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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Young Life

Some mushy stories from my childhood...

Way past, let's say grade school...he he he. A long way from it. I started chatting to my grade school friend who is in Hong Kong right now. My mother does not call very much lately and I found my old classmate's name on one of the social network around. I have mentioned before that I left my parents house as soon as I finished high school and we have not seen each other since grade school graduation.

When I attended high school, I spent most of my time in my boarding house. So, even if she was around we never seen each other because I only come home on the weekend and not very often. She mentioned about the boys and what they are doing right now. It was fun to remember what were doing those years.

She knew all the boys that have crush on me, which by the way I never knew until now. And she had a crush on them. She made me laugh, she told me the reason I never know because when they try to call my attention I never looked. And she was the one that always look back. I never liked it when they say, "psst" to get my attention. Why can't they come closer and be civilize? There was only one boy who got courage to walked towards me and say something. However, he was in the lower grade (younger than me) and he did not actually admitted that he likes me. And most of them call me snob...what! Ok fine, so I was...:))

I was always the first in my class, I have fairer complexion than most and they all said I am pretty. I guess those are the qualities these boys are looking for, who knows...ha ha ha. However, I hated my grade school years. I was the center of attention and all of the teachers expect the best from me. Furthermore, every little mishap at school, everyone sure knew about it. Even boys who confess to their friends that they like me can go around the campus. And I never liked being teased about it.

I know now, that most of them liked me because of what DH told me, how he showed he liked someone when he was little. I can say, that most of the boys that I knew act that way. I am also glad that I did not pay any attention to them. I was way too young and I know my mother will get a belt and hit me if she ever find out anything like it.

DH still act like a kid when he is trying to get my attention. He pulls, tugs, and pokes when I don't pay attention to him. So, those grade school days are not really gone. I have a darling husband who reminds me about it every day.

Anyway, let's continue about my friend. She end up with one of our grade school classmate and they have two daughters. However, after working a few months in other country, she found out that her husband was cheating. She asked her employer for a short vacation and took their daughters away from her husband. I don't know yet, how long they been separated. I gave her two thumbs up for standing what she believe was right. Most of my kind back home will take whatever their spouse throw at them. And don't have the gut to fight.


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