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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little Nedekcir that Could

Ha ha ha, I love that title. My whole family went out to the woods to a survival practice again. In short, we camped out with the bare necessity in hand. Since there is not much of us camped out over the weekend, DH did not drive his truck. We used our mini-van this time. That said, we have to walk and carry everything (the bare necessity) to a camp site because I refuse to drive my mini-van on a four wheel drive road.

Going to the camp site was a breeze even though my pack was heavy and cannot put it in my back by myself. Going back to the vehicle on Sunday afternoon was a challenge. DH helped me with my pack because I cannot pick it from the ground to my back. I think I would have thrown my back if I tried. Now, the hike to the car was 45° and half way to the hike, I feel like the "little engine that could." My legs were shaking the whole climb...whew! That was a climb and I am pretty sure I am out of shape.

And I can still feel it even now. Thinking back, if I did not my hardest to stay on my feet, I will look like a turtle on a terrain on its back trying to get up. My pack is almost as big as me, and that would be a funny sight.

I hated sleeping with my kids. They fill up the whole tent when they are not asleep yet. They don't want to be next to each other. As soon as they fall asleep, they will cramp in one end and leave a lot of room some place. I in the other hand stay at one end, and they stick where I am. Now I can't move to the empty spot because they are using the empty ends of my sleeping as a pillow. I end up being awake the whole night because I can't easily turn and get comfortable.

This weekend was pretty cold and my youngest kept on complaining that he was hot inside his sleeping bag. He kept taking it off, and at the end I grab him and put him inside my sleeping bag. My night was horrible. I can't move. I can't switch sleeping bag because my youngest son's sleeping is small and my 3rd son's body was on it. Instead of trying to get some sleep, I left the tent and stayed outside and waited for the daylight. Did I mention it was cold? Ha just making sure.


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