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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Neighbor

For the life of me I can't remember when exactly they moved in across the street. The house was bought by someone, they fixed it and before winter 2011 it was finish. The sign on the front yard was still standing until they moved in. So, I'm not really sure when they bought it.

Anyway, their children started playing with ours, and DH went over there to introduce the children and to say "welcome to the neighborhood." I wasn't around when he did. Months later the lady of the house caught me outside yelling at my So, we been talking since then.

She gave me wheat salad, which I think I had to sprinkle some lemon before eating...I think. Well, actually I didn't do so and I didn't like it. I also asked her to teach me how to make yogurt. Hopefully she can teach me before she goes on vacation for the whole summer. I would love to go on vacation for two months, who doesn't...hah!

That's all for today. Too much rain here and it's making the ground around the house too wet and too muddy. And my seeds are not growing. I think they drowned a long time ago...ugh!


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