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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Heard?

We are going to have more snow tonight. Not that we got any last time but, for those who did. Yes, another storm is coming up. The last snow was pretty high for others. Nothing compares to the snow of 1995 when I was in Jersey. Boy, that was something. I was living alone (with ODS) in an apartment, and I had to shovel my truck out of the snow. The plow truck plowed the road and since it was 4 feet or higher they said that they will do the parking lots when they are done plowing the rest of the roads. So, I don't have any choice but to shovel myself out of a very long parking spot. I can fit two cars behind each other with my parking spot. And I was not thinking to move my truck closer to the road before the snow got so high.

My truck on the rightThe vehicle on the right was my truck, and can you see the car next to It's almost buried.

Just getting out of my front door was a challenge. My neighbors was smiling at me because they can see snow moving, but they can't see me shoveling it. It was very windy too, and every time I put some snow higher, the wind just blows it down again. The local roads are so tiny and have to give way to others. They can't plow the snow anymore because it's already high on the side of the road. That was something, a lot of states were under state of emergency. DH remembers it too, he said he made a lot of money that year with snow removal.

Fence almost coveredThis was my tiny fence in backyard. The fence was almost gone too.

I have been here half of my life, and that was the most snow I ever saw so far. I went out shopping very early today to beat the rush. You know a lot of people floods the grocery stores when a storm is bound to happen. How about you, do you run to the store to buy some last minute things before the storm? Well, actually I did not go shopping over the weekend. If I have, I do not have to go out today.

ODS @ 5 YOODS was 4 years old here, enjoying the snow on the back of my truck.


Auntie E February 9, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

Oh I'm in Maryland and it is really coming down. we already have 38+ inches and now another 20+ by tomorrow night. Oh yes the digging out. Hope you weather better than us.

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