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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A year old friend of ours, well mostly DH friend, got caught not doing a married man should be doing. They are worst than my sister in CA. At least they don't broadcast their dirty laundry in their social network like this couple. Drama and more drama. DH said, "leave me out of it," true.

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And my question is, "why people get involve with married people in the first place, are we running out of people in the opposite sex (single) to do this things with?" Or they simply enjoy the un-forbidden fruit than others? LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS does not apply here. Their PURSUIT of HAPPINESS is hurting someone and this is not the CREATOR wanted. Follow the golden rule...geezz. The other person who is involve is broadcasting it too in her social network and the wife read it. Oh my goodness...and my name is there too when she took a screen shot...ok, i don't know anything about it and leave me out of it.

By the way, she reminds me of one blogger who abuse RX drugs...she knows more RX drugs than DR's that I know of...yikes is right...drama...I hate drama...good thing she and my sis lives far from us...
Forgive me for exploiting the conversation my creator...yup. mine is not perfect either but when ours comes to this, one have to decide (we both agree) to just leave and not look back.


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