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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are Doing Fine

The wind started around eight in the evening last night. After ten it started to slow down and the wind was not howling loudly on our window sill anymore. Our electric flickered all night long and second ODS came in and said, "the wind is loud." It did not bother him before

DH friend who live three minutes away from us did not have electricity this morning. Along with SIL who live thirty minutes away from us on the next town. All I can say is thank you to our creator for taking take of my family. We still have rain.

The pictures are taken this morning, this is next to our driveway. That's our neighbors pine trees, our land is very wet and the wind helped to bring it down. We are lucky that the trees did not fell towards our driveway. Our vehicles was park right where they should land if the wind was coming from the other way.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Morning Crowd

I dragged my children out to a store this morning to pick-up a few things for our house and office. We had to go to four places because the first store that we visited don't have what I came out to get. I was very surprised that the parking lot was packed.

I could not figure it out and lucky enough a chatty senior citizen infront of me on the line spoke on how the store was crowded. My family do not watch TV and like I mention a week ago, our internet is gone. Plus, I don't go online to read the regulated news. I read and watch news that is not controlled by the media.

So, anyway, since this was pretty early in the morning I didn't have time to check online. I got the children dresses and out we went. Well, to make the story short, everyone are getting ready for the storm that is supposed to come our way on Tuesday.

They wake-up and come out early when there is a storm. Good grip. The sale of flashlights, batteries, & water will sky rocket. There will be NO bread left by Monday when I decide to go grocery shopping. I couldn't this weekend because DH will be away both days. I guess, I'll just have to make some at home, considering that the power will not go off because of the storm. I will have to put water in some containers for flushing the toilets, washing hands, & dishes. Cooking outside with twigs will do if the rain is not heavy. Did you know cooking with wood makes your food taste better? Yes, that's right, try it sometimes.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making the Most of It

Yes, children does not mind at all when we have to share the use of their fathers' unlimited cell phone internet. I like it now because when one of them wanted to watch something, they are all in the same room watching it with everyone. It is a very good feeling, that even though they don't talk I can see them in one place.

I only check my email and FB account once a day. The FB is for my family, making sure they don't need anything in the hurry, plus that is the only way I can connect with the friends back home.

We are having such wet fall season. Rained too much in my opinion last week. We were stock inside playing games though home LAN. I even went on playing EA games I haven't touch in three years. I still beat it with five brutal enemies. I thought I should start with easy or medium but I still remember the tricks.

Doing lots of things inside the house. My kitchen sink is always clean and dishwasher always empty. I can pat myself in the back on how well I am adapting with the whole thing. Please remember, I did not grow-up with such luxury so removing some convenience has little affect on me. I am enjoying each day as a new day. And more time to spend with my whole family. Regards everyone.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Goodbye Cyber World

I will not miss you at all. I can still check my emails when DH gets home from work. I might have to add the skype app on his unlimited internet cell phone to call my parents, but that is doable. If I have good update I will take our laptop in the library and use their wifi there. Other than that, everyone that I know can still email me and will get an answer from me. My family can save more money this way. Oh the reason is because we always goes over our 500GB a month bandwidth allowance. Our children watch too many youtube and movies. Yap, they advertise the online movies but cannot keep on our usage, oh well.


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