, we don't need to shop for a free auto policy quotes. However, like I mentioned above, you can't trust no one. They will promise everything while you are talking to them, but that is the first and last time you'll be able to talk to them. They will lie and probably sell their soul to the devil, just to get out of paying for hitting your vehicle because they don't want to pay for discount auto insurance.

However, if the judgment is no faults, even an affordable car insurance will do nothing for you. You still need to pay to all the repairs for your vehicles. Not only that, they will raise your premium because of this accident. Furthermore, those drivers who follow the road rules get burned by those who aren't. Moreover, that's the reason why they call it accident because it is unexpected. Nevertheless, plenty of people abuse the insurance system and that is what I don't like about it.


Worldless Wednesday

I will post the story about this tomorrow. For now, use your


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Most Asked Question

I have been in this country half of my life, and I am starting to find people from my village online, mostly in social networks. After asking how am I, the very next and most asked question is, "do you have a job?"

Yes, I have a job. I teach my children full time. I cook, I clean the house full time. I am a freelance writer of some sort, among other things. Then they will say, "oh, I am talking about a paying job." What is the matter with people these days? People from where I came from mostly. They think of an individual that does not have a paying job, nothing. Very close to the people with no degree.

I miss where I came from because of winter here. I always get like this the same time every year. I kept reminding my husband that if we move there, we can have fresh of everything, especially cocoa and coffee. He loves chocolates and coffee so, I am trying to rub it in...:)) However, he hated islands and too far away from his family. I don't want him to have the feeling I am having every winter all the time.

So, anyway chatting with the people from home can lessen my homesickness. However, the questions they ask annoy me a lot. Furthermore, my nephews and nieces want me to find them some internet pals. I don't know anyone who is the same age as they are. And even if I do, I don't think they will like it. Perhaps older people who been divorce a few times, but I'm sure my nephews and nieces will not like it. Plus, I am not good in the match making thing. I like it the natural way, just like DH and I. It develops over time. We went out and hang out. Long distance whatever it is they wanted, will not start from me. Am I mean or


Friday, January 21, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Here are my sky today while shoveling my front walk path around 8 in the morning. Have a great weekend everyone. After educating my children today, I will be tackling a lot of cleaning because DH is having company tomorrow. I should send my children to a weekend re-treat of some sort for easy cleaning. I wish I


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice & Sleet

Yucky day to drive around, and DH has been out since 2 in the morning. He is probably soaking wet right now and very cold. I think I have about an inch of sleet on the ground right now. We had 1 inch of snow before the freezing rain came down today.

I don't even know if we have any salt to melt our walk path. And our driveway will not get plow until DH gets home. I hope he is still dry.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Never Have to Use it

Living in the northern part of the country have a lot of disadvantages and advantages at the same time. If you love four seasons and enjoy everything about it, you are more likely to live where I am, perhaps more north than I am. I like the seasons but I am leaning more to warmer weather because I love to plant my own vegetables.

What I hate about changing seasons is the fact that sometimes I get the changing temperatures during warm or cold months. Other than that, I am pretty much a content person driving on a snowy road. I haven't tried driving on ice with tire chains yet, but there is always that first time. As of now, I am pretty happy staying home and educating my children.

I don't need to go outside during any type of storm. My husband is always around to plow our driveway after plowing all his customers. And I make sure, to keep an eye on my children while they are outside. Having an accident is not good with unplow driveway, and I'm not even sure if tire chains will help me get out. However, like I said I haven't tried it yet. I heard they are very easy to install, even women can do it. If there is someone like me, I will make sure to pick "Easy to Go," install less than 2-minute tire chains. Hey, I don't want to be out there longer than I should. Do you?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow

I think my children are happy now that we got about 7 inches of snow overnight. The snow that we been getting is a joke lately for the children to play on. When they stepped on them, you can see the ground or grass. This time, it will take a few steps before they can see the ground.

I was out earlier than usual today because two of my children needed to attend some kind of testing in our local library. However, after shoveling my way out of the house and the way out of my mini-van, their teachers called an hour before the the schedule time.

Now my children wanted to play outside, but I told them that they needed to finish their lessons before going out. All of them wanted to finish the same time now. So, i better feed them lunch and get back to learning again. TTFN.


Friday, January 7, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Yes, he have snow today.

My 2011 Jump Start
Maybe I should change the title to "Good start in 2011" or "2011 off to a good start," either way I think you got the point. I am happy on our 2011 start (knock on wood). DH and I did not argue on NYE, I hate arguing with him because he will not stop arguing until he thinks I got the point. I can say he is the girl in the family and I am the boy. Meaning I don't like to argue and have any confrontation. Him, he talks and talk and talk...which I like...I think this is a good combination for us. If no one is willing to back down, it would be a war. I like to add that we are both Leo. Yea, now you understand where I am coming from...:)) luv you honey...(just in case you are reading this)

My blogs are picking up again for paid post. Sorry, but I need to make extra bucks for things that we want. It only happens once in a while and I need to grab them before it disappears again. When there is no offer, all I can do is wait and see what happen. I try very hard to stay with my theme when writing for paid posts. However, there are times that I can't and please forgive me.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Updates

Actually this is more like, "our Christmas vacation" type of I finished the things I listed that needed to get done around the house. Well, my part that is. I did finished folding and putting away the children clothes. Their closets are now filled with their everyday clothes, new clothes and hand down clothes. All socks and underwear are back where they are supposed to be.

I even gave all the children a trim from the over grown summer haircuts I gave them. They all look very cute after that. My 1st grader is looking more like a little man every day. DD had her bangs trimmed as well. She's been looking through them for a while, and the same with my youngest son. I'm hoping the hair will last until spring, because that's the next time we have a mini vacation from learning.

My ODS is home since Thursday noon. DH picked him up from his father's house. He will be with us until Sunday. It's good to have him back even for a little while during his winter vacation from college. Again, I don't have to worry about on what to cook. I just ask him, and that is what I make, and everyone eats it. Furthermore, left over is not an issue when he is around.

We went to a New Years party on Saturday afternoon, and we did not get home until 1AM the next morning. Of course everyone was sleep until noon the same day. What a day to start school the next day...:))

DH been home a lot lately. The snow we got last time was a joke. I am happy that he can spend some time with the whole family on winter months. However, I can hardly see him when we get a lot of snow. He usually come home to change clothes, have coffee or pick up some homemade lunch. Then he will sleeps until he is not tired anymore. That starts his day and night mixed up, and will not get into his normal routine until a few days later after coming home from plowing snows. If we have a back to back snow storms, well, I get a very grumpy

First day back to learning today. We did good, we were done exactly at 3pm. I was stressing out before today that we will not get done until bedtime again. I thank all of them for being good and cooperative today. It's always nice when everything goes with our schedule. Tomorrow will be a little different, my 4th grader have a live lesson via elluminate around noon. Then his speech teacher will come at 3pm for his session. So, there will be two extra hours he will not be doing lessons.

That's it for today. How was your first Monday in 2011?


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