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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Wedding This Weekend

Not that we are going but I wanted to talk about it. One of our niece in DH side of the family. She found her soon groom at the beginning of summer. She said that they knew each other since fifth grade and she and her friends had a big crush on him. I'm not really sure what went-on in between and I can care less.

A very short time knowing each other and they are already getting married. From my calculation they only knew each other for four months. When I saw that she was engage, I was like...Oh no! that's not going to last. Then I thought of a reason why the very sudden wedding? She is probably pregnant that is why. I don't really care if she is pregnant as long as they take care of each other and do not sleep with someone else.

I hated people who are using the piece of paper to do bad things. Once you are with someone, that's it, you stop looking for another. Of course it's only that way with DH and I. Not everyone have the same outlook in life like us.

Anyway, the wedding is this Sunday and a little church close to where they live. No one outside the family was invited, including Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents & friends. From what I am hearing only the cousins (older cousins (our other nieces) are invited. They are having the reception in about six weeks at the same place where her mother got married and did the reception.

In my culture it is bad to marry in the same year as your other sibling. Yeah, add that to getting a divorce after a few months after the wedding. I hope it's not the case but DH agree with me. He can see more on what is going to happen according on how she act. He also told me that she is always and will be a lair...ouch! I thought children grow out of it. So, that's mean she is pregnant...interesting.


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