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Monday, July 5, 2010

Life of Ours Update

I had a very tiring weekend. We went to Jim Thorpe for an event and we stayed for almost 10 hours. Very tiring because I have to follow my 4 kids everywhere, while DH talk to people and trying to feed the truth into their brains.

There was some rides, that my kids did in less than 1 hours (5 rides), that they are only allowed to be on for a minute. Geez! what a rip off. I spend $80 just for 4 kids. Added the food or junk food they consumed the whole time we were there.

The fireworks are nice and we did not get home until 11:30 in the evening. The kids passed out in the van, and my youngest can't get comfortable, whining every now and then.

I saw sisters that can be mistaken from my country. I don't really know for sure because I tried very hard to treat them as regular people now. Meaning I don't say anything to them, unless they speak to me first. No special attention.

I also found out that Jim Thorpe is set on the side of the mountain in the middle of nowhere. I was thinking it is a Sorry, no picture to add this time. I didn't feel like taking pictures while my kids drag me in every corner of the park. They offered about 10 animals for a petting zoo...hehehe and the organizer brag about what he had done, when he talked to me.

Oh yes, before I forget...thank you so much to some member of the Easton's music group for giving us some of their food tickets. One old man approached me asking how many kids I have. I tried paying him back for it, but he said, "it was given to them to play there". And since he ate all that he can, he just gave it away. MY DH got approached by an older lady too and gave him hers. DH shared his to the people helping to spread the freedom. I think we had about $40 all together in food tickets.

We light up some fireworks last night and our kids enjoyed it. Not so much for me, because I think the mosquitoes in my yard loves Asian blood. I got bitten a few times, and now I am itching everywhere. I did try walking around, but did not stop them.


Tammy July 5, 2010 at 4:22 PM  

That's a lot of money to spend. We decided to keep things simple this year. We had a cookout for just the 4 of us and went to an open field to watch fireworks.

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