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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alzheimer Moment

Who goes around at people houses on Saturday? Not in my neighborhood since I got rid of some religious people trying to get us to go in their church. I'm sorry but DH has more knowledge of the bible than they do. And no, we don't try people to convert on our belief, as long as you follow the golden rule...that's pretty much it.

Someone was knocking on our front door today. My thought immediately, who the heck is it, on Saturday. There was a tall young man carrying a black huge garbage bag. Are you Kcir's wife, right? Yes, I am...I told the man, he looks familiar. Then he continues on telling me that they are cleaning their attic and giving away some stuff toys. They knew that we have kids, and we might want it. I decline nicely and he said he is my neighbor. I started smiling with embarrassment, I think I turned red the whole time he was at the front door.

After he left, I was like...DUH! However, I recognize him but I cannot pinpoint where I knew him from. Yeah, he is my neighbor whom I see often but not spoken to. Anyway, I didn't take the toys because our house is already stuff with so many toys. Not to mention I am the only one always cleaning this mess. I know they are just being nice but sorry, I can't put myself into more work.

DD and I went outside when starting to get dark because she forgot a toy outside, he was burning something smelly in their yard. I think he is burning the huge garbage bag of toys he offered us.


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