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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They are Comfortable

Yes, nursing scrubs uniforms are comfortable. Did you try wearing one, even as a costume on Halloween? I'll be wearing it all the time when I can't afford to buy clothing in the store anymore with this inflation we are having. Of course, I will be making my own from fabrics I am saving for rainy days.

Hopefully, nothing like it will ever happen, but this country is bankrupt in my opinion. Too many I owe you's and not enough gold and silver to back it up. However, while still affordable and the paper money is still flowing, you might as well stock-up on things you will need. Shop around and find the best deal to save your hard earn money.

Don't forget to your list on finding best deals on uniforms. Have you felt the fabric they use on their uniforms? I would like to get my hand on rolls of those (whatever you call the fabrics that are still rolled-up), I like the plain and simple fabric.


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