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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Missing MIL

Yes, you read it right. Like I mentioned in my last post, they went home Tuesday morning. She lasted alright that day. I brought my children to their bio-magnetism appointment on Thursday and the doctors' office is only ten minutes from their house. I called up FIL and asked if they are up for some company and he was more glad to see us.

We met up at a fast food restaurant and MIL was cheery and glad also for seeing them. FIL and I went up to the counter and order some food for the children. He mentioned that MIL act-up on Wednesday, one day after they came home. He said, she went for a walk outside on their 25 acres wood and came back to the house asking who he was and why is he in her house.

To make the story short, he end up calling the police because she was hysterical and wants FIL to get out of the house. He said, the neighbors got drag in too, maybe because MIL ran there for help. I did not ask to elaborate. I know that the situation is already too much for him. She end up staying in the hospital overnight and FIL picked her up the next day.

Well, around four pm the next day, the same day when the children and I visited them, she acted-up again. FIL did the same thing, however this one was different. Friday morning when FIL wanted to pick her up, the hospital did not say where she was and refuses to speak to FIL. However, I bet they gave him the bill from the night before. If the hospital did that to me I will let them sit on that stupid bill. Telling them off. Hey! "I want my wife, since you cannot tell me anything, that is not my bill." "No wife, NO bill, NO payment!" Yes, as far as I know the STATE kidnap my MIL and drug her up to move somewhere else.

She have Alzheimer and can never decide for herself. They took her without authorization from FIL and herself. They will be getting a summon from us. FIL thinks they sent her to the looney bin somewhere in the area. However, he called-up the place and they refuses to speak to him too. I can smell a really nice lawsuit for both of these places. DH is more knowledgeable now than before about the system and oh boy, they don't want to mess with him. They will feel his furry.

I feel so bad for my FIL. He sounded very worry over the phone. I hope he feel a little better today after a night of sleep, if he ever sleeps. Geez, DH and I should never let them go home. We are somewhat responsible for not insisting enough.


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