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Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Saturday

Friday power outage did not happened.

We were invited to a friends' house on Saturday for a get together and catch up with each other. The place is north of us and took us one hour to get there. I thought I live in the mountain (not really) but they live in more secluded area. People that lives there don't even know the foothills of the Poconos...:))

Everything was doing fine until our children left our mini-van door open. I saw it and I closed it. Later in the evening DD came to me telling me the van was locked. Ok, how we gonna get home now. Who closed and played with the locks. They all pointed fingers at each other.

After the crying, DD finally realized that it might have been lock before I closed the door. I was pissed. DH tried very hard to unlocked it with a metal hanger but these new vehicles these days is not very easy to unlock with hangers anymore.

One of our friends that lives closed there, have that very thin piece of metal that cops (long ago) used to help people with locked outs. Well, did I say the newer vehicles are hard to open with these things.

After half to an hour trying, and being eaten by mosquitoes (boy the bugs there was horrible) they gave up and other offered to drive me home, one hour one way, and get the spare key. During the drive, I was thinking, maybe I already put it in my new bag that is inside the lock mini-van. How are we going to open it? We even thought of an option with AAA, but like I said this place is in the boonies. Where are we going to find any of them?

Yup, two hours later, we are back with the set of keys. Yes, it was still in my old bag, untouched. I told DH that maybe we should stick the spare key, under the van inside a plastic container. Hoping it will not fall off when driving anywhere. The old man who offered to drive me said, that a long time ago, if you are a member of AAA they give you a hard plastic like a credit card with tear off key shape that you keep in your wallet. Yeah, that will work for me, because I always leave my bag inside the van whenever we go to someones house.

I spent 4 hours driving on Saturday. We did not get home until one o'clock on Sunday morning. What a tiring Saturday!


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