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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update

As usual, after a training DH comes home very tired and sleeps for a long time. Poor man. He did not expect to have some cake yesterday. I told him that we don't have any cocoa powder, and I can't make any. I looked around the cupboard and found one. He said he could smell it, as soon as he enters the house.

The kids went out again and swim in the pool. I am worried that they get burn because they wanted to stay too long. Especially my youngest one, this is his first year that he actually join the others in the pool. I want them to get a tan little by little, not in one day. Getting it in one day will be a disaster because I am pretty sure it will hurt.

They played for two days using the slip-n-slide and also two days now in the pool. They have color on them already, I can see how pale they were before those 4 days. My arms are changing color now too. I can't hardly see my hairs in my arm...:P. My legs in the other hands don't get the sun much, unless I soak in the pool like my kids. The water is still too cold for me, maybe in two weeks I'll join them.

I also cleaned my desk yesterday. I am running of space for confiscated things from the kids. Anything that they are not allowed to play with ends up in my desk. I got so much mails that needed to be shredded. There are more next to my desk on the floor. Now, I have extra space to be filled up again for this coming school year, and I can see the top of my


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