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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

ODS graduated last Friday and moved out the same day. He wanted to spend time with his father before going to college at Edinboro University this coming August. Below is his yearbook picture.

ODSBelow is his graduation picture. I love the smile with the above picture, totally gotten it from me along with the The only thing missing are dimples, I had a few, and he never gotten any of it.

ODSI got a hold of SIL, and she willingly watched our 4 little one while attending the above event. DH and I never liked the event, but we came to support him. The speeches made us sick, school system is brain wash to the bone. The words "changes are the inevitable"" almost made us vomit. Not all changes are for the good or always good.

Anyway, since SIL came, so was her husband. They don't have kids together but treat their dog like one. I found out today that they put the dog in my van. Furs are everywhere and if you are not a dog lover, you can smell the smell. Yuck, she never used to be that way. She and her first husband had dogs, but they never take the dogs everywhere. It's not like this dog is tiny, it is a Labrador, for crying out loud. That is what I get for asking her to watch the kids I guess.

Sunday DH took us to visit our local wild animal shelter. Boy, I can smell the skunk a mile a way. We have to give a small donation, and then it started raining. We went out of the house just to catch some summer This is an outdoor shelter, next to the owners' house too.

We are finally on summer vacation. The swimming pool is almost clean and ready for the little ones. We are just waiting for heat again for them to go in it. My vegetable garden is finally planted. I'm not sure if they will ripen before the first frost, but I can always try next year.

Happy Monday everyone, that's it for today.


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