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Monday, February 22, 2010

Away For Two Days

DH left the house yesterday morning around 4AM for some kind of meeting. I don't care to call him anymore, because I always call him while the meeting was in session in the past. You know, I figure the meeting will last a few hours, then I call him. How was it? Most of the time I get an answered like, "I'll call you back when we are done". What, you mean that you are not done yet, after 3 hours?

Anyway, today he is supposed to attend a rally, but it was canceled in the count of rain. I would think that he will come home and spend some time here but, no. Ok, I am not mad but does he really need to hang out with people 3 hours away from our house, one way? Before, it was 1 hour away for a meeting. It would be nice if they go right into the business what the meeting about. No, they just hang out all day long not accomplishing something.

I do get annoyed when he is home all the time, because he likes to talk about things, but come one, right in the middle of teaching? Why not come and join us in the classroom and grab one kid and teach him or her. When they are busy doing school work, then talk to me.

I also like it when he is home. I get very serious from 8am to 3pm, and it stresses me out big time. With him around the house, I could take a break, and he makes me laugh most of the time.

I do miss spending time with him. I am jealous right now because these people can spend the whole two days with him, and his own wife can't even spend 8 hours with him. I can't wait when we are both retired, we can spend the whole 24 hours, 7 days a week together. Then we can be in each other faces...I, I can't win.


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