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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Verdict Received

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The justice system of the good old United States of America. We didn't actually went to trial about what happened to my MIL, but closed enough. Being investigated by a social worker is not a good feeling. They will question and look at you that you should be in jail by now. I can't believe teachers actually teach people to become heartless and bureaucrat.

At the same time they are telling you everything is fine in the way that you are at fault. How this people sleep at night? All I can say is "karma is a bitch." It will get you soon or later, but it will get you. And I am hoping that it is ten-folds.

Like I mentioned with my previous post about this incident, we (DH & I) were found "not guilty" of a bold accusations of neglect. So I told DH, "our turn and sue the bitches." With the answer, "we can't, they are doing their job." The regulations does not permit the tattle-tale/rs to get sued. WHOA! When they become above the law?

America at its best, ^^^ right there.


Wordless/Wordfull Wednesday

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Perfect Wife For You (part 2)

"Right is right, even if nobody does it.
Wrong is wrong, even though everyone is doing it."

Just like common law, or the law of gravity. Right is right and not even the high almighty can change it, and goes the same with wrong.

Example: My MIL have dementia, I asked her one time why she put a crumbled paper on top of her breakfast. She said, " I like it that way, it's the way it is." Who liked a crumbled paper on top of their food? With the right mind no one does, you are still eating it and you are not a goat. And NO it's not the way it is, it's totally wrong.

Lust is not the best way to get married (very wrong). You lose your interest over time. Beauty is the same, it fades away plus when you get used to looking at a pretty face, what else left, the person you didn't like. Yes, our eyes deceived us all the time. Like the song said, "look in my eyes, where the demons hide."

Marrying a Filipina doesn't mean you will find someone like me. There are many factors to consider here. Did she came from the province and not the city and vice versa? Did her parents came from conservative or liberal family? Was she taught the old ways, no ways, everyone ways of life? Does she know how to do house works? Will she be doing things the correct way, or simply doing things because she have to?

I can say that 90 percent of people I went to school with turned out to be a liberal. How the heck did I survive ten years of school with them. (It was ten when I was in school.) I can hear and see what they are doing now and I can surely say they are liberal. They accept changes like changing clothes everyday.

You can't base spending the rest of your life with someone you only slept once. Or seeing their attitude in a good day. Be a detective, watch how they react about life, about strangers, about driving, about children. In short, watch their reaction about everything. If you like what you see, then she is the one. If you don't, then it's time to move to the next one.

If you are really in-love, then make some rules that both of you can follow. DH and I have our own rules. I can't tell you what to put in your rules, make it up as you go along. Just make sure you follow  it through.


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