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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After Seven Months

Remember when I complain about the Japanese a cat fish I have in our fish tank? I always asked DH to take it out or give it back to the fish store, but he did not do anything about it. Like I mentioned before I bought other fish to join the cat fish, but all it does was eat the little ones.

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Well, since July (after eating the last bought fish) I did not add anymore. It was alone until a week ago. The fish tank was getting very dirty and dark, and I bought a sucker fish (algae eater). I made sure I got the biggest one I can find because I don't want the Cat fish eating it, I wanted the tank clean. After two days the tank was clean again, this algae eater was very hungry, I assume.

A week later, the algae eater moved into the sunken ship inside the tank, where the big cat fish was hiding. I think the algae eater was still cleaning and drove the cat fish out. After a day being out of hiding it fell ill. It started lying right side up, and yesterday it was confirm dead. There was no movement and not gasping for air anymore.

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This was the cat fish.
Yes, after 7 months, after a week of putting a new fish, and after two days of having a clean tank, it gave up on me. I should have put a large algae eater a long ago. I know, I'm bad...:(. I wanted to keep all of them, but I can't afford to buy new fish every week just to feed the cat fish. I always feed that thing everyday too. Anyway, I am happy and sad about the whole thing. However, I am happier that I can put some colorful fish in the tank and I'll make sure not to get cat fish again.


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