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Sunday, November 4, 2012

DH Family Staying with Us

Well, only my PIL because they are old and always take forever before the electric people get to their street. DH nephew only comes when his not working or DH kept on hinting about his parents, and I kept on telling him they can move in anytime they want. Besides they hardly eat and our children loves them.

MIL is developing Alzheimer pretty fast, and when they got to our house on Thursday (yes, they stayed on their house for two days without electricity because MIL don't want to leave) they are both look very tired and she was disoriented. After resting a bit on a chair, FIL went back outside to his car to start bringing their stuff in...e.i. blankets, pillows, clothes. MIL came to me in the kitchen ( i was cooking "bibingka" (a filipino delicacy) and ask me, "where is Jr, and who is this man with me." I told her Jr. is getting stuff outside and he will be right back. That the man with her is Jr.

She hugged me saying, "oh thank goodness, I thought I am with two man." And started crying. Then the whole time they were awake, she didn't recognize Jr, as the one who drove her in our house. She kept on referring to my FIL as my friend. She also refer to someone who bought her food, and she thinks he is very nice to do so. In her mind she is dealing with at least four men.

On the next day, she kept on bothering FIL if they go home. FIL only ignore her because most of what she was saying does not make any sense. Finally, after the second day, she was much easier to talk to. She can remember almost everything that is going on, except she doesn't ask about going home anymore. Which is good in my opinion. Her Alzheimer focus on her own house, and she only know our house now.

I think they should move in with us permanently. It did a lot of good for her and FIL does not look very tired and irritated. Plus, we have the space for them because DS's like to sleep in the same bedroom. They have a bunk bed and all three sleeps in the same bed...too funny. BTW, she was diagnose with a few months to live. So, at least my FIL will not be alone dealing with her.     


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