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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Super Late


Just a quick update on what I been doing/done. In 2018 my family was so busy looking for a place in Idaho and we finally moved there in the fall of 2019, while still owning the big money-pit house in PA. I was a resident of Idaho until July of 2023. Our plan did not happened because of what the government did in early 2020. 

DH don't want us separated that long so we only used the house in winter, which we found out very hard because midwest states and NPW states get their snow earlier than PA. It was hard driving when the road/highway was covered with snow and hardly plowed.

We decided to sell the house after four years. The fourth year we didn't even bother driving there because of financial reason in winter. We waited until summer and empty the house (took most of the furnitures we can fit on a tow trailer) and list it for sale. Within ten days we got an offer that is feasible and in August we closed on it. 

Now we are busy looking for a tiny property in West Virginia to buy from the sale of the Idaho house. Then hopefully we can sell the PA money-pit house and get our forever house in West Virginia. Yes, no Florida plan right now. Love to move to Tennessee but DH is not too keen about it. I think it is warmer than West Virginia and the mountains is not that crazy but no. 

There are a lot more but that it's for now. 


Friday, March 23, 2018

Welcome Us to Snowbird Community

It only taken us one vacation to Florida to finally decide to become one of the snowbirds. Children are learning at home and we can go anywhere and they can still do their learning, and DH have no work in winter months. Don't get me wrong, we love the changing season but since we can't do anything on the snow but slide, skis, plow & snow, snow mobile etc., it gets old after awhile. My family needed a change, and this is it.

We are in the process of buying a camper, because RV can't get to the land we bought down in Florida. There is no road, and needed a 4x4 to make to the area. And since we can't get there with just 2 wheel drive, we also must buy some toys (ATV & such) to get our children occupy the whole 2 & half to 3 months stay there. We also needed a generator to keep our food last longer. There is no power or phone lines either. We will be off the grid the whole time. However, we do have unlimited data (internet) on our cell phones and we can still watch Netflix and check emails.

Yes, this is going to be costly but it will be the same if we bought a house and lot. No one will occupy the said house on the majority of months we are not there. At least with a camper, we can tow it back to our house and use it if we decide to go on summer vacation somewhere in the north part of the country.

In July we are going down there to canvass on where to put our septic and well. Our camper can only hold so much of anything so, we still need those amenities. I grew up off the grid, I don't know how my family will handled this new adventure we are going to do. My idea is, if for any reason that we are not happy, that we are more stress about the whole thing, we can always go home to our snow bound first home. Trials and errors.

I think this will do some good to our children to travel, and stay away from what they are used to. Make new friends and learn new things. Well, DH and I are hoping.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Florida Vacation

The flattest state I have been to. 😀😄 Being born in Asia I grave for warm weather. And Florida is the best for it. Love most about Florida except the hot weather in the summer & flat land. I'll keep the northeast temperature and the changing season but I am not very fond of winter. It is tolerable but not fun.

A little alligator we found while hiking (😀😁😄 if you call hiking equals walking on flat ground) @ St. Sebastian Reservation Park.

My family watching manatees takes breath. Couldn't take any pictures because they take a breather so fast.

Went to Vero Beach for the farmers market. I saw a vendor online selling young fresh (when I say fresh meaning still green, no plastic wraps around it fresh) coconuts. However, that vendor was not present that Saturday when we visit.

And the coconuts, I am so crazy about these things. Hoping to buy a lot down there and I can grow a few of these miracle coconuts. Along with guavas, bananas, dragon fruits, asian mangoes, jackfruits, sugarcanes, etc.


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