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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And the Name Calling Began

Well, what a lovely morning. DH told me that he told his mother the rundown of her family, and she got it for that moment. Then she told DH, that the man with her in the bedroom is gay. That’s was then when I saw DH downstairs and telling me all about his morning. He said when he heard about it, he change the subject and ask his mother if she wanted to watch TV. He said he doesn’t want to know why she said that.

What goes into DH head was, his mother was trying some kind of sexual move and his father has nothing to do with her. Yea, a sons mind about his parents’ sexual life.

Anyway, when his father woke up he sat down with us on the table while drinking coffee. Conversations with his mother got foggier. She does not recognize the man sitting in front of her is her husband. And every time the conversation comes to his father, her mother will say, “shhh,” let’s not talk about that. It sounded like she doesn’t want her talking about her husband in front this strange man. I think in her mind her husband died and she is with a new man. And this new man doesn’t want to hear about her dead husband. Ah-ya-yay!

DH went to work and they started packing their car. The power at their house is back and being a nice FIL, he wants to gt out of our house right away. She went outside once and brought two bags. When she got back she made a comment that she haven't seen her husband and she thinks he is already dead. I pointed to her husband and said right there, that is Jr. your husband. FIL nod and said right here is your husband, raising his hand. She answered with a question, are you sure? I know what my husband look like. And what is your husband look like, I asked. She said, like Jr. Then I pointed at her husband again.

Then FIL said, STOP and I stop acknowledging what she was saying. I felt so bad for my FIL. He went to the bathroom and I told MIL what do you want me to say. She said, tell me the truth. Well, maybe the truth in her mind, not in everyone's mind. I told her I'm done talking and do not ask me again if you don't believe me and I left the room.

I can't believe it. She called me a liar. Not the exact word but just the same. I cannot imagine Alzheimer sufferer can be so cruel. I like the movie the "50 First Dates" better than what we are going through with my MIL.


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