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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Weekend

Late post for yesterday. This is what happen when I get very busy and something un-expected added to our schedule.

DH cleaned up the gutters and hoping that there are no more leaves land on them. We tried setting up the green house to but we did not finish and had to re-fold the plastics. I had a chance to clean one of the children bedroom and there are three more to go. Too much toys to get rid off, I hate when every family member just damps all the toys they can find in my house.

Sure, my children will never run out of toys, but the cleaning never ends. I thrown about a bag full of broken toys yesterday, and that was nothing. It will be bags and bags when I'm finally finish with them. I collected about two boxes of nerf gun/rifles, water guns, and bows. I will sure keep all of it, because I have 3 little boys in the house.

I also removed all the little clothes my children have in their closets and drawers. I don't want to throw them away, but I am running out of space to store them. I can really use the vacuum pack storage about now. I wanted to save all of them just in case the economy belly up and I cannot afford to buy new clothes. I can cut them up and make bigger size shirts and pants from them when I need to.

I will be hitting some clothing store when I have a chance. My 6 and 7 years old needs clothes. Second ODS is using his biggest brothers' clothes now, DD is the only one, so she will always need clothes every time, 4th son is the same because most of the smallest clothes does not fit him anymore and ones from his 9 year brother does not fit him as of yet.

Not much request for Christmas gifts yet. This is what we get when there is no TV to get the idea from. We always take them shopping for toys, but they never actually likes anything in the store. We can save a bundle...ha ha ha. They get more happy buying new clothes than anything. However, they have plenty of PC games and toy guns. DD have dozens dolls in her bedroom, I like it, but DH wants to buy them toys instead. I keep telling him that most toys are made in China, and I refuses to support a communist country. Not to mention that all those toys does last very long. I rather buy them from a toy maker in his own home.

Anyway, sorry for the rant at the end. How was your weekend? How much shopping have you done so far? And to answer my own question...none...ha ha ha.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend @ Cheers Household

I opt to stay at home with the children because I was just tired of driving around for meetings. DH went to the meetings with his friends, so it's not like his driving alone everywhere. I took the kids to the library, returned the movies they borrowed from last weekend and borrow some new ones, they haven't seen in a while.

We also made a quick stop at our local grocery store to put some money in the spending account and grabbed some things that our hands can carry. I put my debit in my pocket instead of carrying my bag. Each one of us (5 of us) was carrying something and went to self check out. Each one of us scan what we are carrying and I paid when everything was scanned.

We stopped at KFC because DD and I had been wanting it for a long time now. I paid with cash because I don't want to use my card anymore. Have you heard that the government will start charging 1% every time we use a card? I am trying to get use to the idea not having one.

We got home and ate the extra crispy chicken I bought. DH ate some cold ones, because he was not home yet when we got home. Yesterday, (Sunday) I was cleaning my bag and I cannot find my card. I searched my pants I was wearing the day before, I called the grocery store, and the bank but no one turned in anything that belongs to me. I did not bother calling KFC because like I said, I paid cash there.

I did not find it, so I called the bank yesterday and canceled the card. Now I don't have a card to use when I don't have any cash with me. Well, this morning I found the card on the chair in my bedroom. It feel out of my pant pocket when I change Saturday night. Now, I have a non-working card...whew...however, I am happy that no one have it. Now, I really need to make sure I have cash with me at all time. And I have to walk to the gas station cashier every time I need gas and leave the kids in the car for a few minutes. I have to make sure that I can see them, when going inside. That is the only bad part of this thing, at least I can use all the practice I can. I refuse to pay 1% for using a card. That is just face to face stealing in my opinion.

So, how was your weekend?


Friday, November 5, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Sky Watch Friday


Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update

I finally rested this weekend. We stayed home, borrowed some movies from the library and ate chocolate the whole weekend. We went to BJ's and bought three big boxes of Hershey, M & M's & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. We have so much left over and DH came home early today and eating some already.

By the time I'm done educating my children today, I bet he will be sleeping with all that sugar in his body.

I better go back educating my kids. I still need to make dinner with my sugared family. Someone need to feed them something healthy...yea right, if they eat it.


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