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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HVAC and Your Home

Guest post written by Clayton Mehr

Record breaking summer temperatures take their toll on your air conditioning units both inside and outside. Recently I came home from work to find my hvac unit not working. Outside temperatures were 88 but the inside temperature had reached to nearly 92. Luckily Sears heating and air conditioning does emergency calls. The problem was simply a wire that was old and deteriorated. The problem was fixed and my hvac unit kicked right back on. He suggested I do some preventive measures to update my system and gave me a list that either he could do or I could do myself since I am very handy around the house with home improvements.

Saving money is of the utmost importance right now so I headed to the local hardware store with my list in hand. First on the list was a set of new hvac filters which is probably the most overlooked item in the summer for hvac units. Summer allergens, dust and weeds will clog a filter quickly and deteriorate the efficiency of your hvac unit. I then purchased some simple duct tape, as my hvac professional had noticed some leaks in my vents as well as the tubing in the basement. Air leaks and gaps in tubing and vents can cause significant loss in cooling and heating through your home.


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