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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making the Most of It

Yes, children does not mind at all when we have to share the use of their fathers' unlimited cell phone internet. I like it now because when one of them wanted to watch something, they are all in the same room watching it with everyone. It is a very good feeling, that even though they don't talk I can see them in one place.

I only check my email and FB account once a day. The FB is for my family, making sure they don't need anything in the hurry, plus that is the only way I can connect with the friends back home.

We are having such wet fall season. Rained too much in my opinion last week. We were stock inside playing games though home LAN. I even went on playing EA games I haven't touch in three years. I still beat it with five brutal enemies. I thought I should start with easy or medium but I still remember the tricks.

Doing lots of things inside the house. My kitchen sink is always clean and dishwasher always empty. I can pat myself in the back on how well I am adapting with the whole thing. Please remember, I did not grow-up with such luxury so removing some convenience has little affect on me. I am enjoying each day as a new day. And more time to spend with my whole family. Regards everyone.


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