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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday Ride

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

The season of joy and happiness is upon us! In my family that means packing all fifty of us into my aunt's house for tons of food and presents. No trip to my aunt's house is without controversy. Usually it spawns from the fact that everyone in my immediate family thinks they know the correct and only way to get to my aunt's house. As we leave our house and set the home security system from the debate begins. My father is loyal to the freeway while my mother clings to the streets and of course I am in the middle thinking a combination of the two is the best route.

Piling into car everyone is happy and we are on our way. Before we hit the end of the street my mother points out a mistake my father has made, "taking the long way to the freeway." The detour literally adds a minute but who cares we need something to argue about. Once on the freeway tempers have cooled, only to be aroused by a missed exit ramp. I am first to notice us fly by the ramp, prompting me to blurt out "Hey, you know you missed the exit?" This perpetuates into a full blown argument resulting in threats to be left at home next year.

We finally make it to my aunt's house and everyone is happy go lucky again and the holiday cheer is restored until the drive home.


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