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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

People are Imbecile

Yes, pardon my french (not) but they do. Everyone knew Craigslist is a free column. They use to have FREE section including pets. The same website we always to give our kittens away. I know a lot of people loves kittens and we don't want to spend money to give away FREE kittens. And NO, we don't spent anything for their medical either. They are FREE, if the adoptee (what ever they are called) wanted medical stuff done with those kittens it's up to them.

These days you need to place a free ad under your community (which I did), and since I am giving away FREE kittens I posted it under pet and in capital letters FREE. After 20 minutes of my ad running, someone flagged it. I got the email, but the best thing free ad, they don't tell you why it was flagged. I went to the forum and asked. Well, they told me that I did not include the following: vaccination and ages. Mind you the phone number is clearly written.

And on top of all, after 5 minutes of seeing the ad, I got a call and they wanted two of the three I posted. So, people are too lazy to call or email to ask questions, but very productive on flagging ad that does not suit them.

Same exact problem with government. Oh, do you remember about the story of the rock in the middle of the road? No one ever step up to remove it, but each one blame others for having it in the middle of the road. If it does not bother you, leave it alone. When it does, well, something about it yourself. Do not blame anyone. Asked questions, do not ask someone to asked questions for you. RED TAPE, i hate RED TAPE. Things you wanted is already on your reach, but since it's not your job, you will never left a nail to get it. geezzz!!!


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