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Friday, October 29, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

I have some showers this morning, it looks as if going to snow while looking from inside my home. It clear up a bit and better than all clouds anytime.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Nasty Tricks

I tried calling my parents over the weekend to see if I can get through. I was very lucky because the phone at the other end was ringing. Sure enough, I finally caught them in town. My mother said, "your godson is driving a tricycle now, he finally got his license yesterday. You're father and I gave him money to pay for it." I was thinking good, at least they have some type of income added to my brother working solely for the whole family.

She mentioned that my sister in California will be coming in April. My answer was, "good luck meeting her face to face," because I am sure she will not go home to the province, but will stay in Manila the whole time.

Then she mentioned that my sister in law got a text telling her that my brother (the one I am talking about above) is cheating on her and that he already got another kid with the other woman. I was shock because I knew from the very beginning how much he loves his wife, and he will do anything for her. I could not sleep on Saturday evening thinking about it.

I was thinking, did he lost his mind or my sister in law did some pretty bad things to him. But my mother insisted that my sister in law never done anything. So, I came with the conclusion that what she got is wrong. I was very sad the whole day yesterday thinking what it could be. I have to wait until the evening before calling him because I know he works hard and I don't want to wake him up in the middle of the night.

I blurt out ask him, I knew my brother, plus he is the only one I got and he never lied to me before. He said, that his associate might gotten his wife's phone number from his phone, because he let them borrow it when they needed a phone. And he also mention that since, he always get picked to go to another country for a business trip, that the person who gossip is jealous of him and wanted to hurt his family. What a nasty way to show it, I told him.

Here I am thinking about every scenario just because one of his co-worker does not like him because he is trustworthy. Even his boss told me about it one time because I got his boss extension, I forgot my brother's extension at work and ask for his boss instead. I know my brother will never hurt his wife, and I wanted to make sure he did not lost his mind. Plus, he is already a grandfather, and starting over with a young wife and kid is not like him.

DH saw me crying over skype and after I hung up, he knew right away I was talking to my brother. I told DH it wasn't true, and asked me if I feel better. Of course I feel better, the people under him are nasty in my opinion. That is not very nice of them...just wait for their KARMA, it will come, if not now, later, I'm sure of it. My brother only rent a room in Manila and his family have a house in the province. I would be mad too if I receive a text telling me my husband is unfaithful. I trust my brother and I have a lot of respect towards and I look up to him. I told him, never ever do such thing because my heart will be broken and I will never respect him anymore and I don't want to lose him as a brother. He promise me that he will never do it because he don't want any headache plus, he loves his wife. Good, I said.

I'm already not talking to one of my siblings, I don't want to make it more than that. Plus, he is the only brother I have, blood related that is. Whew! What a weekend, my family actually stayed home, but I didn't enjoy it much because of this. Goodness, too much drama, I hate drama.


Friday, October 22, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Taken early this morning. Have a wonderful and very colorful autumn, everyone. I enjoy watching the colors but I hate the cold. Not looking forward to the winter.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is what my children did while we are camping out over the weekend. Who needs computer games when you have the whole forest to play at? My oldest is out to college, so he is not in this picture. Only the four little ones made it.

The second oldest.

Our 4th boy.

The (middle child) only girl.

The 5th and youngest boy.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little Nedekcir that Could

Ha ha ha, I love that title. My whole family went out to the woods to a survival practice again. In short, we camped out with the bare necessity in hand. Since there is not much of us camped out over the weekend, DH did not drive his truck. We used our mini-van this time. That said, we have to walk and carry everything (the bare necessity) to a camp site because I refuse to drive my mini-van on a four wheel drive road.

Going to the camp site was a breeze even though my pack was heavy and cannot put it in my back by myself. Going back to the vehicle on Sunday afternoon was a challenge. DH helped me with my pack because I cannot pick it from the ground to my back. I think I would have thrown my back if I tried. Now, the hike to the car was 45° and half way to the hike, I feel like the "little engine that could." My legs were shaking the whole climb...whew! That was a climb and I am pretty sure I am out of shape.

And I can still feel it even now. Thinking back, if I did not my hardest to stay on my feet, I will look like a turtle on a terrain on its back trying to get up. My pack is almost as big as me, and that would be a funny sight.

I hated sleeping with my kids. They fill up the whole tent when they are not asleep yet. They don't want to be next to each other. As soon as they fall asleep, they will cramp in one end and leave a lot of room some place. I in the other hand stay at one end, and they stick where I am. Now I can't move to the empty spot because they are using the empty ends of my sleeping as a pillow. I end up being awake the whole night because I can't easily turn and get comfortable.

This weekend was pretty cold and my youngest kept on complaining that he was hot inside his sleeping bag. He kept taking it off, and at the end I grab him and put him inside my sleeping bag. My night was horrible. I can't move. I can't switch sleeping bag because my youngest son's sleeping is small and my 3rd son's body was on it. Instead of trying to get some sleep, I left the tent and stayed outside and waited for the daylight. Did I mention it was cold? Ha just making sure.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maganda ka Kasi

Another mushy post from my childhood. I will write this in my own language because I wanted to remember this and to practice writing in my Tagalog/Taglish more

Ka-chat ko ulit ngayon yung dati kung ka-eskwela, yung binangkit ko na nasa Hong Kong ngayon doon sa Young Life na post ko. Gusto ko ring itanong sa kanya kung galit sya sa akin, katulad ng ibang babae sa school namin noong nasa mababang paaralan pa kami. Maraming may galit sa akin noon, laging ako ang kanilang pinapansin. Sabi ko nga doon sa last post ko, lahat sila ako ang napupuna, galit man o hindi.

Nag-usap kami ng asawa ko tungkol dito at sinabi nya sa akin na kung sino man ang nag-kukulit sa akin, ay mayroong pagtingin kasi ganun din daw ang ginagawa nya sa mga nagugustuhan nya noong nasa mababang paaralan sya. Pero sabi ko, ano naman ang rason mo sa mga babaeng naninira sa akin. Kung ano-anu ang tawag sa akin, ni hindi ko na naririnig ang pangalan ko. Sabi nya baka daw tomboy, oy, ang dami nila ano, saka yung iba doon may mga asawa na rin.

Ngayon, sabi noong kaibigan ko, siguro daw baka maagawan ng mga lalake. Eh, sabi ko naman, wala nga akong alam sa mga lalakeng iyon kung may gusto sila o wala, kasi hindi naman sila nag-sasabi. Sabi ng asawa ko, halatang-halata naman eh kailangan pa bang sabihin yun. Oo nga naman, mautak ako noon, pero kapag dating sa mga ganyan gusto ko diretsahan talaga.

Saka sabi nya, baka daw mas maganda ako sa mga babaeng yun at ayaw magpatalo. Basura naman ang tingin ko sa kanila noon. Wala na nga akong pinapansin na lalake sa akin pa sila galit. Bakit hindi sila magalit sa mga lalake na ayaw sa kanila. Mag-hubo at hubad sila sa harapan nito, tiyak pansinin sila...he he he. Sinabi ko nga sa asawa ko na iisa lang lalake ang lumapit sa akin noon. Lagi pa nya akong sinsundan makausap lang nya ako na mag-isa, pero mas matanda ako sa kanya saka wala ring sinasabi. Ganun din ang sagot nya. "Hindi na kailangan yun" kasi alam nya na sya lang ang kumakausap syo na mag-isa. Tatanga-tanga pa kasi noon, saka ayaw kong pinag-uusapan ako ng buong baranggay. Tiyal magagalit ang nanay ko doon.

Sinabi din niya na maganda daw ako, kaya laging nakatingin ang marami sa akin. Siguro selos din sya noon. Tanungin ko nga sa sunod naming pag-uusap para malaman ko. Para naman maituwid ang mga balikot nilang utak. Ngayon naman iniisip ko, na kung hindi ako isnabera noon, na kung lahat ng mga umaaligid na hindi ko pinapansin at pinansin ko...ano kaya ang mga reaksyon nila? Lalo na sigurong nagalit ang mga yun at tawagin akong babaeng mababa ang lipad. Hindi ko na rin pinansin yung nag-iisang lalake na malakas ang loob na kausapin ako dahil sa mga ginagawa nila sa akin.

Ni hindi ko nalaman kung may gusto nga sa akin yun o wala. Hindi sya tulad ng iba na kukulitin ako hanggang ma-iyak ako. Basta sya, kakamustahin ako at mag-ku-kwento. May gusto rin yung kaibigan ko sa lalakeng ito, kasama na yun kaya hindi ko na pinag-tuunan ng pansin. Ayaw ko kasi mag-ayaw kami dahil lang sa lalake, pero sabi nya sa akin ngayon, hindi daw nanligaw sa kanya yun noong nasa high school kami pareho.

Isa na rin sa rason kung bakit umalis kaagad ako sa baranggay namin, pag-katapos ko ng high school. Ang mga tao doon, mainggitin na sasaktan ang loob mo dahil sa inggit. Isang buwan ako tumira sa bahay ng magulang ko hindi ko matiis tumigil doon. Na hanggang sumakit ang ulo ko at gusto kung matulog lagi. Pumayag naman ang nanay ko na mag-trabaho ako sa bayan ng Lucena. Nakalaya ako sa mga mata ng tao sa amin. Wala ng papansin sa akin at kung mag-karoon man ako ng napupusuan wala na silang paki-alam doon. Hindi nila ako mapapag-usapan.

Hanggang sumunod ako sa kapatid ko sa Zambales. Umuuwi lang ako minsan, saka hindi ako nag-tatagal na marami ang makaka-kita sa akin. Siguro mga tatlong araw lang ang tigil ko sa bahay ng mga magulang ko, tapos alis ulit ako. Nakapag-abay pa ako sa pinsan ko. Yung isa nyang pinsan hindi daw makakarating, parang pangalawa lang ako. Pero noong sinabi ko na makakarating ako, bigla na lang nag-sabi na makaka-uwi daw sya. Bale, pinsan ko rin iyon at isa sya sa mga babaeng may galit sa akin.

Sa buong dalawang araw na nandoon kami sa kasalan, hindi man lang ako kina-usap ng mga iyon. Ang lagi kung ka-usap ay iyong pinsan namin na ika-kasal at mga lalakeng pinsan din namin. Bakit may mga mainggiting mga tao na nagagalit pa sa iyo? Nag-papasalamat ako sa kataas-taasan na binigyan nya ako ng mga ipag-mamalaki sa mga taong katulad nila. Nag-papasalamat din ako sa nanay ko at binayagan niya akong umalis sa lugar na iyon.

Itinutoring ko pa rin na taga-doon ako. Pero ang mga tao doon ngayon, wala ng malilinis na mukha. Palitan ng asawa, iwanan, iyong mga katulad ko na gustong mas maganda ang kinabukasan ang nag-alisan at bumibisita na lang minsan. Sabi ko nga sa kaibigan ko, parang palabas sa telebisyon ang mga buhay ng mga tao doon ngayon. Masyado siguro silang nanonood ng TV.


Monday, October 11, 2010

She Exercise to get Pregnant

Curious DD was asking me how our cat get pregnant. She is 7 years old turning 40. I told her, I will explain it to her when she is old enough. She asked how old DH and I, then when she is playing with other children, she will blurt out that Mommy and Daddy is this old. I do yell at her for telling other people about our business. I even pull her out where no one can hear it, but she insisted on talking loudly and wanted the other kids to hear what I have to tell her.

At one point I just yell at her in front of the children she was playing with. I don't think you are very nice for telling everyone about us. She get's embarrassed and the other kids just stare at her. I guess I have to embarrassed her all the time to get my point across.

When I told her that I tell you when you are old enough, she told me, "she goes out and exercise to get pregnant?" I just said yes. I don't want to lie to her, but if I tell her now, she will tell everyone about it. And there is no way of stopping her. She need to learn to shut her mouth about personal information.


Friday, October 8, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

What a lovely day! After almost two weeks of non-stop rain this is what I have today. Looking forward to a very nice and busy (out) weekend, I think.

Have a great weekend everyone. I will have another busy weekend, at least I am very active last month and this month. Not getting enough sleep makes me grumpy but I think this will get worst before it gets better. At least 10 more years of busy, busy, busy...whew. Just thinking about it made me very tired. I need a very long restful weekend...not!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Young Life

Some mushy stories from my childhood...

Way past, let's say grade school...he he he. A long way from it. I started chatting to my grade school friend who is in Hong Kong right now. My mother does not call very much lately and I found my old classmate's name on one of the social network around. I have mentioned before that I left my parents house as soon as I finished high school and we have not seen each other since grade school graduation.

When I attended high school, I spent most of my time in my boarding house. So, even if she was around we never seen each other because I only come home on the weekend and not very often. She mentioned about the boys and what they are doing right now. It was fun to remember what were doing those years.

She knew all the boys that have crush on me, which by the way I never knew until now. And she had a crush on them. She made me laugh, she told me the reason I never know because when they try to call my attention I never looked. And she was the one that always look back. I never liked it when they say, "psst" to get my attention. Why can't they come closer and be civilize? There was only one boy who got courage to walked towards me and say something. However, he was in the lower grade (younger than me) and he did not actually admitted that he likes me. And most of them call me snob...what! Ok fine, so I was...:))

I was always the first in my class, I have fairer complexion than most and they all said I am pretty. I guess those are the qualities these boys are looking for, who knows...ha ha ha. However, I hated my grade school years. I was the center of attention and all of the teachers expect the best from me. Furthermore, every little mishap at school, everyone sure knew about it. Even boys who confess to their friends that they like me can go around the campus. And I never liked being teased about it.

I know now, that most of them liked me because of what DH told me, how he showed he liked someone when he was little. I can say, that most of the boys that I knew act that way. I am also glad that I did not pay any attention to them. I was way too young and I know my mother will get a belt and hit me if she ever find out anything like it.

DH still act like a kid when he is trying to get my attention. He pulls, tugs, and pokes when I don't pay attention to him. So, those grade school days are not really gone. I have a darling husband who reminds me about it every day.

Anyway, let's continue about my friend. She end up with one of our grade school classmate and they have two daughters. However, after working a few months in other country, she found out that her husband was cheating. She asked her employer for a short vacation and took their daughters away from her husband. I don't know yet, how long they been separated. I gave her two thumbs up for standing what she believe was right. Most of my kind back home will take whatever their spouse throw at them. And don't have the gut to fight.


Friday, October 1, 2010

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Windmill anyone? (click the picture to see bigger) Taken last weekend from the strip mine we camp at.


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