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Monday, September 27, 2010

Whew! Tired from the Weekend

What a different experience camping out over the weekend. Too many women in my opinion in a camping site bring too much confusions and arguments. Me in the other hand did not say much because they are all bunch of know it all. I went there to be with DH, and arguing about things and getting mad about it will not get us closer to what we are fighting for (freedom).

Our kids had a lot of fun shooting bb's, me in the other hand did not have a chance to shoot at all, because I have 4 children to entertain and keep away from people who are shooting.

Going to the bathroom was a challenge for too. Since there are about 20 people in our campsite going anywhere is not possible. Even walking about 10 yard away from the campsite is not real safe. I might as well cover myself with a Pancho when going to the bathroom closer to our campsite. At least no one can see anything, they know what I am doing but they can't see any part of me that stranger will never see.

Furthermore, since this was tactical training we are not allowed to have fire burning the whole time. I hate those bugs that flies on the top of your heads because of the sweat. I wasted DH cigarette just to keep them away from me...ugh. It was cold Saturday night and sleeping inside a sleeping bag made it comfortable. We don't have bottom under our tent either, so it's only the sleeping bag between our body and the ground. I was smart enough to gather the leaves and put them under me.

One of the guy have a four wheel drive huge truck and I enjoyed riding on it up and down hills. A little scary when going up and down the hills but all in all I enjoyed the ride. There's no roads only clearings, the place used to be a strip mine.

We will be doing this again in a month, hopefully the weather at night will cooperate in a month. I don't want to be in an open field with a tent with no bottom and a lot of clothing. Going to the bathroom with too much clothing is not fun. That's all for today. How was your weekend? I will add some picture throughout the week.


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