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Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh My!

I don't even remember if I was inside the house yesterday when FIL called out that they (his wife) are going to the emergency room. Children told me that I was in the shower when he said goodbye. I did not find out until my Alzheimer MIL told DH (her son but she never acknowledge it) that she choked over bacon and egg while eating in their bedroom yesterday.

They went out to eat brunch with SIL. I was surprised that they got back too fast and she brought her food with her. I was so tired and took a nap when they got home. Almost asleep I heard FIL and MIL arguing about grocery store ads. FIL asking if she have a Giant ad, she came back with, "what you need it for?" FIL said, "I wanted to see it." It turns out she don't even have one. Then I think I snooze off.

I was awaken by my two children arguing about monopoly trades they made. DD wants to take it back and his younger brother kept on insisting no. Well, the game stopped there because DD don't want to take her turn and everyone quit at that point.

Then I went outside to cook dried squids over hot oil. I decided not to cook any of them inside my house anymore and since it was a nice day yesterday. I did not came back in until I was done. I should them to DD and she wasn't mad about the game anymore and asked me for some. FIL and MIL wasn't sitting on the table anymore, I thought they moved to their bedroom. Then I proceeded to take a shower. I still don't know if my in laws are home or not at this point.

Showered done and I ate some pieces of the squid. Children wanted to go out so I got ready to go outside. I noticed that my FIL car is not park on the street. I asked the children and DD told me they left, I ask what for but she didn't know.

Well, the children played outside and I started collecting sticks from the storm we got a few weeks back (Sandy). They asked me if we can light it up again like what we did on Sunday afternoon. We watched and played around the fire and PIL got home. I did not come in right away to the house because I don't want to leave outside with the fire. Anyway, after the fire die down I came in made a comment to my FIL that I didn't even knew they left until I asked the children. He said, they had to live in the hurry, and I didn't think any of it.

Then DH came home and asked his mother how she is doing and she told the story. Yea, for having Alzheimer she remember about it. I told DH I didn't even know about it. Anyway, I think she have a selective She want to remember what she like and those bad and not important to her she like to forget...:)).

That is not important. I just like to make fun of her and DH agree with me. I also mention to DH to watch the way she eats. She stuff her mouth with food and tried swallowing everything she have in it. I think that is why she almost choke. Plus, she never drink anything but coffee. If there is not coffee she tried to swallow everything without drinking. DH also mention that if she was choking, he doesn't think she was able to speak and told his father to drive to the emergency room. And just the way she is, she rather pay thousands to the people of the emergency room to give water, rather than ask....yes, ASK people in my house for water for free. She probably shove so much food in and the food kinda stuck in her esophagus. And being old, she thinks she is choking. Good thing she did not blame her husband or the man with her (the way she puts it) for doing it to her. She would come up with many excuses just like the way she is with the remote control. I didn't do it (when she goes up too high with the channels and getting no pictures), however she is the only one holding the remote. I know, patience and take the remote from her and change the channel myself. Well, at least I have something to write, right? hahahaha.

Happy Monday everyone. Time to go out and take my 11 yo DS to his speech lesson.   


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