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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chatted with the Family

I found out one cousin had a baby last week, and two nieces are half way there. One step niece had one last July. She is my only brother son's soon to be a wife in January. Well, for me, they are already husband and wife when they did the deed. The sacrament of marriage is between the man and woman and the high almighty above. Not about getting the marriage license or whose church is willing to marry them. I can care less if the couple goes into the middle of the field and exchange bows and asks above that, "from this day forwards now on we are husbands and wife."

This will only work if one does not value to look nice in-front of they neighbors, or wearing a white gown walking on the isle of the so called church and people are in awe on how great the bride look or the reception. Then again, I may be the 3% who will not do it, if I've known what I know now.

Ok, let's get back to pregnant and babies above...ha ha ha. I hinted with most of them that I wanted to be one of the godmothers for their child. Well, all of them said yes, and why not, and I am most welcome...ha ha ha. Looks like I am collecting godchildren here.

The one that had her baby girl last week was my first cousin's (she is my godmother) 3rd child. She is not married, but engage to her foreigner, who teaches in my birth country. So, basically they are living together. Please see above to what I must say here. People there talks and put people down when things like this happen. If they love each other, I don't care if they are married or not. As long as they both believe that now, they belong to each other, and one cannot dream of being with someone else.

My two nieces above are both my eldest sisters' daughters. The oldest one had been married for about two years now (I think) and only having her first child. The second one was living with her husband longer than the first, and she is pregnant with their second child. And they are just one month apart. So, my parents will have four grandchildren by next year.

Our family is getting bigger everyday...It would be nice to see a picture of the whole family. There will be forty people in the picture, grandparents, five children plus five (their spouses), seventeen grandchildren plus three spouses, and four great grandchildren...whew! That's a lot. We will need a wide area to get everyone to pose.


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