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Monday, December 27, 2010

Going Under

That is how I feel today. It started when I shoveled our walk path this morning. Coffee was cold when I woke up, because DH had to leave early to plow. I could not wait for the coffee to warm up before going outside. I got very cold, even now I am still cold.

It was very windy today too. DC went out twice, I went out with them because I wanted to record them. My latest recording was from 2008, you how I must be out with them. DD was practicing snow boarding. She was getting the hang of it in our little hill. I'm still a little worry for our youngest. I know I let my other four year old out before, I am worry he can't if his cold or not. he he he, I know, when they feel cold they will come in.

Anyway, I ate some hot and spicy noodle soup at dinner. Whew! That was hot! I did not sweat at all, and I'm sure I am still getting sick. I will try some Airborne before I hit the hay. I woke up sore today, then I did not have hot coffee before going out. It keep on adding up...geez, good thing we are off learning until Monday.

Have a very cold with windchill 3° F outside. This morning it was switching to 1 to 3°F. I think that depends on how the wind blows...great cold Monday night to all.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is my chair and our five months old cat favorite place to nap. She is hugging the whole chair and not letting me sit on it. Sometimes I wait until she is sleeping and move her to another chair. However, as soon as she hit the other chair she will wake up and more back to mine again.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Three more days and it is our Christmas vacation. It is shy of two days to become two weeks. I can finally catch-up with folding laundry and putting them in the correct closets. Some of them never left the basket after unloading from the dryer. My first grader is already complaining that his closets and drawings don't have any winter clothes anymore.

I still don't know where the dinner is going to be. DH is not saying anything so, I'm hoping it's going to be a last minute thing, and I don't have to cook. I'm hoping for a snow too, that means we are not going anywhere, and no one is coming. Yes, with my luck, it will happen. More likely not, my luck always goes to the different direction.

I like my husband's family, but I can't stand it when they don't along and end up arguing the whole time they are here. Separate Christmas is more fit for all of them.


Friday, December 17, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I took this around 9:30am today and it looks like it's still night time where I am. Must have something to do with the sunlight and the angle my camera was facing.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to have temperature in the low thirties this weekend...woohoo!...:))


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chatted with the Family

I found out one cousin had a baby last week, and two nieces are half way there. One step niece had one last July. She is my only brother son's soon to be a wife in January. Well, for me, they are already husband and wife when they did the deed. The sacrament of marriage is between the man and woman and the high almighty above. Not about getting the marriage license or whose church is willing to marry them. I can care less if the couple goes into the middle of the field and exchange bows and asks above that, "from this day forwards now on we are husbands and wife."

This will only work if one does not value to look nice in-front of they neighbors, or wearing a white gown walking on the isle of the so called church and people are in awe on how great the bride look or the reception. Then again, I may be the 3% who will not do it, if I've known what I know now.

Ok, let's get back to pregnant and babies above...ha ha ha. I hinted with most of them that I wanted to be one of the godmothers for their child. Well, all of them said yes, and why not, and I am most welcome...ha ha ha. Looks like I am collecting godchildren here.

The one that had her baby girl last week was my first cousin's (she is my godmother) 3rd child. She is not married, but engage to her foreigner, who teaches in my birth country. So, basically they are living together. Please see above to what I must say here. People there talks and put people down when things like this happen. If they love each other, I don't care if they are married or not. As long as they both believe that now, they belong to each other, and one cannot dream of being with someone else.

My two nieces above are both my eldest sisters' daughters. The oldest one had been married for about two years now (I think) and only having her first child. The second one was living with her husband longer than the first, and she is pregnant with their second child. And they are just one month apart. So, my parents will have four grandchildren by next year.

Our family is getting bigger everyday...It would be nice to see a picture of the whole family. There will be forty people in the picture, grandparents, five children plus five (their spouses), seventeen grandchildren plus three spouses, and four great grandchildren...whew! That's a lot. We will need a wide area to get everyone to pose.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will it Kill You

It's winter again and DH is home most of the time, unless it snows that he needed to go out and plow. I know he works very hard to provide for our family, but it would be nice if he can make a meal once a week. I'm only asking for once a week, will it kill him to make or even provide a meal once?

I wish he can think for once...ha ha ha or maybe buy a meal for dinner or lunch, just once. I am not asking every time, did I say once a week. He will probably just laugh at me.

I always cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Monday to Friday my day filled with educating my children, making sure they attend live lessons. On the weekend I go grocery shopping, washing clothes, and making chicken fingers to freeze. That mostly is my 2nd DS meal once a day and whoever wanted some. I make sure I cook enough for a week use for all of them. So, if some of them don't eat any of it, it will last for two weeks. Then I have some free time on the weekend.

We also sometimes join DH on weekend meetings and usually take all day, most it. Wanting not to think on what to feed my children for once, can come in handy. I can focus more on their schedule. I cannot tell you some many times we forgot to join live lessons because I simply forgot to turn on my reminder or simply too busy and lose track of time.

I have 13 more years, to have everyone finish their studies. That is too long. One day at a time.


Monday, December 6, 2010

I Hate the Holidays

Too much rushing and the weather is at the top of my list, why I hate the Holidays. Buying gifts that are not needed for our children, and in addition food gets wasted during the gathering.

I am not for "feed the hunger," and I'm not even that close to it. I grew up in a very practical home, and wasteful living was not the issue. My parents buy what are needed for the family to survive, not "want." There are a big differences between the two. If you can't differentiate, well, grab a dictionary.

DD started to decorate the house over the weekend. She puts everything in one place. I gave her an "A" for the effort, and she keeps bugging us to buy a pine tree for our Christmas tree this year. I rather spend that $30 on something else. However, I live in a society that everyone wanted to outdo everyone else.

I am no better because we made this as tradition for our family. If we (DH and I) started with them the way I was brought up, this will never happen. However, since we already started the whole thing, we might as well continue, or we can stop it right now. I don't have any problem with the second one.

Don't get me wrong, we still give them gifts. We just don't call it Christmas present, simply present or gift because we think they deserve it. Christmas these days is commercialized which defeated the whole purpose on why we celebrate the occasion.

Then again, this is just me. I know plenty will not agree with me. And I'm sure the whole 97% of population will not agree.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Eats

Most people will say change is good, but as for me, it depends what the change is about and for. And in my opinion, change is not all good. I like the old way of doing things when it comes to food. I like them to be "all natural," meaning no fertilizer, no antibiotic, no hormones, and free range. I care about my family and my own health. Furthermore, to tell you the truth I don't buy much food in the grocery store anymore.

I may travel further than usual, but I am sure I'm getting healthier food. They are a bit pricey I know; because they don't compete with commercialize food out there. Do you even know what they put on those things, or how they treat the animals or plants that these commercial growers grow? I don't need to say it one by one. Most Organic Meats can be found everywhere now. However, always be careful with them. Research it online and find out where they came from. Like a lot of people say, "knowledge is power," and very true. My husband is one example, and plenty is mistaken him for having a multiple college degree, if they only knew.


Winter is Here

Ghostly surrounding, cold temperature, cloudy sky 75 percent of the time, rain, sleet and snow at one time and too cold outside to catch some sun when it is shining.

Thanksgiving came and gone, the dinner was held at SIL house after 7 years. I'm hoping she will do the Christmas dinner too. I am plain too busy to clean and cook for these occasions and not worth my time. I know this is for the family, but if they can't give you the word that they are coming or simply not show up is not worth it. Too much left over and not enough people eating the feast. Then if I don't cook enough, they all decide to show up, like they are psychic of some sort.

DH and I was thinking about changing the gift giving to spring like in Easter's celebration because there are not many gifts to give our children for winter. They can only get too many sleds, boots, snow suits, and it gets old very fast. At least in spring we can get them a lot more toys to choose from.

We got some present from the mail yesterday, and we opened it right away. No waiting for Christmas in this household this year. We started shopping online, because the prices are the same and most sites offers free shipping. I don't feel like fighting the crowds in the stores this year.

This is our 5th years not using any credit card (we don't have one) when buying anything as present or household needed appliances. It feels good, not to worry about paying a corporation (who btw getting all the bailout) 50 or more percent in APR.

I suggest to everyone to stop spending what you don't have and save in silver or other means instead. I hate hearing, "I spent too much this season, now it's time to pay back my credit card," good luck with that, "I always say."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Weekend

Late post for yesterday. This is what happen when I get very busy and something un-expected added to our schedule.

DH cleaned up the gutters and hoping that there are no more leaves land on them. We tried setting up the green house to but we did not finish and had to re-fold the plastics. I had a chance to clean one of the children bedroom and there are three more to go. Too much toys to get rid off, I hate when every family member just damps all the toys they can find in my house.

Sure, my children will never run out of toys, but the cleaning never ends. I thrown about a bag full of broken toys yesterday, and that was nothing. It will be bags and bags when I'm finally finish with them. I collected about two boxes of nerf gun/rifles, water guns, and bows. I will sure keep all of it, because I have 3 little boys in the house.

I also removed all the little clothes my children have in their closets and drawers. I don't want to throw them away, but I am running out of space to store them. I can really use the vacuum pack storage about now. I wanted to save all of them just in case the economy belly up and I cannot afford to buy new clothes. I can cut them up and make bigger size shirts and pants from them when I need to.

I will be hitting some clothing store when I have a chance. My 6 and 7 years old needs clothes. Second ODS is using his biggest brothers' clothes now, DD is the only one, so she will always need clothes every time, 4th son is the same because most of the smallest clothes does not fit him anymore and ones from his 9 year brother does not fit him as of yet.

Not much request for Christmas gifts yet. This is what we get when there is no TV to get the idea from. We always take them shopping for toys, but they never actually likes anything in the store. We can save a bundle...ha ha ha. They get more happy buying new clothes than anything. However, they have plenty of PC games and toy guns. DD have dozens dolls in her bedroom, I like it, but DH wants to buy them toys instead. I keep telling him that most toys are made in China, and I refuses to support a communist country. Not to mention that all those toys does last very long. I rather buy them from a toy maker in his own home.

Anyway, sorry for the rant at the end. How was your weekend? How much shopping have you done so far? And to answer my own question...none...ha ha ha.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend @ Cheers Household

I opt to stay at home with the children because I was just tired of driving around for meetings. DH went to the meetings with his friends, so it's not like his driving alone everywhere. I took the kids to the library, returned the movies they borrowed from last weekend and borrow some new ones, they haven't seen in a while.

We also made a quick stop at our local grocery store to put some money in the spending account and grabbed some things that our hands can carry. I put my debit in my pocket instead of carrying my bag. Each one of us (5 of us) was carrying something and went to self check out. Each one of us scan what we are carrying and I paid when everything was scanned.

We stopped at KFC because DD and I had been wanting it for a long time now. I paid with cash because I don't want to use my card anymore. Have you heard that the government will start charging 1% every time we use a card? I am trying to get use to the idea not having one.

We got home and ate the extra crispy chicken I bought. DH ate some cold ones, because he was not home yet when we got home. Yesterday, (Sunday) I was cleaning my bag and I cannot find my card. I searched my pants I was wearing the day before, I called the grocery store, and the bank but no one turned in anything that belongs to me. I did not bother calling KFC because like I said, I paid cash there.

I did not find it, so I called the bank yesterday and canceled the card. Now I don't have a card to use when I don't have any cash with me. Well, this morning I found the card on the chair in my bedroom. It feel out of my pant pocket when I change Saturday night. Now, I have a non-working card...whew...however, I am happy that no one have it. Now, I really need to make sure I have cash with me at all time. And I have to walk to the gas station cashier every time I need gas and leave the kids in the car for a few minutes. I have to make sure that I can see them, when going inside. That is the only bad part of this thing, at least I can use all the practice I can. I refuse to pay 1% for using a card. That is just face to face stealing in my opinion.

So, how was your weekend?


Friday, November 5, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Sky Watch Friday


Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update

I finally rested this weekend. We stayed home, borrowed some movies from the library and ate chocolate the whole weekend. We went to BJ's and bought three big boxes of Hershey, M & M's & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. We have so much left over and DH came home early today and eating some already.

By the time I'm done educating my children today, I bet he will be sleeping with all that sugar in his body.

I better go back educating my kids. I still need to make dinner with my sugared family. Someone need to feed them something healthy...yea right, if they eat it.


Friday, October 29, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I have some showers this morning, it looks as if going to snow while looking from inside my home. It clear up a bit and better than all clouds anytime.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Nasty Tricks

I tried calling my parents over the weekend to see if I can get through. I was very lucky because the phone at the other end was ringing. Sure enough, I finally caught them in town. My mother said, "your godson is driving a tricycle now, he finally got his license yesterday. You're father and I gave him money to pay for it." I was thinking good, at least they have some type of income added to my brother working solely for the whole family.

She mentioned that my sister in California will be coming in April. My answer was, "good luck meeting her face to face," because I am sure she will not go home to the province, but will stay in Manila the whole time.

Then she mentioned that my sister in law got a text telling her that my brother (the one I am talking about above) is cheating on her and that he already got another kid with the other woman. I was shock because I knew from the very beginning how much he loves his wife, and he will do anything for her. I could not sleep on Saturday evening thinking about it.

I was thinking, did he lost his mind or my sister in law did some pretty bad things to him. But my mother insisted that my sister in law never done anything. So, I came with the conclusion that what she got is wrong. I was very sad the whole day yesterday thinking what it could be. I have to wait until the evening before calling him because I know he works hard and I don't want to wake him up in the middle of the night.

I blurt out ask him, I knew my brother, plus he is the only one I got and he never lied to me before. He said, that his associate might gotten his wife's phone number from his phone, because he let them borrow it when they needed a phone. And he also mention that since, he always get picked to go to another country for a business trip, that the person who gossip is jealous of him and wanted to hurt his family. What a nasty way to show it, I told him.

Here I am thinking about every scenario just because one of his co-worker does not like him because he is trustworthy. Even his boss told me about it one time because I got his boss extension, I forgot my brother's extension at work and ask for his boss instead. I know my brother will never hurt his wife, and I wanted to make sure he did not lost his mind. Plus, he is already a grandfather, and starting over with a young wife and kid is not like him.

DH saw me crying over skype and after I hung up, he knew right away I was talking to my brother. I told DH it wasn't true, and asked me if I feel better. Of course I feel better, the people under him are nasty in my opinion. That is not very nice of them...just wait for their KARMA, it will come, if not now, later, I'm sure of it. My brother only rent a room in Manila and his family have a house in the province. I would be mad too if I receive a text telling me my husband is unfaithful. I trust my brother and I have a lot of respect towards and I look up to him. I told him, never ever do such thing because my heart will be broken and I will never respect him anymore and I don't want to lose him as a brother. He promise me that he will never do it because he don't want any headache plus, he loves his wife. Good, I said.

I'm already not talking to one of my siblings, I don't want to make it more than that. Plus, he is the only brother I have, blood related that is. Whew! What a weekend, my family actually stayed home, but I didn't enjoy it much because of this. Goodness, too much drama, I hate drama.


Friday, October 22, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Taken early this morning. Have a wonderful and very colorful autumn, everyone. I enjoy watching the colors but I hate the cold. Not looking forward to the winter.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is what my children did while we are camping out over the weekend. Who needs computer games when you have the whole forest to play at? My oldest is out to college, so he is not in this picture. Only the four little ones made it.

The second oldest.

Our 4th boy.

The (middle child) only girl.

The 5th and youngest boy.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little Nedekcir that Could

Ha ha ha, I love that title. My whole family went out to the woods to a survival practice again. In short, we camped out with the bare necessity in hand. Since there is not much of us camped out over the weekend, DH did not drive his truck. We used our mini-van this time. That said, we have to walk and carry everything (the bare necessity) to a camp site because I refuse to drive my mini-van on a four wheel drive road.

Going to the camp site was a breeze even though my pack was heavy and cannot put it in my back by myself. Going back to the vehicle on Sunday afternoon was a challenge. DH helped me with my pack because I cannot pick it from the ground to my back. I think I would have thrown my back if I tried. Now, the hike to the car was 45° and half way to the hike, I feel like the "little engine that could." My legs were shaking the whole climb...whew! That was a climb and I am pretty sure I am out of shape.

And I can still feel it even now. Thinking back, if I did not my hardest to stay on my feet, I will look like a turtle on a terrain on its back trying to get up. My pack is almost as big as me, and that would be a funny sight.

I hated sleeping with my kids. They fill up the whole tent when they are not asleep yet. They don't want to be next to each other. As soon as they fall asleep, they will cramp in one end and leave a lot of room some place. I in the other hand stay at one end, and they stick where I am. Now I can't move to the empty spot because they are using the empty ends of my sleeping as a pillow. I end up being awake the whole night because I can't easily turn and get comfortable.

This weekend was pretty cold and my youngest kept on complaining that he was hot inside his sleeping bag. He kept taking it off, and at the end I grab him and put him inside my sleeping bag. My night was horrible. I can't move. I can't switch sleeping bag because my youngest son's sleeping is small and my 3rd son's body was on it. Instead of trying to get some sleep, I left the tent and stayed outside and waited for the daylight. Did I mention it was cold? Ha just making sure.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maganda ka Kasi

Another mushy post from my childhood. I will write this in my own language because I wanted to remember this and to practice writing in my Tagalog/Taglish more

Ka-chat ko ulit ngayon yung dati kung ka-eskwela, yung binangkit ko na nasa Hong Kong ngayon doon sa Young Life na post ko. Gusto ko ring itanong sa kanya kung galit sya sa akin, katulad ng ibang babae sa school namin noong nasa mababang paaralan pa kami. Maraming may galit sa akin noon, laging ako ang kanilang pinapansin. Sabi ko nga doon sa last post ko, lahat sila ako ang napupuna, galit man o hindi.

Nag-usap kami ng asawa ko tungkol dito at sinabi nya sa akin na kung sino man ang nag-kukulit sa akin, ay mayroong pagtingin kasi ganun din daw ang ginagawa nya sa mga nagugustuhan nya noong nasa mababang paaralan sya. Pero sabi ko, ano naman ang rason mo sa mga babaeng naninira sa akin. Kung ano-anu ang tawag sa akin, ni hindi ko na naririnig ang pangalan ko. Sabi nya baka daw tomboy, oy, ang dami nila ano, saka yung iba doon may mga asawa na rin.

Ngayon, sabi noong kaibigan ko, siguro daw baka maagawan ng mga lalake. Eh, sabi ko naman, wala nga akong alam sa mga lalakeng iyon kung may gusto sila o wala, kasi hindi naman sila nag-sasabi. Sabi ng asawa ko, halatang-halata naman eh kailangan pa bang sabihin yun. Oo nga naman, mautak ako noon, pero kapag dating sa mga ganyan gusto ko diretsahan talaga.

Saka sabi nya, baka daw mas maganda ako sa mga babaeng yun at ayaw magpatalo. Basura naman ang tingin ko sa kanila noon. Wala na nga akong pinapansin na lalake sa akin pa sila galit. Bakit hindi sila magalit sa mga lalake na ayaw sa kanila. Mag-hubo at hubad sila sa harapan nito, tiyak pansinin sila...he he he. Sinabi ko nga sa asawa ko na iisa lang lalake ang lumapit sa akin noon. Lagi pa nya akong sinsundan makausap lang nya ako na mag-isa, pero mas matanda ako sa kanya saka wala ring sinasabi. Ganun din ang sagot nya. "Hindi na kailangan yun" kasi alam nya na sya lang ang kumakausap syo na mag-isa. Tatanga-tanga pa kasi noon, saka ayaw kong pinag-uusapan ako ng buong baranggay. Tiyal magagalit ang nanay ko doon.

Sinabi din niya na maganda daw ako, kaya laging nakatingin ang marami sa akin. Siguro selos din sya noon. Tanungin ko nga sa sunod naming pag-uusap para malaman ko. Para naman maituwid ang mga balikot nilang utak. Ngayon naman iniisip ko, na kung hindi ako isnabera noon, na kung lahat ng mga umaaligid na hindi ko pinapansin at pinansin ko...ano kaya ang mga reaksyon nila? Lalo na sigurong nagalit ang mga yun at tawagin akong babaeng mababa ang lipad. Hindi ko na rin pinansin yung nag-iisang lalake na malakas ang loob na kausapin ako dahil sa mga ginagawa nila sa akin.

Ni hindi ko nalaman kung may gusto nga sa akin yun o wala. Hindi sya tulad ng iba na kukulitin ako hanggang ma-iyak ako. Basta sya, kakamustahin ako at mag-ku-kwento. May gusto rin yung kaibigan ko sa lalakeng ito, kasama na yun kaya hindi ko na pinag-tuunan ng pansin. Ayaw ko kasi mag-ayaw kami dahil lang sa lalake, pero sabi nya sa akin ngayon, hindi daw nanligaw sa kanya yun noong nasa high school kami pareho.

Isa na rin sa rason kung bakit umalis kaagad ako sa baranggay namin, pag-katapos ko ng high school. Ang mga tao doon, mainggitin na sasaktan ang loob mo dahil sa inggit. Isang buwan ako tumira sa bahay ng magulang ko hindi ko matiis tumigil doon. Na hanggang sumakit ang ulo ko at gusto kung matulog lagi. Pumayag naman ang nanay ko na mag-trabaho ako sa bayan ng Lucena. Nakalaya ako sa mga mata ng tao sa amin. Wala ng papansin sa akin at kung mag-karoon man ako ng napupusuan wala na silang paki-alam doon. Hindi nila ako mapapag-usapan.

Hanggang sumunod ako sa kapatid ko sa Zambales. Umuuwi lang ako minsan, saka hindi ako nag-tatagal na marami ang makaka-kita sa akin. Siguro mga tatlong araw lang ang tigil ko sa bahay ng mga magulang ko, tapos alis ulit ako. Nakapag-abay pa ako sa pinsan ko. Yung isa nyang pinsan hindi daw makakarating, parang pangalawa lang ako. Pero noong sinabi ko na makakarating ako, bigla na lang nag-sabi na makaka-uwi daw sya. Bale, pinsan ko rin iyon at isa sya sa mga babaeng may galit sa akin.

Sa buong dalawang araw na nandoon kami sa kasalan, hindi man lang ako kina-usap ng mga iyon. Ang lagi kung ka-usap ay iyong pinsan namin na ika-kasal at mga lalakeng pinsan din namin. Bakit may mga mainggiting mga tao na nagagalit pa sa iyo? Nag-papasalamat ako sa kataas-taasan na binigyan nya ako ng mga ipag-mamalaki sa mga taong katulad nila. Nag-papasalamat din ako sa nanay ko at binayagan niya akong umalis sa lugar na iyon.

Itinutoring ko pa rin na taga-doon ako. Pero ang mga tao doon ngayon, wala ng malilinis na mukha. Palitan ng asawa, iwanan, iyong mga katulad ko na gustong mas maganda ang kinabukasan ang nag-alisan at bumibisita na lang minsan. Sabi ko nga sa kaibigan ko, parang palabas sa telebisyon ang mga buhay ng mga tao doon ngayon. Masyado siguro silang nanonood ng TV.


Monday, October 11, 2010

She Exercise to get Pregnant

Curious DD was asking me how our cat get pregnant. She is 7 years old turning 40. I told her, I will explain it to her when she is old enough. She asked how old DH and I, then when she is playing with other children, she will blurt out that Mommy and Daddy is this old. I do yell at her for telling other people about our business. I even pull her out where no one can hear it, but she insisted on talking loudly and wanted the other kids to hear what I have to tell her.

At one point I just yell at her in front of the children she was playing with. I don't think you are very nice for telling everyone about us. She get's embarrassed and the other kids just stare at her. I guess I have to embarrassed her all the time to get my point across.

When I told her that I tell you when you are old enough, she told me, "she goes out and exercise to get pregnant?" I just said yes. I don't want to lie to her, but if I tell her now, she will tell everyone about it. And there is no way of stopping her. She need to learn to shut her mouth about personal information.


Friday, October 8, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

What a lovely day! After almost two weeks of non-stop rain this is what I have today. Looking forward to a very nice and busy (out) weekend, I think.

Have a great weekend everyone. I will have another busy weekend, at least I am very active last month and this month. Not getting enough sleep makes me grumpy but I think this will get worst before it gets better. At least 10 more years of busy, busy, busy...whew. Just thinking about it made me very tired. I need a very long restful weekend...not!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Young Life

Some mushy stories from my childhood...

Way past, let's say grade school...he he he. A long way from it. I started chatting to my grade school friend who is in Hong Kong right now. My mother does not call very much lately and I found my old classmate's name on one of the social network around. I have mentioned before that I left my parents house as soon as I finished high school and we have not seen each other since grade school graduation.

When I attended high school, I spent most of my time in my boarding house. So, even if she was around we never seen each other because I only come home on the weekend and not very often. She mentioned about the boys and what they are doing right now. It was fun to remember what were doing those years.

She knew all the boys that have crush on me, which by the way I never knew until now. And she had a crush on them. She made me laugh, she told me the reason I never know because when they try to call my attention I never looked. And she was the one that always look back. I never liked it when they say, "psst" to get my attention. Why can't they come closer and be civilize? There was only one boy who got courage to walked towards me and say something. However, he was in the lower grade (younger than me) and he did not actually admitted that he likes me. And most of them call me snob...what! Ok fine, so I was...:))

I was always the first in my class, I have fairer complexion than most and they all said I am pretty. I guess those are the qualities these boys are looking for, who knows...ha ha ha. However, I hated my grade school years. I was the center of attention and all of the teachers expect the best from me. Furthermore, every little mishap at school, everyone sure knew about it. Even boys who confess to their friends that they like me can go around the campus. And I never liked being teased about it.

I know now, that most of them liked me because of what DH told me, how he showed he liked someone when he was little. I can say, that most of the boys that I knew act that way. I am also glad that I did not pay any attention to them. I was way too young and I know my mother will get a belt and hit me if she ever find out anything like it.

DH still act like a kid when he is trying to get my attention. He pulls, tugs, and pokes when I don't pay attention to him. So, those grade school days are not really gone. I have a darling husband who reminds me about it every day.

Anyway, let's continue about my friend. She end up with one of our grade school classmate and they have two daughters. However, after working a few months in other country, she found out that her husband was cheating. She asked her employer for a short vacation and took their daughters away from her husband. I don't know yet, how long they been separated. I gave her two thumbs up for standing what she believe was right. Most of my kind back home will take whatever their spouse throw at them. And don't have the gut to fight.


Friday, October 1, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Windmill anyone? (click the picture to see bigger) Taken last weekend from the strip mine we camp at.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

YDS shaking the cut trees up and down, taken while we are camping over the weekend.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Whew! Tired from the Weekend

What a different experience camping out over the weekend. Too many women in my opinion in a camping site bring too much confusions and arguments. Me in the other hand did not say much because they are all bunch of know it all. I went there to be with DH, and arguing about things and getting mad about it will not get us closer to what we are fighting for (freedom).

Our kids had a lot of fun shooting bb's, me in the other hand did not have a chance to shoot at all, because I have 4 children to entertain and keep away from people who are shooting.

Going to the bathroom was a challenge for too. Since there are about 20 people in our campsite going anywhere is not possible. Even walking about 10 yard away from the campsite is not real safe. I might as well cover myself with a Pancho when going to the bathroom closer to our campsite. At least no one can see anything, they know what I am doing but they can't see any part of me that stranger will never see.

Furthermore, since this was tactical training we are not allowed to have fire burning the whole time. I hate those bugs that flies on the top of your heads because of the sweat. I wasted DH cigarette just to keep them away from me...ugh. It was cold Saturday night and sleeping inside a sleeping bag made it comfortable. We don't have bottom under our tent either, so it's only the sleeping bag between our body and the ground. I was smart enough to gather the leaves and put them under me.

One of the guy have a four wheel drive huge truck and I enjoyed riding on it up and down hills. A little scary when going up and down the hills but all in all I enjoyed the ride. There's no roads only clearings, the place used to be a strip mine.

We will be doing this again in a month, hopefully the weather at night will cooperate in a month. I don't want to be in an open field with a tent with no bottom and a lot of clothing. Going to the bathroom with too much clothing is not fun. That's all for today. How was your weekend? I will add some picture throughout the week.


Friday, September 24, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Have a great weekend everyone. I will not in front of my PC this weekend. I will be in the woods of PA enjoying nature (I'm not a tree hugger) and open fire cooking all weekend. And I am pretty sure will be very tired when I get back.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Updates

On Saturday we went to visit my PIL and took the kids to a train ride at New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. This is their second time there, the first time they were very young and cannot remember. I showed them the pictures from the last time and they asking where it was. Instead of explaining them when the pictures was taken, we decided to take them there again.

Then we went to our friends son's birthday party. We stayed until 10pm and I was very tired when we left their house. We got home around 1AM and I was still very sleepy when I woke up the next day. We only have enough time to eat breakfast and lunch, then we were out of the house again. Between breakfast and lunch I went grocery shopping for our week supply. I had to pick up some raw milk too, because we don't have much left.

At 1pm we were off to the shooting range. My kids enjoyed shooting the 22 hand gun that our friend let us borrow. We also have 2 rifles and 1 hand gun that I tried shooting with a target. I cannot get the target with the handgun because it shoot to the ground then hit the target. I am not even aiming to the ground...:)).

The only part I didn't like about it, is the kids that are sitting next to us kept on wanting to try every gun and rifles we have. I really don't mind if they have bullets, but they still need to use ours. Bullets are expensive and to let some strangers waste it because they wanted to try feeling the guns. Buy your own, darn it! I can use all the training I needed and I cannot afford to keep giving you the bullets. I don't like it at all.

Anyway, our handgun got more kicks than the rifles. However, I can shoot a farther target with the rifles than the handgun. Furthermore, both are useful in real combat. Closer targets for the handguns and farther with the rifles. Next weekend my whole family is camping in the woods (no utilities) and will be shooting more with targets (live firing).

So, how was your weekend?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scary Thought

SIL called me yesterday asking what is the name of cyber school I am using for my kids. Her friend will be doing the same, and wanted my opinion on any of them. I told her that I don't like my kids cyber school but love the K12 curriculum that they are using. However, her friend is going with another cyber that can be found around the country. My 1st grader was enrolled at the same cyber last year.

I have no idea that she is against educating children at home. You would assume that she is for it, because her family, my DH included are for it. Was I wrong. Now I have this scary thought that she might be the first to report anything she does not like the way I teach my kids to the government (which I know have no authority over me). Furthermore, I don't think citizen (non-free-citizen) don't know any better.

It hasn't been done in a hundred of years, and they thought that way of today is the correct way. When they see other ways, the thought always comes to mind is "are they allowed to do that?" Yes, I can do it, without you reporting it. Leave other people alone, however, if you asked for my help and want my not shut down to what I have to say because you voluntary ask for it. That exactly is my problem, I don not ask for anyone's opinion about how I educate my children. I am not entitled to anyone's opinion unless I ask for it. There is a big difference between the two.

You may not like my opinion because it will always be out of your comfort zone. I did not say I don't have my own comfort zone, but yours are just very different than mine. My comfort zone is my un-alienable rights, step on it and you will find out there are consequences.

I can never look at her the same anymore. I don't even know if I want her in my either. The thought of her reporting my family to the government (e.g. department of education) does scares me. However, I have DH that can tear her apart with words. She troubles me, I tell you.

Anyway, I better get off here and start teaching my kids.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Came Along with DH

The kids and I went along with DH to his meeting yesterday. It was drizzling all day and we were wet at the end of the day. The kids had fun starting a fire while I soaked myself (bladder control), it was unbelievable. Anyway, I can't really elaborate that just use your imagination of you are a few times mother...:P Lucky enough I have extra pair of clothing in my car. It would be a never ending embarrassment if I don't.

It was hard to start a fire when only using matches and dry leaves. Not so much dry leaves because it was drizzling all day. We can't make it warm enough to dry the wet twigs and we pour some starter fluid on it instead. We can probably try again next time when we go camping in the woods, when it's not raining.

The fire made them occupied the whole time we were there. They like collecting woods for the fire and they got very dirty, but hey they are washable.

So, how is everyone this fine Monday?


Sunday, September 12, 2010


What is the point of the weekend if you can't rest? I hate being busy on the weekend. I miss being young and able to do so much things in a day. Being old sucks big time. I can't exercise because someone refuses to let me go, and in his opinion I don't need it, that I should just walk around the neighborhood with kids in tow. Isn't the point of working out is to release stress? How can I release stress if the stress comes with me...ugh. Then I start complaining like this, he will say, "go!" in a mad tone.

His idea of working out, is working with the kids and everyone around.

I hope your weekend is much better than mine. :P


Friday, September 10, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Looks like rain in my neck of the woods today. Where did the summer go? Time to move to Georgia in my

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Busy Week

On Monday we went to my PIL's house and helped DH clean their yard to get it ready for fall. Poor people hasn't cut their grass since spring and the weeds are like trees already. DH like to do everything for them, but his mother is very anal about hiding herself from anything.

There are some over grown yew's that she refuses to let DH trim. They can't park their car next to the front door anymore, because the yew's are huge and leaning towards the driveway. For Christmas we are thinking about planting some cheap pine trees (about 5' tall pine trees that are cheap) in-front of those yew's and cut them down when the trees are bushy enough to cover the public's view to her front door/driveway. DH said that she will be dead by the time those trees are big enough...he makes me laugh sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, they have a huge property and all the cut branches she wanted in one pile somewhere that no public can see. Did I mention her property is totally covered with over grown weeds? Yea, you can put all of the clippings anywhere in my opinion. But DH and I both know, if we don't follow what she wanted, his father will be the one moving it in the correct place/where she wanted them.

She is also an organic freak, but is it that I saw...a hanging tomato plant that I saw in a commercial a few months back. There is no way that plant is way. The flower beds are filled with grass/weeds and so many things. She don't want us string trim them, even there are no more flowers growing in them.

Anyway, enough of kids had a teachers' visit this week too. My 4th grader is getting lazier everyday, and his speech therapy started this week too. I am reading some information with the organization about teaching my kids at home by myself next year. I think the best thing to do is get an appointment with this people and all the question we have about how it works. Membership is $1000 forever but we need to pay it in one lump sum. Not bad, because we get more than that on tax return. The high cost with curriculum and everything will be about $1000 per child too. But I can re-used everything, I only have to buy all grade level once.

There will be no testing from what I heard, that is what I like the most. We have lawyers standing by just in case the government and state knock on our door to tell us that we are doing our kids education the wrong way...another plus and we can provide anything we want them to learn. We don't have to buy their curriculum.

I can't wait to make my own lesson plans. We can be more flexible than ever...vacation anytime of the year when we can afford it...yessss this is what we (DH and I) like from the very beginning.

Ok, enough babbling about my life...How are you today?


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning @ Home Started

My 4th grader did very well taking his Scranton test yesterday. We are not officially starting, but I wanted to use the two extra days later in the year instead. I hate the testing very early in the school year but that is what my children get when their school did not make the AYP for last year. I know this thing don't have anything to do with the children but have a lot to do with the school staying open. I wish public school does not exist, they are un-constitutional for those who don't know. And the more you ask the government to do for you, the more rights they take away from private citizens. I hope you know that too.

Anyway, all of my kids are very energetic to start yesterday. Not too many complaints and willing to work with me. I am not looking forward to all the testing ahead of us, but I have to show a smiley face because this is our last year in cyber school. I will be teaching them what we wanted next year, and the best part of it all is NO testing what-so-ever. I hope the program I am looking at still the same next year. I will not know what to do if their policy change when we start next year.

That's all for the update this week. I hope you are having a great first week of school just like we are.


Friday, August 27, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I have been wanting to capture some sun rays on my sky pictures for a long time, and this is (if I may say) is the best one I shoot so far. I can see some rainbow color at the bottom also.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone. Three more days and I am back to teaching my kids again. Where did my summer vacation gone? I want some more...:))


Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Infidelity

DH and I been there and both of our partners in our early years were unfaithful to us. When we got together/started dating, we both agree that never to cheat on each other, and if cheating happens never look back, but acknowledge that we have children to take care.

DH case is not as bad as mine because I was married and had a son. Him in the other hand was only gf and bf, but he mentioned that he wanted to marry her. She has never known it but that was his intention. We both known something was going on with our partners but did not act on it until we realize that we are both much better without them.

It took him a lot of years to get into the dating scene again, and it took me four years. I say four years because it was four years after getting a divorce when found him. He was single longer than I was, and we did not meet until we were both turning 28.

We are not good at dealing with bad relationship. We hide and not pay attention to the opposite sex for a long time. As for my part, I hated anyone who (male) will hint that they like me. I was like a lion, which was depending upon her territory and never let anyone in.

I think it's easy to get over someone when both parties decide that they are not for each other. Once, you find out that one partner is cheating...even patching it up did not work for me. I wanted to get even, I wanted to hurt him more...however, all are not right. I should have let it go easy, and never look back. I say it now, but I can never do it before. I was heart broken and the worst part was "he cheated on me". I have not done anything but to be faithful, and I got cheated on.

Like others, I tried very hard to forget about it, but it wasn't the same. I even wanted to change the way he wanted, but that is not me. I got angry, no I was furious, and ended everything. It was sad for my son (who is now 19), but I am only human. Our love for each other is not enough to keep us together and be faithful. I swore him, he will not have any kids with the other woman, and guess what...she has never gotten pregnant. I know, we say bad things when we are mad.

It hurt to realize that everything will never go back to the way things are. Other people can do it, but not DH and I. Leaving and letting go was the only option for us. I got into two car accidents trying to pretend everything was fine.

I am glad that I did let go. If I didn't, I will never find out that there are better (DH) people out there just waiting for someone willing to accept the way we are. To love you unconditionally, and not to ask of what you can't give. Be happy on what you can offer heartedly.

Furthermore, don't be in a relationship if you don't mean it. If you are waiting for someone better than the one you have now, you are just asking for it. It isn't fair to the other person. You are selfish and needed a lot of growing up to do. Think of the GOLDEN RULE.

DH and I can never be friends with our past relationships. I am glad that my son is out to college. I don't have to deal with his father anymore. After 19 years, I can say that I am in peace and not to worry about the past anymore. Being strong helped.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A year old friend of ours, well mostly DH friend, got caught not doing a married man should be doing. They are worst than my sister in CA. At least they don't broadcast their dirty laundry in their social network like this couple. Drama and more drama. DH said, "leave me out of it," true.

Borrowed image

And my question is, "why people get involve with married people in the first place, are we running out of people in the opposite sex (single) to do this things with?" Or they simply enjoy the un-forbidden fruit than others? LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS does not apply here. Their PURSUIT of HAPPINESS is hurting someone and this is not the CREATOR wanted. Follow the golden rule...geezz. The other person who is involve is broadcasting it too in her social network and the wife read it. Oh my goodness...and my name is there too when she took a screen shot...ok, i don't know anything about it and leave me out of it.

By the way, she reminds me of one blogger who abuse RX drugs...she knows more RX drugs than DR's that I know of...yikes is right...drama...I hate drama...good thing she and my sis lives far from us...
Forgive me for exploiting the conversation my creator...yup. mine is not perfect either but when ours comes to this, one have to decide (we both agree) to just leave and not look back.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alzheimer Moment

Who goes around at people houses on Saturday? Not in my neighborhood since I got rid of some religious people trying to get us to go in their church. I'm sorry but DH has more knowledge of the bible than they do. And no, we don't try people to convert on our belief, as long as you follow the golden rule...that's pretty much it.

Someone was knocking on our front door today. My thought immediately, who the heck is it, on Saturday. There was a tall young man carrying a black huge garbage bag. Are you Kcir's wife, right? Yes, I am...I told the man, he looks familiar. Then he continues on telling me that they are cleaning their attic and giving away some stuff toys. They knew that we have kids, and we might want it. I decline nicely and he said he is my neighbor. I started smiling with embarrassment, I think I turned red the whole time he was at the front door.

After he left, I was like...DUH! However, I recognize him but I cannot pinpoint where I knew him from. Yeah, he is my neighbor whom I see often but not spoken to. Anyway, I didn't take the toys because our house is already stuff with so many toys. Not to mention I am the only one always cleaning this mess. I know they are just being nice but sorry, I can't put myself into more work.

DD and I went outside when starting to get dark because she forgot a toy outside, he was burning something smelly in their yard. I think he is burning the huge garbage bag of toys he offered us.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate Drama

And that goes with my own life too. I don't know how to deal with it and I am trying very hard not to get into this kind of situation anymore. Live and learn. A friend of my sister and I just informed me that my sister is in the middle of divorce from what she heard. She hasn't fail me yet, when she gives me news it's usually the true.

So, I searched for my brother in law's profile and here is what he got to say, "One lost soul looking for another lost soul in order to hopefully find each other. Maybe one day all this will make sense but right now I'm just confused and frustrated.Still kicking it as a Marine and really cant see myself doing anything else right now. Enjoying watching my awesome little boy grow up and I'm still trying to figure out the woman I married even after almost 15 years jeez.....did I mention I'm frustrated."

No, we are not friends, I am not even friend with my own sister. However, I am friend with her two older kids. Like I said, I hate drama and her life is full of it. I have my own thing to worry about.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second Home

DH found this in his listing yesterday and email it to me. Not bad for the price below 70K. There are no places to get jobs but I think we can manage considering we will be using this as second home. Northeast winter weather is brutal, and it will be nice to move somewhere warmer during winter months.

This is in Ranger GA, with 12.4 acres land. I like to have that much land here where I am right now. We can afford the monthly payment but we don't have anything for a down payment and we don't want to borrow anything from a bank. This one will be nice if the owners' finance it themselves.

I like how it sit 1/2 mile from the road.

Do you own it? Can we talk, well actually DH would like to speak to you, and maybe come to terms. This is DH and I dream property, in the middle of nowhere. I can see it now, farm animals around the house and we don't need to buy meat for our own consumption....NICCCCCEEEEEEEEEE...ok I am dreaming...better wake up and return to reality....:)))


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After a month having the second cat litter (1st) from our very first cat, fleas infested our house. I woke up one morning, change to regular clothes, went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to get my 1 cup of coffee for the day...feet are itchy. Oh no! what are these black bugs on my feet? DH informed me that they are fleas.

I was itching for a few days before it. I stop playing with the kittens and bug my husband to go to a pet store to get some spray and cat/kitten fleas control. After a week fleas calm down and we will bomb the house when the kittens are adopted. We have to pick a weekend when we can spend time somewhere far. Leave the mother and son cat outside the house with feed.

I still get bitten when I stay long in the living room. I got the most bite and DH got the least or non at all. Remember my post after 4th of July? We were outside lighting some fireworks and bugs bite me. I told you, bug in my area loves Asian blood. Now, the fleas...Writing this makes my skin itchy....:(

Our cat have 3 kittens this time. Her first was 4 and we kept 1 of them. This time we will let them all get adopted. I think they are all female. We don't need female until the mother is old. And btw, I do vacuum everyday since we found out we have fleas. I would love to vacuum the kittens fur too, but they run away when they hear the vacuum being Oh yes, we don't have a different color kittens this time. I think the mother cat settle for 1 male this time. She was such a w&*$@ last time.


Friday, August 13, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Yes, I have a cloudy sky. We can use the rain because the lady I get the raw milk from is having hard time getting milk from the cow. Not enough fresh grass she said and I have to go some where else to buy some. I am glad too because I don't need to water my vegetable garden for a while. And 3rd, cooler at night. $500 a month in electric bill is hard in our pocket...whew!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am trying to get set up with up-coming school year. Materials need to put on shelves and cleaning (air cleaning) the PC's to get them ready for another school year. Just thinking about it, makes me want to go away and forget about school altogether.

Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eleven Years & Counting

Let's work on another eleven years my Dearest Hubby. Yes, with all the ups and down we are married for 11 years today. With 4 children and the oldest is 9 years old. I am teaching 3 of them at home for 3 years this coming school year, and I thought I can't do it...Now I can say piece of cake. Just like marriage, there are lots of ups-and-downs.

My 18 year old son is going to Edinboro University (in-state colleges is awesome). This is his first year away from home, and I am praying he will be fine with it. I always told him that I am only a phone call away and always home to take his calls. He will be celebrating his 19th birthday alone in his dorm. I promise him that I will send him something. Maybe we can video chat and sing happy birthday to him.

Moreover, DH; cheers to our 11 years together and I'm hoping for more years with less drama to come. Yes, I hated drama...we have kids to do that to us...:)) Happy 11th year wedding anniversary!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When is The Best Time to Shop for School Supplies?

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

Like so many other parents, I'm preparing for my kids to head back to school. Unfortunately with that preparation comes the headache of crowded stores, tripping through the aisles, and long lines at the checkout. Over the years though I have found that with a little planning and thought, I can get what my kids need easily and in no time at all.

Once you have the list of supplies from your child's teacher you are ready to head to the store. However, it just so happens to be what everyone else is doing to. Worries that the store will run out should be put aside, because stores have been ready for back to school since the beginning of summer. The best time to go to the store is late in the evening after 8 or 9pm. Of course because you will be leaving after everyone else will be in bed, don't forget to set your Home security system.

Every year I've enlisted a fellow parent to go shopping with me, seeing as how it is after dark. Many stores do not close until 10 pm, and there is a certain store that stays open all night that sells everything from food to clothes. So try it out. You will find that late at night is the best time to shop for school supplies.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Relatives Gathering

I met my long distant cousins over the weekend in a nice early dinner party. DH knew them and always hang-out in their house when he was little, but when people move all over the country, it got less and less time to spend time with them. They also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and most people in their family (Cheers families) was invited. They did not all showed up but they are all invited.

He was actually born in Europe and left the place when he was a teenager. Unlike my FIL he was born here. Our Uncle whom gave us so much mango was there too. I didn't know that they actually collecting those mangoes. I thought they didn't care much and only pick what they wanted. Anyway, our Aunt (his wife) told me that she hated it when people steels the mangoes. And I thought there are so many to go around, and when other people takes them they get mad. But then again, people are born differently. My family will not mind at all if we have a lot of mangoes and people tend not to ask when taking it. It would be nice if they ask and that goes with born differently again.

The cake, notice the gold in it...yes 50th is golden.

Let's get back to the relatives. I think they have the rules of having 3 children. My husband have 2 siblings and so my SIL have 3 kids too. Our relative have 3 kids and those 3 kids have 3 kids each. I was like wow! By the way, he is a NYPD retired.

And let me tell you how long it took us to get to the place. With New York City (NYC) traffic, 3 hours. Whew, I thought we will never get there. We get out of traffic just to get to another traffic. The event was held in Islip NY. I was making fun of the names of the bridges and highways...Little Neck, Throgs Neck...when I was still working when I get to NJ, I get all the NYC radio stations. I always hear them talk about rubbing necked in traffic. I told DH, they should have call this place Rubbing Neck instead because of the traffic. Most New Yorkers are use to it and they know the rules when yielding in traffics. But most of the time you get this New Jersey drivers that has no care in the world, they would never let anyone in between in-front of them. Have I mentioned before that they are the worst people that I met in my entire life? Very snotty people...and that is my opinion. Someone will comment on this one (I can feel it) and call me names now :P

Here are the celebrant. The young man in the background is one of their grandsons.

And yes, the accent of my relatives. he he he, they talk like my MIL because she was born and raise in Brooklyn...wate'...he he he. And yes, they love my kids especially our 4th one. This not the first time when someone ask us if they can keep him...he he he.

Oh and one incident that DH pointed out (again). His sister and mother does dress up for such occasion. I told him, you are the brother and son, mention it to them not me. DH family grew up doing and attending this kind of events and his sister knew how they dress for occasion, but somehow she literary forgotten or refuses to acknowledge anymore.

Here is our kids. The 4th one is the one wearing red tie.

When I met her, her first husband was very stingy with money and they never dress nice. Now that she is a teacher and married to another teacher, I expect for her to dress accordingly...but I was wrong. DH compare the clothing with the invitation when we get one. If the invitation is nicely done or made we wear a formal clothing. If not, then we wear nice casual clothing. How about you?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nursing Home Residents’ Favorite Pastime

Guest post written by Belinda Allen

The stereotype of nursing home residents sitting around and putting together puzzles or playing checkers for fun couldn’t be any more wrong. I know this because I work at a nursing home.

Most of our residents have their own computers and spend a lot of their time on wildblue satellite either reading news, e-mailing loved ones or listening to music. A lot of times when I make my rounds, residents will tell me about interesting news stories they’ve read online that I haven’t even heard of before. They keep me pretty informed!

But many of them love to use wildblue satellite internet the most to keep up with friends and relatives on Facebook. So many residents live far away from their families and even though many of them are regularly visited by relatives, they can feel disconnected from their families sometimes. With Facebook, a lot of the residents learn about what their relatives and friends are doing and can keep in better touch.

There’s nothing like seeing a loved one and visiting with them in real life. But for our residents, Facebook fills in the sometimes-long gaps in between visits.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

How can I not say anything about this picture? It's too cute not to, don't you agree? My 3 boys have never wear any shirt in the summer months. We don't have central air only window air-conditioner. We have one in the classroom, and I never turn it full blast.

This is what I saw when I came to the classroom one morning. I let them sleep there when it is very hot every where in the house. This is my 6 and 4 years old DS's. Look how tan they are, they are way darker than me And the best part is our 4 month old kitten. Precious! Keeping them company and keeping my youngest DS warm...he he he


Friday, July 23, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Pictures are taken on Wednesday while my kids are outside playing, around 7pm.

Here is the moon with some red clouds.

Have a great weekend everyone. I am light headed right now, I think I caught some virus from DH yesterday. Anyway, we are having my 6 years old son birthday party on Sunday and I am not looking forward to my MIL and DH arguing about everything. Other than that, everything should be all's well...unless I get really sick...blah.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Six Years Old Today

My 4th child turn six today. He is my clown and he likes to make stuff up a lot. I like the clown part but as much as the other one. My sport loving child that will try anything once just like his father.

Ever since last month, he was counting (well at least trying to) the days to his birthday. His specific request are, ice cream cake and bake potato chips to have on his birthday. Now, he needs to wait until Sunday to have those 2 things along with his gifts.

He will be in 1st grade this coming September and he can't wait for it. I wish he is still this cute little boy that eats everything on his plate. Not anymore. Happy 6th birthday! Don't grow up too fast my sweet child.


Friday, July 16, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Have a great weekend everyone. Not much going on here. Still enjoying the summer and soaking in the swimming pool with the kids.


Friday, July 9, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Hazy sky, taken during the hottest part of the day a few days back. I am lucky enough that I don't have a curly hair...


Monday, July 5, 2010

Life of Ours Update

I had a very tiring weekend. We went to Jim Thorpe for an event and we stayed for almost 10 hours. Very tiring because I have to follow my 4 kids everywhere, while DH talk to people and trying to feed the truth into their brains.

There was some rides, that my kids did in less than 1 hours (5 rides), that they are only allowed to be on for a minute. Geez! what a rip off. I spend $80 just for 4 kids. Added the food or junk food they consumed the whole time we were there.

The fireworks are nice and we did not get home until 11:30 in the evening. The kids passed out in the van, and my youngest can't get comfortable, whining every now and then.

I saw sisters that can be mistaken from my country. I don't really know for sure because I tried very hard to treat them as regular people now. Meaning I don't say anything to them, unless they speak to me first. No special attention.

I also found out that Jim Thorpe is set on the side of the mountain in the middle of nowhere. I was thinking it is a Sorry, no picture to add this time. I didn't feel like taking pictures while my kids drag me in every corner of the park. They offered about 10 animals for a petting zoo...hehehe and the organizer brag about what he had done, when he talked to me.

Oh yes, before I forget...thank you so much to some member of the Easton's music group for giving us some of their food tickets. One old man approached me asking how many kids I have. I tried paying him back for it, but he said, "it was given to them to play there". And since he ate all that he can, he just gave it away. MY DH got approached by an older lady too and gave him hers. DH shared his to the people helping to spread the freedom. I think we had about $40 all together in food tickets.

We light up some fireworks last night and our kids enjoyed it. Not so much for me, because I think the mosquitoes in my yard loves Asian blood. I got bitten a few times, and now I am itching everywhere. I did try walking around, but did not stop them.


Friday, July 2, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Taken in minutes intervals while watching my children swimming. My skin still hurts a bit and I am staying away from the sun, for Sun burn happens when I don't exposed a lot of skin outside.

Anyway, these are taken before the cold front came in. Crazy weather or is it HAARP? You tell me. Happy weekend everyone, Jim Thorpe here we come tomorrow for the fireworks display, work for my DH and rides for DC.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thursday

I commented to my EC ad owner (showing right now, not paid ad), and I saw some other comment on her blog but mine some how did not cut the moderation. Geez, I think she did not like when I said, "and blogging already, lucky you". It's a thumb up for having the energy to blog after having a baby the same day. Whatever...

Our 3 months old kitten (the one we kept) has been sick for 2 days now. I feel so bad for him, he is actually the very first cat I have that will play with us forever and careful every time he does. He is not de-clawed and he never scratch when we play with him. I will miss him.

So, what's up with the weather? All of the sudden summer came and went. I haven't really enjoy the swimming pool yet, and here comes fall...what the...


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HVAC and Your Home

Guest post written by Clayton Mehr

Record breaking summer temperatures take their toll on your air conditioning units both inside and outside. Recently I came home from work to find my hvac unit not working. Outside temperatures were 88 but the inside temperature had reached to nearly 92. Luckily Sears heating and air conditioning does emergency calls. The problem was simply a wire that was old and deteriorated. The problem was fixed and my hvac unit kicked right back on. He suggested I do some preventive measures to update my system and gave me a list that either he could do or I could do myself since I am very handy around the house with home improvements.

Saving money is of the utmost importance right now so I headed to the local hardware store with my list in hand. First on the list was a set of new hvac filters which is probably the most overlooked item in the summer for hvac units. Summer allergens, dust and weeds will clog a filter quickly and deteriorate the efficiency of your hvac unit. I then purchased some simple duct tape, as my hvac professional had noticed some leaks in my vents as well as the tubing in the basement. Air leaks and gaps in tubing and vents can cause significant loss in cooling and heating through your home.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Not that anyone reads We planned on going to Long beach island on Friday. We found out that DH had to work Friday and Saturday. Good thing I have not made our kids excited about the whole thing. Then Friday came, and his job called telling him yes he is definitely off. At the last minute we packed everything we need and off we went. It was so much fun. It wasn't too hot and everything was perfect. The surf is not too big and the best part was the water temperature. All I can say is perfect.

DH had another meeting on Saturday and we celebrated our youngest son 4th birthday. I got him an ice cream cake because all 4 of them requested it. It works just fine because it was too hot yesterday. He even ate the last slice of it. He didn't mined much about the gifts as long as he can have some ice

Never mind the date on the picture. He was born in 2006 and the date says 2005.

Of course there was the constant arguing with my MIL with his only son. These two will never come into agreement on anything. MIL will say things that will contradict anything she said in the past. Even if it's wrong (even my kids knows it was wrong) she will stand her ground and the argument she would give is she change her mind. Ok, I will let you fall because I change my mind. What the hell is that?

I said it in the past and I will say it again, "wrong is always wrong, however you put it".


Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update

As usual, after a training DH comes home very tired and sleeps for a long time. Poor man. He did not expect to have some cake yesterday. I told him that we don't have any cocoa powder, and I can't make any. I looked around the cupboard and found one. He said he could smell it, as soon as he enters the house.

The kids went out again and swim in the pool. I am worried that they get burn because they wanted to stay too long. Especially my youngest one, this is his first year that he actually join the others in the pool. I want them to get a tan little by little, not in one day. Getting it in one day will be a disaster because I am pretty sure it will hurt.

They played for two days using the slip-n-slide and also two days now in the pool. They have color on them already, I can see how pale they were before those 4 days. My arms are changing color now too. I can't hardly see my hairs in my arm...:P. My legs in the other hands don't get the sun much, unless I soak in the pool like my kids. The water is still too cold for me, maybe in two weeks I'll join them.

I also cleaned my desk yesterday. I am running of space for confiscated things from the kids. Anything that they are not allowed to play with ends up in my desk. I got so much mails that needed to be shredded. There are more next to my desk on the floor. Now, I have extra space to be filled up again for this coming school year, and I can see the top of my


Friday, June 18, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I know this is late but I needed to keep this blog This was taken while the little ones are outside playing with slippery slide thingy. Please excuse the dates on the pictures, I did not have time to change them after changing the batteries.

Sky Watch Friday
I promise the kids that they can go in the pool tomorrow. We are going to have another nice day tomorrow and Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conversation With DD

I cannot deny that I talk in my own language when I get mad with the kids. I don't want them to understand the not so good words I use. Once in the blue DD would ask me what is tagalog words for certain stuff.

They knew how to say water in my language. Then, one day she asked me to put some water on her water bottle. She asked me what we call bottle in tagalog...which I told her bote. Almost sounds like booty and she put it together too big booty. The tagalog word for water is tubig, sounds like too big. She made me laugh out loud. She is a stinker she calls me "mommy has a water bottle"


Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

ODS graduated last Friday and moved out the same day. He wanted to spend time with his father before going to college at Edinboro University this coming August. Below is his yearbook picture.

ODSBelow is his graduation picture. I love the smile with the above picture, totally gotten it from me along with the The only thing missing are dimples, I had a few, and he never gotten any of it.

ODSI got a hold of SIL, and she willingly watched our 4 little one while attending the above event. DH and I never liked the event, but we came to support him. The speeches made us sick, school system is brain wash to the bone. The words "changes are the inevitable"" almost made us vomit. Not all changes are for the good or always good.

Anyway, since SIL came, so was her husband. They don't have kids together but treat their dog like one. I found out today that they put the dog in my van. Furs are everywhere and if you are not a dog lover, you can smell the smell. Yuck, she never used to be that way. She and her first husband had dogs, but they never take the dogs everywhere. It's not like this dog is tiny, it is a Labrador, for crying out loud. That is what I get for asking her to watch the kids I guess.

Sunday DH took us to visit our local wild animal shelter. Boy, I can smell the skunk a mile a way. We have to give a small donation, and then it started raining. We went out of the house just to catch some summer This is an outdoor shelter, next to the owners' house too.

We are finally on summer vacation. The swimming pool is almost clean and ready for the little ones. We are just waiting for heat again for them to go in it. My vegetable garden is finally planted. I'm not sure if they will ripen before the first frost, but I can always try next year.

Happy Monday everyone, that's it for today.


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