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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Update

My three kids and I went out to the library again today. I had to return the book we borrow for my third grader Literature reading lesson. And while we are there, we borrowed 3 old movies for them to watch over the weekend. We got the Narnia Prince Caspian, Stitch Movie, Bolt, and Rugrats. There are other for adults, I should say a lot, but we are not into the new movies, except for Harry Potter.

We went to our local store to pick up some fish for the fish tank. I want smaller fish there now since we don't have the cat fish who eats everything. And I am a little worried that the algae eater will get so big as well being alone in a big tank. We picked two tiger barbs, two mollies, and two tetra. Now our fish tank is a little colorful. In a few weeks, I will add about six more. They are so fun to watch, swimming in school around the tank.

DH had another meeting today but, has nothing good to say about the whole thing. People are still trying very hard to change our government. We both think, that our government is way out of control. We have to downsize and get rid of seated politicians that doing their job as a businessman/woman. No care for the citizen of this country and no care for those who are paying their jobs.

So, what's up with Chile? Too much unexplainable earthquakes lately, don't you think? The people in this so called corporation is starting to get rid of people that are no use to them. The so called self sufficient, private, and free citizens. Sound like weather control from Alaska (HAARP) is working overtime. Yup, that is what I think.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

This was taken before I left the US military (Navy) base in my home country. This was the smoke coming out of Mount Pinatubo.

Volcano EruptingA warning saying, a sand storm/mud rain is coming. Just look at the trees, the sand/mud was very heavy and the trees can't take it.

Volcano Erupting2Another change of scenery from the snow storm beating the NorthEast USA. Instead of plowing snow, they plowed mud and sand.

Volcano Eruption DestructionThis one used to be the movie theater on post. The used to be very shady tree are gone. However, I know they are back by now. That was 19 years ago, wow, that was ages

The destrcution from volcano eruptionThis was the Navy Exchange and 7 Days Store.

Navy Exchange & 7 Days StorePlease click the images to see it better. I must warn you that this pictures are scanned from printed pictures, you may see some lints in them. Happy Friday everyone.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Snowing After 3 Days

Well, actually it's not on going. It snowed a few hours then it stop, and it goes the same way the second day, and the third day. I heard that after today we will have a total of 17 inches on the ground, from the snow today and tomorrow. I will not see DH again for a day or so.

ODS, already have 2 days off from public school and I don't think he will have school tomorrow either. Snow removal companies will earn quite nicely this year.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Wordless Wednesday

Niagara Falls Canada side.

Niagara FallsDo we look cold or what?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After Seven Months

Remember when I complain about the Japanese a cat fish I have in our fish tank? I always asked DH to take it out or give it back to the fish store, but he did not do anything about it. Like I mentioned before I bought other fish to join the cat fish, but all it does was eat the little ones.

In This Life of Ours

Well, since July (after eating the last bought fish) I did not add anymore. It was alone until a week ago. The fish tank was getting very dirty and dark, and I bought a sucker fish (algae eater). I made sure I got the biggest one I can find because I don't want the Cat fish eating it, I wanted the tank clean. After two days the tank was clean again, this algae eater was very hungry, I assume.

A week later, the algae eater moved into the sunken ship inside the tank, where the big cat fish was hiding. I think the algae eater was still cleaning and drove the cat fish out. After a day being out of hiding it fell ill. It started lying right side up, and yesterday it was confirm dead. There was no movement and not gasping for air anymore.

In THis Life of Ours
This was the cat fish.
Yes, after 7 months, after a week of putting a new fish, and after two days of having a clean tank, it gave up on me. I should have put a large algae eater a long ago. I know, I'm bad...:(. I wanted to keep all of them, but I can't afford to buy new fish every week just to feed the cat fish. I always feed that thing everyday too. Anyway, I am happy and sad about the whole thing. However, I am happier that I can put some colorful fish in the tank and I'll make sure not to get cat fish again.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Away For Two Days

DH left the house yesterday morning around 4AM for some kind of meeting. I don't care to call him anymore, because I always call him while the meeting was in session in the past. You know, I figure the meeting will last a few hours, then I call him. How was it? Most of the time I get an answered like, "I'll call you back when we are done". What, you mean that you are not done yet, after 3 hours?

Anyway, today he is supposed to attend a rally, but it was canceled in the count of rain. I would think that he will come home and spend some time here but, no. Ok, I am not mad but does he really need to hang out with people 3 hours away from our house, one way? Before, it was 1 hour away for a meeting. It would be nice if they go right into the business what the meeting about. No, they just hang out all day long not accomplishing something.

I do get annoyed when he is home all the time, because he likes to talk about things, but come one, right in the middle of teaching? Why not come and join us in the classroom and grab one kid and teach him or her. When they are busy doing school work, then talk to me.

I also like it when he is home. I get very serious from 8am to 3pm, and it stresses me out big time. With him around the house, I could take a break, and he makes me laugh most of the time.

I do miss spending time with him. I am jealous right now because these people can spend the whole two days with him, and his own wife can't even spend 8 hours with him. I can't wait when we are both retired, we can spend the whole 24 hours, 7 days a week together. Then we can be in each other faces...I, I can't win.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Side of the Family

The only time I can talk to them is when they call me. They have a cell phone not land line because the phone company where they live is too cheap to run a wire. I should be thankful (I think) because they run an electric wire where they live.

There used to be a signal where they live but somehow after a few typhoon it was gone. Not sure what was broken and no, they never repair it. My parents need to position themselves in a higher elevation or go to town to get some signal. Talk about your own

I was thinking about calling them for a while now, and I am thankful they finally called. A few of my nieces and nephews are having babies. One just passed the nursing board back home, my oldest sister was rush to the hospital for working too hard, and my parents are still doing great.

I asked them to send me some more coconut virgin oil and iodine (if allowed to be ship). I told them if my cousin is still making it, to just buy it from him. I have to go out and send them some money for it too. They can afford to buy it, but I rather pay them for it. They are still asking about my sister in CA, and I have the same answer that I don't know. She actually sent me a Christmas photos of her whole family with smile in their faces. I just can't figure out how they live together knowing they both lies to each other. Yes, I know they sleep with their eyes close. Just like the corrupt politicians in this country, who doe not know the right and wrong and don't have the little voice talking at them anymore. This reminds me of the forward email I got from my high school batch mates.

All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge.
"I should be in charge," said the brain, because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen.
"I should be in charge", said the blood, I circulate oxygen all over so without me you'd all waste away.
"I should be in charge," said the stomach," I process food and give all of you energy.
"I should be in charge," said the legs, I carry the body wherever it needs to go.
"I should be in charge," said the eyes, I allow the body to see where it goes.
"I should be in charge," said the rectum," I'm responsible for waste removal.

All the other body parts laughed at the rectum And insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery, and the blood Was toxic. They all decided that the rectum should be the boss.

The Moral of the story? Even though the others do all the work...
The ass hole is usually in charge.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Happenings

I woke up early as usual to do some internet time before everyone in the household wake up for the day. I like browsing and dropping cards early in the morning when no one is bothering me, and I have to get up off my chair every 5 minutes. What a life!

It happened that our internet is not working. Not to worry I have to make some headings to my other blogs, that is just fine. Today was the third time this happened and there is no use to get mad at the cable company :)). I finished two headings and still no internet. Everyone has eaten breakfast and it is almost time to make lunch and still nothing. Argh, can you tell that my life revolves around the internet...oh my...:)). After feeding the kids their lunch, I can't take this anymore. I need to go online. I called the cable company asking if I got turned off not knowing, or maybe I missed the notice. No, I am still on and the looks of it my modem is working fine. I thought my ODS downloaded so much stuff overnight, and they got mad at us and turn off our internet.

It turns out that my router needs to be re-set. I thought DH did it this morning before he left to go to a meeting. Well, I guess I was wrong. We have so many pcs at home, I think our router is just so fed up with

And another thing, DH found out that my mini-van's battery is dead, and we have to charge it before he left this morning. I also have to help him because it is inside the one car garage, and his truck is out. He needs to pull up very close to have the jumper cable reach, and I have to hold it in the middle. I have not used it since last weekend, I think ODS left the trunk unlock when I asked him to get me something from there. Anyway, everything is good now, and look, I even posted.

Now, I need to give two boys a hair cut, a bangs trim with DD and they all needed to take a bath. Not together of course, they are big enough to notice the difference between a boy and a girl. I'd better get off my behind and start. Have a great weekend, everyone.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Looking @ the Sky on Friday

This was my ODS with his (notice "his", no relation to me) grandmother when we still live in NC (Camp Lejeune Beach). This picture is much better than snow where I am. Hot sun with the sea/ocean breeze.

Camp Lejeune Beach Happy Friday everyone!!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

CN Tower Toronto Canada.

CN Tower

Today is make sure to cleanse your soul.


Monday, February 15, 2010


I just saw the NLE, Nursing Board Result from November 2009 and sure enough my dear nephews' name is included along with thousands names passed (this is Philippines Nurses Licensure Examination). I am so proud of you, huwag munang mag-asawa, unang una tulungan ang pamilya, (help your family first, before getting married) however, that depends with your parents. With this look, I am pretty sure you already have a special someone. Now, you need a job, you can always stay in my house when you plan on coming my way.

Congratulations J, I am very proud of you, and I know your parents and Lolo's & Lola's feel the same way. Oath taking will be held on March 8 & 9, 2010. They have to pay about P1100 for registration and tax as a registered nurse. I can't believe they need to pay tax already, they don't even have jobs yet. Anyway, I have to ask my "kumareng Mylene" if there is some opening where she works. He needs experience before he can come and work where I am. Male nurses are in demand here according to my cousin who has an engineering degree turned nurse. I guess we will find out soon.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

A very nice dayThe second day after the storm, another nice and sunny day, just like the last one. I need to join my children outside after school to teach them how to make a snow man. I'm hoping we get done early and enjoy the warmest part of the day.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

North East part of my property.

My front yard.

And here is my youngest DS complaining about something. I think he said that it is too deep for him. Don't tell him he is wearing his sister's old snow


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Heard?

We are going to have more snow tonight. Not that we got any last time but, for those who did. Yes, another storm is coming up. The last snow was pretty high for others. Nothing compares to the snow of 1995 when I was in Jersey. Boy, that was something. I was living alone (with ODS) in an apartment, and I had to shovel my truck out of the snow. The plow truck plowed the road and since it was 4 feet or higher they said that they will do the parking lots when they are done plowing the rest of the roads. So, I don't have any choice but to shovel myself out of a very long parking spot. I can fit two cars behind each other with my parking spot. And I was not thinking to move my truck closer to the road before the snow got so high.

My truck on the rightThe vehicle on the right was my truck, and can you see the car next to It's almost buried.

Just getting out of my front door was a challenge. My neighbors was smiling at me because they can see snow moving, but they can't see me shoveling it. It was very windy too, and every time I put some snow higher, the wind just blows it down again. The local roads are so tiny and have to give way to others. They can't plow the snow anymore because it's already high on the side of the road. That was something, a lot of states were under state of emergency. DH remembers it too, he said he made a lot of money that year with snow removal.

Fence almost coveredThis was my tiny fence in backyard. The fence was almost gone too.

I have been here half of my life, and that was the most snow I ever saw so far. I went out shopping very early today to beat the rush. You know a lot of people floods the grocery stores when a storm is bound to happen. How about you, do you run to the store to buy some last minute things before the storm? Well, actually I did not go shopping over the weekend. If I have, I do not have to go out today.

ODS @ 5 YOODS was 4 years old here, enjoying the snow on the back of my truck.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Was Going To

My kids are outside right now, enjoying the 2 inches snow we got. I got everything turn down inside the house to hear most of what is going on outside and looking out the window often. I was going to say that I finally got a quiet time, but all of a sudden I heard the water line at the side of the house going. I knew right away that my two middle children are doing it.When they decide to do something together it always ends up something horrible. Sure enough I went out in my jeans and sweater only the two are there playing with it. I told them if they do it one more time that will force them to come I just told them to get off from their Dad's truck, and they got into the next thing. I was going to say, "finally peace and quiet," good thing I didn't.

We are not going to my DH friend's house tomorrow. He just told me today, because his friend left him a message last night, then he got up early to do some salt run this morning. And when he got home, he took a nap. He told me that he promise him that we are bringing chocolate chip cookies, and I asked him when he woke up if I should make a double batch. He said, "oh yeah I did not tell you, he canceled". And he tells me that I don't remember anything, how the heck can I remember if he does not tell me anything? Man! He also picks the time to tell anything he wanted when the kids are all over me, and I can't hear anything or too busy doing something. He is lacking common sense in that area, I Yes, I am talking about you. Would you like to chat when there are 4 kids trying to get your attention at one time? He can't even stand it when they are playing among themselves and getting very noisy. All I ask is to help me to give what they wanted and wait while they are doing other things away from me, then we can talk.

Yup, that is my weekend so far, how about you?


Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking @ the Sky on Friday

The OzarkHappy Friday everyone, I have a very gloomy sky today and what can brighten this day but a picture of an Ozark lake. (taken in the summer of course) We have snow in our forecast, slow moving snow that is, meaning we will have it until tomorrow. The best part of being a SAHM is, I don't have to go out at all with this thing happening.

On Sunday we are (meaning all of us) going to Howell NJ again, to socialize with my DH friend. However, before that, we will stop at Lambertsville to see my in laws. And I might stop at one of many Asian stores in or around Howell. Hmm, smoke kosher fish anyone? DH puts it as, "I will look like a little girl in a candy store".

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yes, I Can Do It

Hey, its not the best but I finally made a new header for this blog. Yay! for This is one of things I wanted to do, but having kids making this not possible for me. I will keep on trying making it better. Right now it is very flat, next I will learn how to make the images come out or filter them.

Now, I have to match the color to the rest of my More for me to do.


A Package

My oldest son enjoys a variety of music and gotten a mp4 mp3 players in the mail last week. Not that he didn't have one or two, yes, he already had two. However, this time he bought one that plays music and videos. I don't have any idea on what he does with the old one. For all I know, he probably gave the other two away to anyone who wanted it in his school.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Theme Park


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life of Ours Top EC Droppers

Mouse thankyou

List acquired on January 31, around 10 pm.


Monday, February 1, 2010

We are Pregnant!

I can keep this going until everyone congratulates me, but I am not in the playing It's our cat Molly, who is pregnant. Finally, I don't have to listen to my DD asking when we are going to kitten/s. I notice a bulging belly from her about a week ago. I don't know how big she will get, but she looks fat right now.

4 weeks gestationHopefully, we only get 1 or two, and we can keep them all. I'm already thinking that the kids will not like giving any of them away. And 1 is a good number to keep. How long is the gestation period for cats, 2 to 3 months? I don't even know when she got pregnant. I am also hoping that she give birth inside the house. She is an outside cat, she got 4 bells for Christmas, and we put that by the front door. Whenever she wants to go out, she rings them, the same thing when she wants to come in. It is low enough that she can make noise with the bells.

Above photo was taken on January 15, a week before she started showing. I read that they usually show around 5 weeks and today is the beginning of her 6 weeks. Anyone wants kitten?


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