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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Was Going To

My kids are outside right now, enjoying the 2 inches snow we got. I got everything turn down inside the house to hear most of what is going on outside and looking out the window often. I was going to say that I finally got a quiet time, but all of a sudden I heard the water line at the side of the house going. I knew right away that my two middle children are doing it.When they decide to do something together it always ends up something horrible. Sure enough I went out in my jeans and sweater only the two are there playing with it. I told them if they do it one more time that will force them to come I just told them to get off from their Dad's truck, and they got into the next thing. I was going to say, "finally peace and quiet," good thing I didn't.

We are not going to my DH friend's house tomorrow. He just told me today, because his friend left him a message last night, then he got up early to do some salt run this morning. And when he got home, he took a nap. He told me that he promise him that we are bringing chocolate chip cookies, and I asked him when he woke up if I should make a double batch. He said, "oh yeah I did not tell you, he canceled". And he tells me that I don't remember anything, how the heck can I remember if he does not tell me anything? Man! He also picks the time to tell anything he wanted when the kids are all over me, and I can't hear anything or too busy doing something. He is lacking common sense in that area, I Yes, I am talking about you. Would you like to chat when there are 4 kids trying to get your attention at one time? He can't even stand it when they are playing among themselves and getting very noisy. All I ask is to help me to give what they wanted and wait while they are doing other things away from me, then we can talk.

Yup, that is my weekend so far, how about you?


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