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Saturday, December 22, 2012

When They Come, They Pour

Storm came & gone. PIL came and left and back again. (That was planned) Dementia with MIL got to me and I never recover until recently. Now my kidney stones are in haywire. Not to mention UTI along with it and surprised me while away from home for a doctors appointment and I came home very sick.

My body gave up on me. I am on anti-biotics right now. I have to take it for a week. FIL gave me an authorization to use his card, my own card so that it will be easy for me to buy them food, medicines or anything for that matter without being question on whose card is it I am using. The infection got me down for a day and I am still weak until today.

I am drinking a lot of fresh squeeze lemon juice. They are much better than bottled ones. My body is achy and going to the bathroom comes easier today than yesterday and the day before. Whew! Like the title says...


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MIL is With Us, FIL is Stress Out

FIL was doing very well while staying with us for 3 weeks without MIL. Now that she is back in our house, FIL look very stress. Hospice & nurses come and goes from our house now. DH told me, that he like it better if his mother goes to a home, because she is giving his father too much stress and he thinks his father will go first even though his mother have cancer & alzheimer.

FIL car got a crack on the side because my new neighbor's friend back up on it hard. She said no scratch but when I check, yes she was right, however there is crack.

DH and I rented a dumpster. Yap, every little toys goes.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She is Found

MIL was found however, drug down. She can't hardly speak and she mumbles most of her words. The center told us that she doesn't know how to do anything for herself. Well! kidding. If you are drug down, what else can you do but sit there.

FIL is stress because he cannot find out when will she be able to get of that place. And if there is any drug to keep her calm but not like a over cook vegetables. The place gave him a rough amount on how much it will cost to put her in a senior home with Alzheimer, and FIL got more stress.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Missing MIL

Yes, you read it right. Like I mentioned in my last post, they went home Tuesday morning. She lasted alright that day. I brought my children to their bio-magnetism appointment on Thursday and the doctors' office is only ten minutes from their house. I called up FIL and asked if they are up for some company and he was more glad to see us.

We met up at a fast food restaurant and MIL was cheery and glad also for seeing them. FIL and I went up to the counter and order some food for the children. He mentioned that MIL act-up on Wednesday, one day after they came home. He said, she went for a walk outside on their 25 acres wood and came back to the house asking who he was and why is he in her house.

To make the story short, he end up calling the police because she was hysterical and wants FIL to get out of the house. He said, the neighbors got drag in too, maybe because MIL ran there for help. I did not ask to elaborate. I know that the situation is already too much for him. She end up staying in the hospital overnight and FIL picked her up the next day.

Well, around four pm the next day, the same day when the children and I visited them, she acted-up again. FIL did the same thing, however this one was different. Friday morning when FIL wanted to pick her up, the hospital did not say where she was and refuses to speak to FIL. However, I bet they gave him the bill from the night before. If the hospital did that to me I will let them sit on that stupid bill. Telling them off. Hey! "I want my wife, since you cannot tell me anything, that is not my bill." "No wife, NO bill, NO payment!" Yes, as far as I know the STATE kidnap my MIL and drug her up to move somewhere else.

She have Alzheimer and can never decide for herself. They took her without authorization from FIL and herself. They will be getting a summon from us. FIL thinks they sent her to the looney bin somewhere in the area. However, he called-up the place and they refuses to speak to him too. I can smell a really nice lawsuit for both of these places. DH is more knowledgeable now than before about the system and oh boy, they don't want to mess with him. They will feel his furry.

I feel so bad for my FIL. He sounded very worry over the phone. I hope he feel a little better today after a night of sleep, if he ever sleeps. Geez, DH and I should never let them go home. We are somewhat responsible for not insisting enough.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And the Name Calling Began

Well, what a lovely morning. DH told me that he told his mother the rundown of her family, and she got it for that moment. Then she told DH, that the man with her in the bedroom is gay. That’s was then when I saw DH downstairs and telling me all about his morning. He said when he heard about it, he change the subject and ask his mother if she wanted to watch TV. He said he doesn’t want to know why she said that.

What goes into DH head was, his mother was trying some kind of sexual move and his father has nothing to do with her. Yea, a sons mind about his parents’ sexual life.

Anyway, when his father woke up he sat down with us on the table while drinking coffee. Conversations with his mother got foggier. She does not recognize the man sitting in front of her is her husband. And every time the conversation comes to his father, her mother will say, “shhh,” let’s not talk about that. It sounded like she doesn’t want her talking about her husband in front this strange man. I think in her mind her husband died and she is with a new man. And this new man doesn’t want to hear about her dead husband. Ah-ya-yay!

DH went to work and they started packing their car. The power at their house is back and being a nice FIL, he wants to gt out of our house right away. She went outside once and brought two bags. When she got back she made a comment that she haven't seen her husband and she thinks he is already dead. I pointed to her husband and said right there, that is Jr. your husband. FIL nod and said right here is your husband, raising his hand. She answered with a question, are you sure? I know what my husband look like. And what is your husband look like, I asked. She said, like Jr. Then I pointed at her husband again.

Then FIL said, STOP and I stop acknowledging what she was saying. I felt so bad for my FIL. He went to the bathroom and I told MIL what do you want me to say. She said, tell me the truth. Well, maybe the truth in her mind, not in everyone's mind. I told her I'm done talking and do not ask me again if you don't believe me and I left the room.

I can't believe it. She called me a liar. Not the exact word but just the same. I cannot imagine Alzheimer sufferer can be so cruel. I like the movie the "50 First Dates" better than what we are going through with my MIL.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh My!

I don't even remember if I was inside the house yesterday when FIL called out that they (his wife) are going to the emergency room. Children told me that I was in the shower when he said goodbye. I did not find out until my Alzheimer MIL told DH (her son but she never acknowledge it) that she choked over bacon and egg while eating in their bedroom yesterday.

They went out to eat brunch with SIL. I was surprised that they got back too fast and she brought her food with her. I was so tired and took a nap when they got home. Almost asleep I heard FIL and MIL arguing about grocery store ads. FIL asking if she have a Giant ad, she came back with, "what you need it for?" FIL said, "I wanted to see it." It turns out she don't even have one. Then I think I snooze off.

I was awaken by my two children arguing about monopoly trades they made. DD wants to take it back and his younger brother kept on insisting no. Well, the game stopped there because DD don't want to take her turn and everyone quit at that point.

Then I went outside to cook dried squids over hot oil. I decided not to cook any of them inside my house anymore and since it was a nice day yesterday. I did not came back in until I was done. I should them to DD and she wasn't mad about the game anymore and asked me for some. FIL and MIL wasn't sitting on the table anymore, I thought they moved to their bedroom. Then I proceeded to take a shower. I still don't know if my in laws are home or not at this point.

Showered done and I ate some pieces of the squid. Children wanted to go out so I got ready to go outside. I noticed that my FIL car is not park on the street. I asked the children and DD told me they left, I ask what for but she didn't know.

Well, the children played outside and I started collecting sticks from the storm we got a few weeks back (Sandy). They asked me if we can light it up again like what we did on Sunday afternoon. We watched and played around the fire and PIL got home. I did not come in right away to the house because I don't want to leave outside with the fire. Anyway, after the fire die down I came in made a comment to my FIL that I didn't even knew they left until I asked the children. He said, they had to live in the hurry, and I didn't think any of it.

Then DH came home and asked his mother how she is doing and she told the story. Yea, for having Alzheimer she remember about it. I told DH I didn't even know about it. Anyway, I think she have a selective She want to remember what she like and those bad and not important to her she like to forget...:)).

That is not important. I just like to make fun of her and DH agree with me. I also mention to DH to watch the way she eats. She stuff her mouth with food and tried swallowing everything she have in it. I think that is why she almost choke. Plus, she never drink anything but coffee. If there is not coffee she tried to swallow everything without drinking. DH also mention that if she was choking, he doesn't think she was able to speak and told his father to drive to the emergency room. And just the way she is, she rather pay thousands to the people of the emergency room to give water, rather than ask....yes, ASK people in my house for water for free. She probably shove so much food in and the food kinda stuck in her esophagus. And being old, she thinks she is choking. Good thing she did not blame her husband or the man with her (the way she puts it) for doing it to her. She would come up with many excuses just like the way she is with the remote control. I didn't do it (when she goes up too high with the channels and getting no pictures), however she is the only one holding the remote. I know, patience and take the remote from her and change the channel myself. Well, at least I have something to write, right? hahahaha.

Happy Monday everyone. Time to go out and take my 11 yo DS to his speech lesson.   


Saturday, November 10, 2012

As the Conversation Goes

While sitting on our dining table eating breakfast together (DH & I), I cannot help myself to make a comment about my FIL. I told DH that we better not sit in front of each other like his parents when we get old. Then he said, yup, waiting for the grimm reaper. I told him that maybe he should build me a tiny green house out back before we get old. His answer was, I will also build a pit stop between our house and the green house to have coffee before continuing.

I almost choke myself laughing, because I told him that his parents was alwasy out of breath walking from our drive way to the house. Now his idea of putting a pit stop between the house and the green house is very funny. Maybe he should build one for his parents between the driveway and the front door...hahahahaha...

I better not...we better not get old that way. It is very sad to look at. My parents at mid 70's or early 80's, and they can out walk both DH and I. They are still very active, and they both know their bodies limitations. They cannot left anything heavy, and tried not to climb anything. I still wish I can still see them before they get weak and pass on. The last time I saw them was 2006 or 2007.

I think even going up and down on my stairs will help me stay healthy. If I do it for 30 minutes once a day. Stepping on fast phase then I can jog it too. We have 12 steps not counting 3 sets of stoops. One on the very top, one at the middle and one at the very bottom. I think it would be a great help for my breathing.

How about you? How do you see yourself in the future?


Sunday, November 4, 2012

DH Family Staying with Us

Well, only my PIL because they are old and always take forever before the electric people get to their street. DH nephew only comes when his not working or DH kept on hinting about his parents, and I kept on telling him they can move in anytime they want. Besides they hardly eat and our children loves them.

MIL is developing Alzheimer pretty fast, and when they got to our house on Thursday (yes, they stayed on their house for two days without electricity because MIL don't want to leave) they are both look very tired and she was disoriented. After resting a bit on a chair, FIL went back outside to his car to start bringing their stuff in...e.i. blankets, pillows, clothes. MIL came to me in the kitchen ( i was cooking "bibingka" (a filipino delicacy) and ask me, "where is Jr, and who is this man with me." I told her Jr. is getting stuff outside and he will be right back. That the man with her is Jr.

She hugged me saying, "oh thank goodness, I thought I am with two man." And started crying. Then the whole time they were awake, she didn't recognize Jr, as the one who drove her in our house. She kept on referring to my FIL as my friend. She also refer to someone who bought her food, and she thinks he is very nice to do so. In her mind she is dealing with at least four men.

On the next day, she kept on bothering FIL if they go home. FIL only ignore her because most of what she was saying does not make any sense. Finally, after the second day, she was much easier to talk to. She can remember almost everything that is going on, except she doesn't ask about going home anymore. Which is good in my opinion. Her Alzheimer focus on her own house, and she only know our house now.

I think they should move in with us permanently. It did a lot of good for her and FIL does not look very tired and irritated. Plus, we have the space for them because DS's like to sleep in the same bedroom. They have a bunk bed and all three sleeps in the same bed...too funny. BTW, she was diagnose with a few months to live. So, at least my FIL will not be alone dealing with her.     


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are Doing Fine

The wind started around eight in the evening last night. After ten it started to slow down and the wind was not howling loudly on our window sill anymore. Our electric flickered all night long and second ODS came in and said, "the wind is loud." It did not bother him before

DH friend who live three minutes away from us did not have electricity this morning. Along with SIL who live thirty minutes away from us on the next town. All I can say is thank you to our creator for taking take of my family. We still have rain.

The pictures are taken this morning, this is next to our driveway. That's our neighbors pine trees, our land is very wet and the wind helped to bring it down. We are lucky that the trees did not fell towards our driveway. Our vehicles was park right where they should land if the wind was coming from the other way.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Morning Crowd

I dragged my children out to a store this morning to pick-up a few things for our house and office. We had to go to four places because the first store that we visited don't have what I came out to get. I was very surprised that the parking lot was packed.

I could not figure it out and lucky enough a chatty senior citizen infront of me on the line spoke on how the store was crowded. My family do not watch TV and like I mention a week ago, our internet is gone. Plus, I don't go online to read the regulated news. I read and watch news that is not controlled by the media.

So, anyway, since this was pretty early in the morning I didn't have time to check online. I got the children dresses and out we went. Well, to make the story short, everyone are getting ready for the storm that is supposed to come our way on Tuesday.

They wake-up and come out early when there is a storm. Good grip. The sale of flashlights, batteries, & water will sky rocket. There will be NO bread left by Monday when I decide to go grocery shopping. I couldn't this weekend because DH will be away both days. I guess, I'll just have to make some at home, considering that the power will not go off because of the storm. I will have to put water in some containers for flushing the toilets, washing hands, & dishes. Cooking outside with twigs will do if the rain is not heavy. Did you know cooking with wood makes your food taste better? Yes, that's right, try it sometimes.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making the Most of It

Yes, children does not mind at all when we have to share the use of their fathers' unlimited cell phone internet. I like it now because when one of them wanted to watch something, they are all in the same room watching it with everyone. It is a very good feeling, that even though they don't talk I can see them in one place.

I only check my email and FB account once a day. The FB is for my family, making sure they don't need anything in the hurry, plus that is the only way I can connect with the friends back home.

We are having such wet fall season. Rained too much in my opinion last week. We were stock inside playing games though home LAN. I even went on playing EA games I haven't touch in three years. I still beat it with five brutal enemies. I thought I should start with easy or medium but I still remember the tricks.

Doing lots of things inside the house. My kitchen sink is always clean and dishwasher always empty. I can pat myself in the back on how well I am adapting with the whole thing. Please remember, I did not grow-up with such luxury so removing some convenience has little affect on me. I am enjoying each day as a new day. And more time to spend with my whole family. Regards everyone.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Goodbye Cyber World

I will not miss you at all. I can still check my emails when DH gets home from work. I might have to add the skype app on his unlimited internet cell phone to call my parents, but that is doable. If I have good update I will take our laptop in the library and use their wifi there. Other than that, everyone that I know can still email me and will get an answer from me. My family can save more money this way. Oh the reason is because we always goes over our 500GB a month bandwidth allowance. Our children watch too many youtube and movies. Yap, they advertise the online movies but cannot keep on our usage, oh well.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whew! A Month has Gone...Again

I cancelled a few of my EC cards last week, and I tried going back on their website after a few days and the site just kept on loading and nothing. I am glad that they are gone. Another less stress for me trying to drop on those who dropped with mine. (I haven't done it in a year or so, I think) I also stop playing the addictive game of farmville. Geezzz, they added another farm and my online neighbors hardly help anymore, so was that. I did not say goodbye to anyone (like they care anyway) just in case I still have an itch to play when my family is not bothering

I can nap most days now. This napping schedule is scaring me because I might get bigger than I am now. I'll try very hard not to eat too much before the nap, hoping that will stop the weight I have been reading gardening/planting/allotments/farms for my personal gain. With an acre lot, I know we can plant more than what we are doing now. Its a dream of mine to have most of what we need planted/save/cans/frozen in our cupboard. I have so much to learn and with DH helped it seems easier.

Learning at home lessons with my children is doing well. Our schedule is set on what we will everyday. Even if we can't do any lessons from the books, I always try to teach them some household chores that a regular person should learn. And those are also added on days lessons. The weekends are also counted if we do some instructional learning.

As long as the government does not knock on our door and question the way I educate and brought-up my children, I am a happy flesh and blood.

Oh have you notice that this blog has a PR 2? It does not matter to me anymore. I don't need the PR because I don't participate to pay post because I have to cut Uncle Sam part of the earnings. I rather work under the table. They can't have any part of my hard work anymore...enough is enough. They should work themselves.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Just An Update

Another month came and gone. September is here and colder temperature is in the A friend of mine is suppose to come next Wednesday from California. I still don't have any idea why she is leaving her long time partner of six years. If she is really leaving him, she better tell him before she leave, because I don't want to be in the middle of it all.

A month and a half going away at the other side of the country does not look so good to me. Hopefully she does not have someone waiting here in my area for her to try out for a month in a half. That is simply absurd. If I'm the man, there is no second chances. No way I will be one of the choices. I want to be the only one. I have to wait and see what this hoopla is all about when she gets here.

On another note, this is the beginning of my thirteen years with DH. SIL mentioned that thirteen is bad luck, well I hope not. With all the work DH and I put in this marriage, thirteen can be just another number to make it to another thirteen or more years together.

My neighbor got back three weeks ago. I was a little surprised when she hardly come out of her house. I can see the children playing outside but that's all. Well, I found out that she did called me from across the road. However she wasn't mad about it. And the reason I cannot find her outside her house was because she lost her father while she was visiting them. So, everything is well with her.

My friend from grade school that I mentioned a while back who work for a lesbian couple in HongKong turned out she likes both sexes. Whoa! What a news to dropped on me when we had spoken about whom we liked when we still live in the same town. She was with the girl before marrying a man. Now she is back with that same girl twenty years later. Well, good luck with that I said. She have three children from that marriage.  Geez, what is going on with people.

Our learning at home with my own curriculum is doing pretty well. This is our third week and I am using a days count not hours counts to report to PDE, which I think 180 days to complete the school year. We completed 10 days so far, so we have 170 days left...woohoo!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Month with No Post

Yup, just typical of me. So, much to do around the house and earning from blogging is not as fun like before. In addition to that, most adverts these days are questionable to me. I only belong to one blogging company.

I will also be deleting some of my blog and maybe only use one from now on. They are way spread out for post that are months

I will be teaching my children at home with the curriculum I picked, a mix and match of what I prefer. A lot of weeding in our garden, I will have to integrate the weeding along with my children science class at the beginning of their studies this year. They need to learn it as part of self sufficient home owners. They cannot rely from the grocery stores.

Next weekend will be DH and I birthdays and anniversary. Thirteen year married and fourteen being together. Yes, time fly very fast.

Just this morning, I asked him how was his thirteen years being married to me. He said, "it's getting better every year." I sure hope so, with all the hard work we put on it, it should get better. If it doesn't, the hard work is not hard enough in my We only wish we live this life in another time, when this country is not corrupt and not run by those who got money and police force...sigh.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What A Life

DH one friend is back together again with his divorce, off, on, strange wife. Wow! that was a

Here is the history: They got married on a civil service. Three months later they got divorce. While divorce they still seeing each other and sleeping together, she got pregnant. They are still divorce and not living in the same house. Second child was conceived and born and a few months old, they decided to get married again, inviting all the people they knew, a church wedding.

After the wedding, they separated again. She then got pregnant for the third time. Well, that is the story of their life. On and off, I can't even remember how many times anymore.

Around Christmas last year, we were invited to spent the Christmas eve by the husband (DH friend) because he was in the impression that the close friends and family are invited. A day later he called back saying it was cancelled because he read his wife wrong. Husband moved out until March this year.

During the separation period, wife gave her cell phone (android) back to the husband. Husband did not need two cell phones. He said it is too much to pay. We talk him out to keeping it for a little while (because they always get back together) but he seemed his mind was made up. The phone was grandfather in for unlimited internet for $30 a month, plus taxes.

Ours family plan don't have internet not even text. Plus, we have plenty of cell phones to go around. Our children don't need one, because I teach them at home and always with me. The grandfather-in internet got to us and we took over the payment and we also put it in to our account.

For five months, DH uses his own cell plus the android. In the middle of June I dropped my number and took DH number. And yes for one month, we paid over $200 because of the insurance for the android. I dropped the insurance on the second month and paid $172 a month for four months.

I can't wait to see the next billing because we are back to four cell. One goes to my FIL, one to my eldest son, and each for DH and I. The one that FIL uses was used as a home cell for us. But since we don't ask our nieces and SIL to watch the children (we take them with us everywhere now) there is no need to have a cell in the house. Plus, FIL goes on vacation a lot driving, at least when something uneventful  happens, he has a cell to call someone.

Ok, let's get back to my story...whew! After a month, DH friend kinda hinted that he wants the android back. However, DH refused because he already bought a work headphone that attach as Bluetooth. He can listen to MP3 and accept phone calls.

DH friend had no choice but to get an additional phone for his strange wife, that is not grandfather-in for $30 a month. Yes, they are back together AGAIN. The wife mentioned that they are doing family counseling. If you ask me, she is the one needed it most. Have you read my post about how the husband always on the move. Yup, this man can't even have a nice conversation to anyone. Every time the conversation gets interesting, the wife will call him to do something.

Mind you they have money and can afford a cleaning lady and babysitter. Ah life, you get what you bargain for...I


Monday, June 11, 2012

Tried to Say Goodbye

My neighbor told me before the local public school close for summer vacation that they are going away for the whole summer. I thought they have gone right away when the school close. Anyway, to make the story they didn't. I just don't see them often enough.

Last week, my children (yes I always call them children, not "kid" because I am not a goat) and I started walking before lunch time. And today somehow our garbage are still on the curb. So, I went inside to grab some more garbage because our second can is not full.

I tried opening the door and it was locked. My third child just got out and asked him if he lock the door. He told me that his big brother locked it because he don't want to go for a walk. Well, you know what's next right? I knock on the door while scolding my older son. He finally open it and I went inside to grab some old toys to throw away.

Before walking outside I scolded him again. By the time I got out all I can see from my neighbor was the back of their mini-van driving away. Then I proceeded on putting the old/broken toys to the garbage.

While walking and recollecting what went on, I remember hearing voices behind me while trying to get my son to unlock the door. I was thinking, "hmmm, were they trying to get my attention from across the street to say goodbye. I didn't even try to look back to what was it all about. I hope they don't think that I am trying to ignore them. I don't mind if they think I'm deaf. I just don't want them to think that I am a stuck-up and never bother waving to anyone.

Oh geez, I guess I will find out when they get back. The story of my life...:(


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Neighbor

For the life of me I can't remember when exactly they moved in across the street. The house was bought by someone, they fixed it and before winter 2011 it was finish. The sign on the front yard was still standing until they moved in. So, I'm not really sure when they bought it.

Anyway, their children started playing with ours, and DH went over there to introduce the children and to say "welcome to the neighborhood." I wasn't around when he did. Months later the lady of the house caught me outside yelling at my So, we been talking since then.

She gave me wheat salad, which I think I had to sprinkle some lemon before eating...I think. Well, actually I didn't do so and I didn't like it. I also asked her to teach me how to make yogurt. Hopefully she can teach me before she goes on vacation for the whole summer. I would love to go on vacation for two months, who doesn't...hah!

That's all for today. Too much rain here and it's making the ground around the house too wet and too muddy. And my seeds are not growing. I think they drowned a long time ago...ugh!


Friday, April 20, 2012


Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

I upgraded our television package at satellite tv recently. I’m glad that I did because we got to watch the Oscars last week on the flat screen in HD quality. Of course, my favorite part of the Oscars are all of the beautiful gowns and celebrities. My husband really hates this part, but I look forward to watching the red carpet every year. This year, Angelina’s legs were quite the scandal. Of course she looked beautiful, as always, but her signature dress (the mile long leg cut) wasn’t the focal point this year. She stood all night with her leg perched outside of the cut on the front of the dress. Now, it has almost become as big of a joke as Tebowing has. The news stations have put Angie’s leg on everything from the Statue of Liberty to a picture of Al Roker. I’m sure that it is going to be a joke for quite a long time. Angie doesn’t seem to care though, her leg definitely outshined Jennifer Lopez’s scandalous dress!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hand Made

Handmade table & chairs by my Dad. He hire someone to do the wood curving for him. The pictures are taken at his shop at home.

Yes they are for sale. Actually, they are made to order. However, you cannot buy them here in US. It will be very expensive to ship them here.

This is one of his finish product. I wish I can send him another two way tickets to make one for me here. They are real wood and very heavy.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday

I was going to title this as "Wordless Wednesday" but I have too much to say about the whole process. Firstly, this is the second session for my two children. This time, the doctor wanted to do a detox to flush whatever bad bacteria they have inside and take pro-biotic after flushing the bad ones, if there are any.

biomagnetic therapyHowever, all of the pills they needed to take are tablets, capsules and powder. The powder is Vitamin C, and the other two are not. On the first day, I tried it with DS, but he vomit when he can't shallow the tablet as big as my pinky. Today, I tried it with DD, mixed in with apple sauce and I powdered the tablet, nope, she didn't even shallow the damn mixture. I called DH at work telling him my delima but, he doesn't have any suggestion for me.

biomagnetic therapy I think we are not going to do the detox the way this is going. I can't start again next week because they need to attend a testing outside our house. I AM SO STRESSED OUT, I WILL NOT BE SURPRISE IF I DROP WITH HEART ATTACK TODAY...ugh!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

I absolutely love my new job! My boss is fabulous in that he tells me exactly what he wants me to do and how. At my old company, I never was really even told what to do, it was just expected of me, and then the boss would get pissed if I didn’t read his mind. Not here, though. The boss is so straight forward. He’s all, “I need you to go to and get a contact phone number, call them up, and ask when our bill is due. See if you can work out an automatic payment system.” I’m like, THANK YOU. I’m used to “why haven’t you gotten an automatic payment system set up?” Meanwhile, I’ve never even heard a thing about doing that. I am a good employee. I work hard and do what is expected of me, but that is just it; I have to know what is expected of me. To me, this seems like an obvious thing a boss should know regarding having an assistant, but apparently not all do.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

During a therapy session...what is it?...make a guess...:)

biomagnetic theraphy


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's Always a First Time

Don't you agree? Well, I have my very first second hand racist comment this morning. I have been in this country for twenty-one years and I never encounter or heard anyone make a comment on where I came from. Wow, it was a shocker!

I posted about a Rabbi teaching my family about Torah, and he wasn't bother that DH and I came from different race. Unless he does, but since he was starting from nothing (again) in his congregation, he was willing to take anyone who can pay the ten percent of their income.

It is sad that a lot of people will do almost everything for money.

Anyway, this person is religious. And have his own interpretation of the bible.

Lev 19:19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee. I am not religious, I am spiritual and I do not see this rule pertain to human or people. Do you?

His interpretation of above; human, seeds, livestock, etc. any living things on this Earth. However, he does not have any problem with....Lev 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. In my opinion, he nick-pick on things he wants to believe, and not even notice any other.

Does he think he is exempted from the CREATOR judgement because he is religious? Does he think its alright to say racist remarks because he is religious? I heard a lot about open minded people but not close minded people. THIS LIFE OF MINE.


Friday, February 17, 2012

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

What a nice afternoon we are having. Clear sky and no sign of CHEM trail. Life is good...:))

Have a great weekend everyone. Days getting longer and temperature warmer, plus I need to spin some wool tonight, wanted to finish it so that we can return the spinning wheel to DH friend, whom kept on bugging us about it.
ETA: Wool spinning did not work, I need to comb it first.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Son

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

Finally tore my son away from Direct tv to get him to rake the leaves outside. He's not a lazy kid, by any means. He just loves his tv! I love this time of year with the brisk mornings and changing colors but wouldn't mind f the the leaves would just pile themselves up--or the gutters just clear themselves out! LOL. I told my son that he'd be able to get his own TV in his room if he brought home Honor Roll both semesters this year. Good kid! I better start saving up! Anyone have any good suggestions for a good tv?! Thank goodness I already have a great tv package!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spinning Wheel

DH friend, the one whom he felt portrayed awhile back is letting me borrow a spinning wheel and he even bought some wool to give me. I am thinking that he is buttering DH for what happened last Remember I said DH acting like he lost a girlfriend when he found out he lies to him.

Anyway, I have to learn how to spin wool. I don't even know if those wool are already clean. He went to west Pennsylvania to do some business and he stop to a place that sells raw maple syrup. DH said that he also found some wool there, I guess the place is a farm.

I guess I will find out this Friday what the condition of those wool. I already watch a video on how to clean it, but I don't know what to used to strengthen them to get it ready to spin into thread. I have plenty of searching and reading to do ahead of me.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

YDS can Snap

It started three days ago when DH ran to our classroom snapping his finger/hand. YDS asked how to do it and he has been practicing since then and he is way better than me now. Ok, I know some of your children started doing it when they are two years old, do you see me caring?

Anyway, now he is walking around the house teaching his older siblings on how to do it. I can't believe that my youngest child can do it. He must feel proud because he knows something that his older siblings can't do. Oh, and he can do it, on both hands. I have to make a video as soon as my camera stop having temper tantrum.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Into a Routine

Making things for our own use, that is. I have done crochet when I was in grade school, and I finally pick-up some yarn and needle this weekend. It was a long pause doing anything by hand. I also started sewing curtains. I need to get use to making things around the house, just in case. I wish I can find a manual sewing machine. It would be very useful when I can't afford to pay my electric bill. I will not be able to do any fancy decoration but it will definitely do the job of making clothing for the whole family. I was always on the look out for fabric sales. But somehow always missed, plus I am not to kin to buy fabric online. I like to feel and see them in person.
Above is my very first scarf. And yes, that is my daughter wearing her mom's scarf proudly. I think I will be doing some legs and hands warmer too. I only use alternating single and double stitching with it. I added a single stitch on the side with different color yarn, it help to strengthen the scarf and cover some uneven (I didn't bother counting on how many stitch to put in each row, big mistake lol) area. I am pretty proud, because it looks good enough to wear around. And yes, I use the whole ball of yarn for this one and started crocheting on Friday on my spare time. I think if I had all day, I could have finish it in a day. Bear in mind, I'm only a beginner.

I'm going back to my local store to get more yarn and fabric soon. I need to practice making clothes from now on. I think it would be easy making clothes for my daughter and I. However I have a feeling making pants will be a challenge, I never done pants with pockets before. Like they say, "practice makes perfect."


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

People are Imbecile

Yes, pardon my french (not) but they do. Everyone knew Craigslist is a free column. They use to have FREE section including pets. The same website we always to give our kittens away. I know a lot of people loves kittens and we don't want to spend money to give away FREE kittens. And NO, we don't spent anything for their medical either. They are FREE, if the adoptee (what ever they are called) wanted medical stuff done with those kittens it's up to them.

These days you need to place a free ad under your community (which I did), and since I am giving away FREE kittens I posted it under pet and in capital letters FREE. After 20 minutes of my ad running, someone flagged it. I got the email, but the best thing free ad, they don't tell you why it was flagged. I went to the forum and asked. Well, they told me that I did not include the following: vaccination and ages. Mind you the phone number is clearly written.

And on top of all, after 5 minutes of seeing the ad, I got a call and they wanted two of the three I posted. So, people are too lazy to call or email to ask questions, but very productive on flagging ad that does not suit them.

Same exact problem with government. Oh, do you remember about the story of the rock in the middle of the road? No one ever step up to remove it, but each one blame others for having it in the middle of the road. If it does not bother you, leave it alone. When it does, well, something about it yourself. Do not blame anyone. Asked questions, do not ask someone to asked questions for you. RED TAPE, i hate RED TAPE. Things you wanted is already on your reach, but since it's not your job, you will never left a nail to get it. geezzz!!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

More kittens, they were born on December 3rd. They haven't really eat much yet. Maybe next week they will start. Then I can list them at Craigslist after five days of eating dry food well. Yes, they are free. All you have to do is pick them up. I even give some starter kitten dry food to take home with you. And they are already litter train.

How many kittens can you see?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Made a Shade

As part of DD December present I made a window shade for her bedroom. I did this on our vacation. We also painted her bedroom for the very first time. We did not paint it when we moved to this house eight years ago.

I planned on making a light green curtain, but Walmart cut the fabric wrong and I got charge for 3 1/2 yards and I only gotten 2 1/2 yard. Yes, I went back the same day and told my story. They turn around and telling me that I cut 1 yard off it and trying to return with missing piece. For $1.29 a yard, I felt robbed and felt like a low life, lower than red light district women. I HATE WALMART!

Anyway, I did a looped heading and scallop-edge bottom. Now her bedroom is light pink with light purple trimming. The light green curtain would be much nicer but for the feeling that Walmart given, no way. I almost shoved that piece of fabric to the lady at the costumer service. However, I will not lower myself. A great lesson for DD too, because she was with me when I bought it. She saw that I didn't cut any part of it, and the service I get for it. I hope she know to check everything before leaving the store when buying something like it.


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