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Friday, April 20, 2012


Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

I upgraded our television package at satellite tv recently. I’m glad that I did because we got to watch the Oscars last week on the flat screen in HD quality. Of course, my favorite part of the Oscars are all of the beautiful gowns and celebrities. My husband really hates this part, but I look forward to watching the red carpet every year. This year, Angelina’s legs were quite the scandal. Of course she looked beautiful, as always, but her signature dress (the mile long leg cut) wasn’t the focal point this year. She stood all night with her leg perched outside of the cut on the front of the dress. Now, it has almost become as big of a joke as Tebowing has. The news stations have put Angie’s leg on everything from the Statue of Liberty to a picture of Al Roker. I’m sure that it is going to be a joke for quite a long time. Angie doesn’t seem to care though, her leg definitely outshined Jennifer Lopez’s scandalous dress!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hand Made

Handmade table & chairs by my Dad. He hire someone to do the wood curving for him. The pictures are taken at his shop at home.

Yes they are for sale. Actually, they are made to order. However, you cannot buy them here in US. It will be very expensive to ship them here.

This is one of his finish product. I wish I can send him another two way tickets to make one for me here. They are real wood and very heavy.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday

I was going to title this as "Wordless Wednesday" but I have too much to say about the whole process. Firstly, this is the second session for my two children. This time, the doctor wanted to do a detox to flush whatever bad bacteria they have inside and take pro-biotic after flushing the bad ones, if there are any.

biomagnetic therapyHowever, all of the pills they needed to take are tablets, capsules and powder. The powder is Vitamin C, and the other two are not. On the first day, I tried it with DS, but he vomit when he can't shallow the tablet as big as my pinky. Today, I tried it with DD, mixed in with apple sauce and I powdered the tablet, nope, she didn't even shallow the damn mixture. I called DH at work telling him my delima but, he doesn't have any suggestion for me.

biomagnetic therapy I think we are not going to do the detox the way this is going. I can't start again next week because they need to attend a testing outside our house. I AM SO STRESSED OUT, I WILL NOT BE SURPRISE IF I DROP WITH HEART ATTACK TODAY...ugh!


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