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Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a Safe And Fun Halloween

What are your plans today/tonight? We are going around our neighborhood tonight when DH gets home to go treat or treating. DC can't wait to do it and been asking me all day. We went to DS#2 Halloween parade this afternoon. He is wearing a Harry Potter costume because I can't find the cape for the Vampire costume. DD were playing with it a few months ago and I can't remember where I hide it. I found the Harry Potter stuff with no problem but the Vampire cape is not in the same bag.

Anyway here they are: DS#3 Winnie the Pooh, DS#4 Tiger, Colonial outfit for DD, and Harry Potter for my DS#2 (with no tie).


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Minute Shopping

Like I said below about the Halloween Candies, I went out to get some more candy bar today after picking DS 1 from the bus stop and DS 2 from the high school. I also made a stop to get DS 2 a black pants for his vampire costume for tomorrow.

DS 1 had to stop at the book store to buy another copy of manga comic book. He is into those cartoon characters, he even subscribe to one manga blog.

Looking forward for the parade tomorrow. I'm hoping for a warmer temperature around 2pm tomorrow for the parade.


Martin At The Sands

Another gift idea for the people in your list this holiday. A Martin at the Sands CD, everyone loves him. With this CD you will find songs like; "That's Amore", "Volare", "Return To Me", "Cha ChaCha d'Amour", Young and Foolish", "Memories Are Made Of This", and "Dream A Little Dream Of Me". And what is not to like, I'm not a fan of anything but I like him at comedy shows made a long time ago. You will also find other items of Dean Martin by following the link above.


We Are Almost There

Just an update about home school. I am getting the hang of it, after two weeks. I am glad that we are both adjusting with the home environment. Hoping she will stop asking to go back to regular school when her brother start home school too.

My preschooler is very excited about it. He can't wait to get his own desk, chair and computer too.

Anyway, that's all for today.


Great Gift For Christmas

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Candies

Since our kids are old enough to go trick and treating and know the concept of it, we start buying good candy. Actually we always buy candy bars instead of the packs with so many different candy in it. And no we don't buy the bags with little candy bars in it, we buy packs with big candy bars 1.55 oz Hershey's bar and 1.5 oz Reese's peanut butter cups.
My DD can't eat the peanut butter cups (she's allergic to peanut butter), but DH loves them. I bought a box of each from BJ's on Monday and they are half way gone. Between DH and DC those candy bars is disappearing fast. There are 36 bars in each box, so we have a total of 72 bars that is almost gone. I told DH that he needs to go back to get some more for Halloween this Friday.

We don't get much trick or treating around me because the houses are far from each other. Not like in the city that you only need to make a few steps and you are in your neighbors front door already. DH usually drives DC around, because its too much for them if they walk around.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snow of the Season

Yup, some part of my county has snow as I typing this. My DH has been out since 9am plowing at Pocono Mountain right now. We live in the very bottom of the mountain so, we don't usually get anything unless they are coming from south of us.

They always have such a crazy weather up north of us. I remember when I was still working up in Tobyhanna, every morning I notice that they always have freezing road. I spun 180 in the parking lot one morning. Good thing that there were not much traffic when I got there. I could have hit someone. I turn so fast on the parking lot, and I spun because the parking spot was covered with black ice.
Going down? This one was taken early this year, after the storm. DC did not have school that day.

Now, the only worry I get is driving my kids to their after school activities. Or doctors appointment and such. I hate going out of the house now that I don't work.


Monday, October 27, 2008

See Your Doctor

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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Preschooler

He always makes me smile when he talk about him as the third person. I guessed his teacher always asked his name at school, and he can't differentiate between saying his name and saying I or me instead.

When someone asked him what his name is, he always answer it with "me" before he went to preschool. Now he always say his name, even if he is talking about himself. He is so funny.

Not to mention when he say "me too", he would say "me either". His sister and him are the same. At least with him he will repeat it the way we tell him. But his sister will insist that she is correct, and we are wrong. Ahhh kids..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DD Gave Up on Me Today

We were in the last two lessons and she gave up today. We had to do music and gym for the last two lessons. She don't even want to imitate anything I do. Good thing that my preschooler was home to help me. He had more fun that his sister. He enjoyed imitating different animals on the way they walk.

Before going to bed tonight, she told me that she didn't like to sing and moved the way animals does. I kept telling her that she can do her best. I guess her best is not doing anything.


Monday, October 20, 2008

DD School Called and Gave an Attitude

We we're in the middle of class today and my cell phone rang. I answered it because it was my DS school too. I was thinking that they are calling because DS got hurt, need to come home, or just letting me know that something happened, and they just wanted me to know about it. It didn't even dawn on me that DD is home, and they were calling about her.

I wanted to lie at the beginning, but I don't like them anyway so, why lie about what she is doing at home. I don't know who called but as soon as I said that she is starting her home school today, she told me to "hold on because I need to speak to the receptionist". Ok, (in my mind) I don't have anything to tell the receptionist. Then with a tone, the receptionist answer the phone with "Hi Mrs P, you wanted to speak to me?". I was thinking no I'm not. I answer her with "ah the person on the phone told me that". Implying that it wasn't me who wants to talk. Then she proceeded with "you are home schooling your daughter?"...yes i said. "Did you asked for permission from us if you can do it"? My eye brow raised you would not believe. I told her that when I sign up for charter school, that there is no paper saying that I need to give to them to be signed and to release my DD from their school. "Your daughter is never coming here? she asked. Not this year I hope. She ask about my phone number, like they don't know and told that she will get back to me. But in my head, please don't call me anymore. It's not your (school) business what I do with my children.

I think they are worry about the money receiving from our property tax. They would act like they care but the truth is they worry about that money. They will not receive any from us, that's for sure. Plus I can't really say anything bad, because my DS is still there. They might give him a hard time there. DH have an appointment with the speech therapist on Wednesday, so I'm not planning on talking to them before my husband speak to them.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby-Soft Feet with Artemis Woman Products

When you have more than two children, sometimes it’s hard to do all the things that a mother wants to do. Take me for example; I have five children and even going out to get a haircut is a job. And to think about going to spa with them will not be relaxing. My hair may all fall off if I go to a day spa. But for now, using Heel Smoother at home will do. I can do the day spa thing when they all move out of my house. Heel Smoother is safe to use; it is made of the same material used in microdermabrasion treatments, and has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. And by buying any product from them, they will donate 2% of what you pay to charity. You can use the Promotional Code AWPPP08 to get a 15% discount. If you like to do your own pedicure just like me, check out Artemis Woman.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

DD Computer is Set

We got two sets of commercial desks and chair for home school. They are huge, it filled the space we reserve from our bedroom. What we need is a bigger house and more rooms. Next year we need to buy another desk and chair for our 4th child. He is in private preschool right now, and very jealous that his sister can stay home with me. And he also wanted to stay home with me to learn next year.

I hope this work for all of us. I can't imagine what will happen if I fail. I don't even want to think about that word. I will feel bad if I have to send them again to regular school.

Send me some positive thoughts or encouragement my friends. I can really use all I can get. HAve a great weekend everyone.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Click the picture to make it bigger.

I was trying to get my YDS out of my bedroom yesterday and this is what happened when I shut the door. You could probably hear me scream if you were outside my house. My pointer finger got caught in the metal part of the door knob. After screaming and the pain subside, I went to check the metal part and saw some skin left there. I can't believe I smashed the tip of my finger. It's not hurting anymore when I woke up this morning, and it finally dried up.


Custom T-Shirts

My husband has been looking for Custom T-shirts for a long time now. The only thing that stop him for getting one is he doesn't know he wants printed on it. Maybe something like "avoid socialism at all cost, the government which rule least---rules best". He like something that has a deep meaning. If you want custom shirt for you or corporate clients, please visit


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picture Day

My DC was so excited about dressing up for picture day. They are both wearing their last year Christmas outfits. They are so happy to be wearing special occasion outfit. Plus I don't think they would fit on those clothes next year. They may as well use it for other things. DD kept asking me this morning if I like what she's wearing. I had to send in a sneaker with her to use in gym class. Their physical education class fall today when they need to dress up for the picture. I'm hoping that my DS get his picture taken first before doing any activity in gym. If not, he or both of them will be sweaty.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bus Was Early Today

I was already on my front yard when my alarm went off (4:00), to picked up my DC from the bus stop. They are schedule to come at 4:11pm but today, somehow I missed them. Once I got to the bus stop, and old lady on a van approached me and mentioned that my DC bus already came and left. I wanted to answer her but my cell rang. Sure enough it was the transportation department telling me that my DC are still in the bus. Instead of me asking where to get them, I said "they are early today?". She asked me if I know Goodale road, will you know what, I live here for 5 years now and I don't have any idea what the road names are around my house. Not to mention if I don't drive pass it everyday, I will never know their names.

So, they decided (transportation and bus driver) to drive my kids back to my house. As soon as she (bus driver) open the door, she told me that she can't stand my DD screaming and saying she wanted to go home. It kinda made me laugh inside but I do feel bad for DC.

I told her that next time they come early just let my kids off. Then she said that my 2nd grader is allowed to get off, without and adult. But my Kinder can't, see, that is what she get for coming early and not letting my DC off the bus.

I feel bad for my DD, she was crying and shaking when they got off the bus. And my DS was so mad at me. He does not understand that if the bus is supposed to show up at certain time and I need to be there 10 minutes early, that they will not see me 15 minutes early. I'll be there when I am supposed to, not before not after.

So now, I think I need to set my alarm 15 minutes early. I don't want that happening again. I can't wait to get all the materials for home school. I don't need to worry about this crap once we get started.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Learning To Use The Potty

YDS has been interested on going in the potty. Wow, I just potty trained my pre-preschooler in June and now my youngest one is asking to use the potty. This is good, he can go to preschool next year, just like my DD. She started preschool at the age of three.

I still put diaper on him, but I always ask him if he wants to use the potty. But sometimes I think I wait to long, and he already wet his diaper. I am so proud of him, I don't even have to start it. He did it himself. He was the first one to show interest on using the potty. Not like the others, I have to introduced it to them.

I can't wait when all of them are potty trained.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Made it To The Apple Orchard

Finally, we were able to go yesterday to picked some apples. DC enjoyed picking them, we had to watch carefully because they picked the ones on the ground. We didn't stay much because they filled up our bushel too fast. Plus we can't eat all of them within a few days. I don't want rotten apples at home. They were .69 cents a pound and we picked $10.00 worth. They are very fresh and crunchy, not like the ones we buy at the grocery store. Mostly over ripe and the texture is almost like a sponge.

DH made apple cobbler as soon as we got home. They were delicious, my first time eating it. I like the crumble on top the most.

I don't have any picture to share because I forgot to put the memory card in the camera. I had the camera with me, when I started taking picture a message pop up telling me that it can't save the picture. I looked inside ans sure enough there is no memory card.

I was so happy, because this time I had my camera with me. The last time we went there, (2 years ago) I forgot to bring it. I had to use my camera phone, but this time I didn't bother using it again. It cost money taking it out of the phone to put in my computer. Hopefully next year, I can bring all what is needed.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

YDS Playing the Guitar and Singing

Like I said below, here he is playing and singing. He definitely got the love of music from my dad.

I was folding some laundry and he came and started playing. I grabbed the camera and I asked if he can sing too. He shy a bit because I was smiling the whole time. And I don't have any idea on what he is saying.


Friday, October 10, 2008

We Need a New Kitchen Sink

We have so many plans when we moved to this house. Make a few rooms downstairs for a family room, a home office and a walk path outside our front door towards the driveway and garage. We accomplished it within a few years, because our budget in home repairs and improvement is next to nothing. It’s hard when there is only one income coming in. We need to care of our necessities before anything else. And whenever we have some extra we always spend it on our house, repairing and improving. And our next project will be the kitchen.

We always, (well…mostly me) wanted a new and bigger kitchen. I can work on ours now, but when I needed help during the holidays, there is no room for a second person to help. If ever we have enough save up to remodel our kitchen, I like to have stainless sinks put in, more drawers, and a pantry would be nice too. We don’t have enough room for groceries and kitchen things. Some of our groceries are down in the basement. It’s a pain going up and down for groceries. Not to mention when making a grocery lists. I have to check both before going. It’s time consuming.

How about you? Are you planning on doing some home improvement? Check the link above for high quality sinks at wholesale prices.


Playing Guitar and Sings

My oldest son (who plays the violin) got a guitar as a gift a few years back, but he hardly touch it. My youngest son who is going into his terrible two's, check every bedroom in the house to see what's inside. Yesterday, I got tired of taking him out of my ODS bedroom to play with the guitar. I took the guitar and gave it to him and he loves playing it. He doesn't know how to play with chords, but strummed that thing like he is professional (so he thinks like one). He even sings while playing it. Mind you he doesn't know that much words but he sings. Next time he play it again, I will record him and post it here. He looks so cute.


Music Lessons For My Home School

All of my kids loves music. I guessed they got my fathers genes when it come to it. My oldest son plays the violin and the rest are starting to like instruments and singing. The youngest one found his oldest brothers' guitar yesterday and his been playing it since then. He can't really speak yet, but he can make up some words to sing while playing the guitar. I will definitely check into Amadeus Home Music School, because my children will be home school very soon, I can use the help.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Problem with DS Registration

Added to my post below, DS is still not enroll with the program my DD is in. Some paper works are needed and I couldn't provide right away. Hopefully he'll get register tomorrow and by October 15 he will be ready to start too.

I can see it now, he will not go to school with out DD. I have to come up with some excuse when that happens. My gut feeling is telling me that it's not possible. Because my DD have been in the system since last week. And they only told me about it yesterday. Plus her materials and computer are not here yet.

Hoping for a good turn out...pray, pray, pray...


I Am Lucky

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Just A Note

Starting next week, my online time will be limited because my DD will start her home schooling. Monday will be fine but after that, I may not able to drop EC and visit site that much.

I'm trying to get everything ready, even myself...he he he. I have been reading so much instruction since last night, and it's giving me a headache. I hope this will get easier as we get use to our schedules.

The materials and hardware are not even here yet. Hoping to get them before October 15, because that is the first day we need to start.

Wish me luck my blogger friends.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Card Processing

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Made A Last Harvest

My PIL took my youngest son out today after dropping off the other 3 in their school. I had a chance to clean out my veggie garden today with no interruption. And very nice PIL, giving me two and a half off from the children.

Anyway, I picked everything from my garden today because weather bug is calling for frost tonight. I even cut all the corns and tied them in the bunch to display out side my front door (with young corns in them). Then DH came home and told me that they removed the frost warning. I wanted those corn to matured, now because I act accordingly to the weather report, I'm not going to taste any of those weird corns anymore. Got the rest of my string/yard/long/asparagus beans, all of the bell peppers and the gourds too. All was left are the weeds that never stop growing and never affected by cold nights. It doesn't matter how much I pull them out they keep coming back.

Now, all I have to do is wait for those vegetables remains to dry, then we can mix the soil to get it ready for next year.


Lazy Weekend

We end up staying home the whole weekend. DH has a cold and it's bothering him all weekend. Plus it was very cold out. Our plans to go apple picking did not happened.

There is always next week. I will leave you with my parents & DC's old picture when we went apple picking a few years back.

Pardon the quality, this was taken with my camera phone.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

What is Going on With PR

My PR is back to PR2 as of today. Then my other two dot come blog lost their PR. What is going on here? They change their mind too much. But the good thing is my cooking blog retain it's PR3.

Well, I don't know anymore. This is more weird than what I post below. :)


Have You Notice...

Remember my post "I may be homeschooling earlier than I thought", I mention that we will be under martial law by October 1st. You will not hear it from any TV station or radio station because they are privately own. And regulated by our government or the rich people of this country.

Anyway lets get back to my title. Have you notice any weird looking convoy of vehicles in your highway? Watch out for it, I know they are around. On October 1st I went out to picked up my kids medical papers from the doctors office and I saw this weird convoy.

White SUV with an official or government license plate in the very front. The driver is wearing black uniform looks like the swat uniforms. Second vehicle is a HD (heavy duty) truck hauling something and also have the official license plate and same uniform. The 3rd and 4th vehicles looks like the swat vehicles. There is no SWAT written on them but they are black in color, close to look of those trucks who delivers money to banks and financial institutions. Then last one is car looks like police vehicle, un-marked with official license plate. All of them has the same official license plate.

The vehicles looks like this one but smaller.

Then this morning my DH friend who live 5 minutes away from us, called my DH and told him that she saw some weird convoy of vehicles just now. They are all black SUV's with official license plates. Now, we both saw these convoy at Route 33. I would say that there is really something going on. My gut feeling is telling me that this is not good at all. If you know what I know you will feel the same way. But if you are still sleeping and still think that our government will not harm it's own citizens you are mistaken. It's like saying that the parents will never harm their own children are mistaken too. You hear a lot of these people going to jail because they did just that. And no one is related to our government, so they can easily harm anyone in my opinion.

Here is the link to what is the US military is doing now. And here is the pdf link about the concentration camps that the military build for people like me (who knows a lot about politicians wrong doing, the rich people wrong doing and such). They build these civilian jails; and why do they need to build a civilian jails? We have jails all over the country for civilians. Because this is where they put people who knows a lot about what is the government is doing now. The so called "terrorist among the US citizens". Isn't it great! NOT.

Just a heads up for every one who live in the USA. Sorry I don't have a picture of what I am talking about. I was going fast and there are other drivers behind me. Not to mention I could not access my camera phone that fast. I'll make sure next time to have my regular camera with me at all times.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Praning's Shoutout Celebration

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    We are planning on going apple picking this weekend. I'm pretty sure our kids will love to do that. Hoping for a nice weekend because I wanted to clean up my vegetable garden too. I harvested one of my gourd yesterday since I have a few fruits. I thought I will never a chance to taste it this year. They grow like a weed in my opinion. One day they are as little as my finger and next thing I know they are ready to be pick.

    So, what's your plan this weekend?


    Thursday, October 2, 2008

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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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