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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning @ Home Started

My 4th grader did very well taking his Scranton test yesterday. We are not officially starting, but I wanted to use the two extra days later in the year instead. I hate the testing very early in the school year but that is what my children get when their school did not make the AYP for last year. I know this thing don't have anything to do with the children but have a lot to do with the school staying open. I wish public school does not exist, they are un-constitutional for those who don't know. And the more you ask the government to do for you, the more rights they take away from private citizens. I hope you know that too.

Anyway, all of my kids are very energetic to start yesterday. Not too many complaints and willing to work with me. I am not looking forward to all the testing ahead of us, but I have to show a smiley face because this is our last year in cyber school. I will be teaching them what we wanted next year, and the best part of it all is NO testing what-so-ever. I hope the program I am looking at still the same next year. I will not know what to do if their policy change when we start next year.

That's all for the update this week. I hope you are having a great first week of school just like we are.


Prettymom September 8, 2010 at 6:33 AM  

congrats to your kid. was here from my link list see you around

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