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Monday, June 27, 2011

YDS is Five

Time flies in this family. Five years ago, he was born. And this coming September he will enter kindergarten. Not to mention we (the parents) are getting old too. Some people in our age already have grandchildren. I hope we still have some energy left when they start having children.

We had a small gathering yesterday for his birthday. Tomorrow is his actual birthday, but since DH have other plans next weekend, (camping or what not) we decided to do it before the actual day.

As usual a lot of argument between DH parents and himself. Waking people up these days is very hard. If only they jump a little higher, they will get it. But somehow they are been awake at their level, they don't go back, but they are stuck where they are.


Friday, June 24, 2011

I Got so Much to Do

I gave my four children a hair cut. The three boys wanted the same haircut, now they all look the same...well the youngest mostly wanted to look like his older siblings. My only DD got a trim, I cut half off her long hair...yeah, trim...:))

I have to clean the house for my youngest birthday party on Sunday. I also need to sew a pillow case for my FIL. He got this orthopedic pillow and he said the case that is on it right now was very hard for him. However, I think it was just fine than the fabric he bought to replace it.

He gave me the fabric a month ago, and I haven't done anything. He wanted it back this Sunday. I am catching up with DH in procrastinating. From May 17 until yesterday was very hard on me. I had to get myself ready for the court and thinking what may be ask during the hearing made me so nervous and I feel like not doing anything extra around the house. The complaint was withdrawn for now, and I am getting back to normal one day at a time.

I still need to plan on what food I will serve for Sunday. I don't think two days is enough to do all of it. Ha! I work well under pressure...NOT!...:)) Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Saturday

Friday power outage did not happened.

We were invited to a friends' house on Saturday for a get together and catch up with each other. The place is north of us and took us one hour to get there. I thought I live in the mountain (not really) but they live in more secluded area. People that lives there don't even know the foothills of the Poconos...:))

Everything was doing fine until our children left our mini-van door open. I saw it and I closed it. Later in the evening DD came to me telling me the van was locked. Ok, how we gonna get home now. Who closed and played with the locks. They all pointed fingers at each other.

After the crying, DD finally realized that it might have been lock before I closed the door. I was pissed. DH tried very hard to unlocked it with a metal hanger but these new vehicles these days is not very easy to unlock with hangers anymore.

One of our friends that lives closed there, have that very thin piece of metal that cops (long ago) used to help people with locked outs. Well, did I say the newer vehicles are hard to open with these things.

After half to an hour trying, and being eaten by mosquitoes (boy the bugs there was horrible) they gave up and other offered to drive me home, one hour one way, and get the spare key. During the drive, I was thinking, maybe I already put it in my new bag that is inside the lock mini-van. How are we going to open it? We even thought of an option with AAA, but like I said this place is in the boonies. Where are we going to find any of them?

Yup, two hours later, we are back with the set of keys. Yes, it was still in my old bag, untouched. I told DH that maybe we should stick the spare key, under the van inside a plastic container. Hoping it will not fall off when driving anywhere. The old man who offered to drive me said, that a long time ago, if you are a member of AAA they give you a hard plastic like a credit card with tear off key shape that you keep in your wallet. Yeah, that will work for me, because I always leave my bag inside the van whenever we go to someones house.

I spent 4 hours driving on Saturday. We did not get home until one o'clock on Sunday morning. What a tiring Saturday!


Friday, June 17, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

It is 66°F right now. Much better than last Friday that was too hot and no power. Have a great weekend everyone! I maybe going to a party tomorrow along with the whole family. DH just informed me this morning, I just have to wait and see if we are really going.

In This Life of Ours


Scheduled Power Outage

Last Friday I was very surprised about power outage. I was very lucky because I cooked dinner early and by 4pm I was done and my children has eaten. The power did not came back until about midnight. It woke me up because most of the light in the house was on.

Today, I heard from our neighbor that it will be off again. Two or three years ago, they did the same thing. However, they did it continuously over a period of three working days. They turned off the power every evening and turned it back on early morning for people to get ready for work.

Now, they are saying that they didn't finish whatever it was they were doing before and they wanted to finish it. I don't even know what exactly they are doing. Our power line is under ground and my street is the only one getting affecting by this. I have to make sure to cook dinner early again. I don't want to have hungry children in the house during this outage.

I also have water in four 5 gallon buckets for flushing the toilets. And 5 gallons for washing hands and brushing our teeth for the night. I wasn't ready last week and we couldn't flush. So when the power came back on, I went around the house flushing all the toilets, scared of being turned off again. Hopefully they will get done tonight and nothing like this next Friday.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Was Nice

We got home from Brooklyn around 9:30pm last night. It was nice to see DH cousins yesterday. It wasn't sad time for them because they are able to see it as no one has to supper anymore and no more pain. Our Aunt was happy to see our family. I like it when the family left is nit bitter of the passing.

I think DH connected again to his male cousin. They were very close before any of them moved away from the city (DH). I am happy because they are able to make fun of each other and smiling the whole time.

I did not like paying $8.00 at Goethal bridge, and $13.00 at Verrazano bridge. Face to face robbery I tell you. Then the stupid GPS took all the tools to get us home. When we tried getting a ticket at the parkway, it did not release anything. We waited for about 10 minutes or so, holding the line behind us but nothing. DH was so mad on how to explain to the collector what happened. However, the collector just asked where we came in and type it in in the computer.

Oh and the rain, the whole highway to and pro, nothing but rain. Before leaving Brooklyn we are thinking about going to Manhattan for our children to see (it wasn't raining in Brooklyn), but we were in the wrong lane to take the exit (not like no one cross lanes in Brooklyn). Good thing we didn't. As soon as we are in the highway more rain. DH told me that Staten Island used to be like the Poconos when his mother was growing up. Where people go to camp and be with nature. I told him, not anymore. The Poconos will turn into it in the few years, just wait and see.

We found out the his male cousin have a half brother leaving in the Poconos. That his male cousin come to Poconos very often, so we invited him to stop in our house when ever he is around. I am very happy for my husband.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going to Brooklyn

We are going to Brooklyn this afternoon. Our Uncle passed away on Saturday and we are going to the viewing this afternoon. Here are their pictures when they (uncle and aunt) came to visit us three years ago. We knew about it around noon on Saturday. I just didn't post about it until now.

They are not a very close Aunt and Uncle because of the money issue they had with DH mother when DH grandfather passed on. A few months back both of them talked to DH making him the executor of their will. When they came to visit three years ago, they both look fine. However DH just mentioned to me that our Uncle was having some kind of problem and have some good and bad days. I guessed when they visit, it was a good day because I did not see anything wrong with him. Another sad part is, their two children hardly speak to both of them either. Well, hopefully they come this afternoon out of respect if nothing else.

RIP Uncle John.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Here

Yes, in my neck of the woods. My children last day of school was Friday. We are supposed to go to a theme park today but since DH cannot go, we are staying home. I can't take our children in these places alone. I could clone myself to four pieces but that is highly unlikely to happen. The park is for their school year end event and everyone is invited.

I even asked around but no one answered, well, one answered but she lives in Singapore. My SIL is not off school yet (teacher), and my nieces have better things to do than hang out with their Aunt in a theme park.

Back home if I announce going to a theme park, all would come. Here, you can't even get hold of anyone to come...geez!

My children is getting bigger every year, and I don't even have to ask anyone if they want to tag along to help me with them. I bet anyone one hundred percent, that is when they wake and realize that family is far more important than hanging out with your own friends, that is the time when they start connecting with you.

Our swimming pool was opened on Friday too. Children was in it for a long time. The water was very cold, and the temperature wasn't too hot. I don't know how it took them too long to get out. Anyway, our oldest got a cold on Saturday. I can hear him blowing his nose. I gave him some silver, since he is the pickiest of all, I can't make him chew on Vitamin C. I needed to melt it with mango juice (which we don't have right now) and then he will drink it. I think his body reacted being in the swimming too long and caught something from the water. However, his other three siblings is feeling fine (knocking on wood).

Have a great summer everyone. I try to enjoy my summer for once and not worry about anything, well of course just making lesson plan for my kinder in September. TTFN!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Much

Well, actually a lot of things. But that is for me to know and not the world. I tried not to write when there a lot of things in my mind and trying to resolved it the correct way.

Still learning, a lot of learning in my part. Fed up with so many things. However, in the bright side, my children only have 8 school days left. I can mother naturally after that.

Its been hot here lately and very muggy. Even with the heat, the ground is still very wet and my garden never get started. I don't think I'm going to have one this year, the way it's going.

I wish I can vanish my family out of this world and live our life the way we want. Ahh, the perfect world, does it exist?


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