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Monday, August 9, 2010

Relatives Gathering

I met my long distant cousins over the weekend in a nice early dinner party. DH knew them and always hang-out in their house when he was little, but when people move all over the country, it got less and less time to spend time with them. They also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and most people in their family (Cheers families) was invited. They did not all showed up but they are all invited.

He was actually born in Europe and left the place when he was a teenager. Unlike my FIL he was born here. Our Uncle whom gave us so much mango was there too. I didn't know that they actually collecting those mangoes. I thought they didn't care much and only pick what they wanted. Anyway, our Aunt (his wife) told me that she hated it when people steels the mangoes. And I thought there are so many to go around, and when other people takes them they get mad. But then again, people are born differently. My family will not mind at all if we have a lot of mangoes and people tend not to ask when taking it. It would be nice if they ask and that goes with born differently again.

The cake, notice the gold in it...yes 50th is golden.

Let's get back to the relatives. I think they have the rules of having 3 children. My husband have 2 siblings and so my SIL have 3 kids too. Our relative have 3 kids and those 3 kids have 3 kids each. I was like wow! By the way, he is a NYPD retired.

And let me tell you how long it took us to get to the place. With New York City (NYC) traffic, 3 hours. Whew, I thought we will never get there. We get out of traffic just to get to another traffic. The event was held in Islip NY. I was making fun of the names of the bridges and highways...Little Neck, Throgs Neck...when I was still working when I get to NJ, I get all the NYC radio stations. I always hear them talk about rubbing necked in traffic. I told DH, they should have call this place Rubbing Neck instead because of the traffic. Most New Yorkers are use to it and they know the rules when yielding in traffics. But most of the time you get this New Jersey drivers that has no care in the world, they would never let anyone in between in-front of them. Have I mentioned before that they are the worst people that I met in my entire life? Very snotty people...and that is my opinion. Someone will comment on this one (I can feel it) and call me names now :P

Here are the celebrant. The young man in the background is one of their grandsons.

And yes, the accent of my relatives. he he he, they talk like my MIL because she was born and raise in Brooklyn...wate'...he he he. And yes, they love my kids especially our 4th one. This not the first time when someone ask us if they can keep him...he he he.

Oh and one incident that DH pointed out (again). His sister and mother does dress up for such occasion. I told him, you are the brother and son, mention it to them not me. DH family grew up doing and attending this kind of events and his sister knew how they dress for occasion, but somehow she literary forgotten or refuses to acknowledge anymore.

Here is our kids. The 4th one is the one wearing red tie.

When I met her, her first husband was very stingy with money and they never dress nice. Now that she is a teacher and married to another teacher, I expect for her to dress accordingly...but I was wrong. DH compare the clothing with the invitation when we get one. If the invitation is nicely done or made we wear a formal clothing. If not, then we wear nice casual clothing. How about you?


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