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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Updates

On Saturday we went to visit my PIL and took the kids to a train ride at New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. This is their second time there, the first time they were very young and cannot remember. I showed them the pictures from the last time and they asking where it was. Instead of explaining them when the pictures was taken, we decided to take them there again.

Then we went to our friends son's birthday party. We stayed until 10pm and I was very tired when we left their house. We got home around 1AM and I was still very sleepy when I woke up the next day. We only have enough time to eat breakfast and lunch, then we were out of the house again. Between breakfast and lunch I went grocery shopping for our week supply. I had to pick up some raw milk too, because we don't have much left.

At 1pm we were off to the shooting range. My kids enjoyed shooting the 22 hand gun that our friend let us borrow. We also have 2 rifles and 1 hand gun that I tried shooting with a target. I cannot get the target with the handgun because it shoot to the ground then hit the target. I am not even aiming to the ground...:)).

The only part I didn't like about it, is the kids that are sitting next to us kept on wanting to try every gun and rifles we have. I really don't mind if they have bullets, but they still need to use ours. Bullets are expensive and to let some strangers waste it because they wanted to try feeling the guns. Buy your own, darn it! I can use all the training I needed and I cannot afford to keep giving you the bullets. I don't like it at all.

Anyway, our handgun got more kicks than the rifles. However, I can shoot a farther target with the rifles than the handgun. Furthermore, both are useful in real combat. Closer targets for the handguns and farther with the rifles. Next weekend my whole family is camping in the woods (no utilities) and will be shooting more with targets (live firing).

So, how was your weekend?


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