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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will it Kill You

It's winter again and DH is home most of the time, unless it snows that he needed to go out and plow. I know he works very hard to provide for our family, but it would be nice if he can make a meal once a week. I'm only asking for once a week, will it kill him to make or even provide a meal once?

I wish he can think for once...ha ha ha or maybe buy a meal for dinner or lunch, just once. I am not asking every time, did I say once a week. He will probably just laugh at me.

I always cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Monday to Friday my day filled with educating my children, making sure they attend live lessons. On the weekend I go grocery shopping, washing clothes, and making chicken fingers to freeze. That mostly is my 2nd DS meal once a day and whoever wanted some. I make sure I cook enough for a week use for all of them. So, if some of them don't eat any of it, it will last for two weeks. Then I have some free time on the weekend.

We also sometimes join DH on weekend meetings and usually take all day, most it. Wanting not to think on what to feed my children for once, can come in handy. I can focus more on their schedule. I cannot tell you some many times we forgot to join live lessons because I simply forgot to turn on my reminder or simply too busy and lose track of time.

I have 13 more years, to have everyone finish their studies. That is too long. One day at a time.


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