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Friday, June 17, 2011

Scheduled Power Outage

Last Friday I was very surprised about power outage. I was very lucky because I cooked dinner early and by 4pm I was done and my children has eaten. The power did not came back until about midnight. It woke me up because most of the light in the house was on.

Today, I heard from our neighbor that it will be off again. Two or three years ago, they did the same thing. However, they did it continuously over a period of three working days. They turned off the power every evening and turned it back on early morning for people to get ready for work.

Now, they are saying that they didn't finish whatever it was they were doing before and they wanted to finish it. I don't even know what exactly they are doing. Our power line is under ground and my street is the only one getting affecting by this. I have to make sure to cook dinner early again. I don't want to have hungry children in the house during this outage.

I also have water in four 5 gallon buckets for flushing the toilets. And 5 gallons for washing hands and brushing our teeth for the night. I wasn't ready last week and we couldn't flush. So when the power came back on, I went around the house flushing all the toilets, scared of being turned off again. Hopefully they will get done tonight and nothing like this next Friday.


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