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Friday, December 16, 2011

We Talk it Over

I spoke to DH about the christmas lies and he basically told me that the BIBLE did not told us how to breath. Yes, we are going to get (still) a dead tree and put it inside the house, and no we do not considered the tree as symbol of anything.

To clear things up, we are not christians and religious. We follow the SPIRITUAL side of all BIBLE. I call our Creator different names, because I don't really know which is correct. I hate using GOD, because backwards that spells dog, and I hate people who act like dogs.

I like the TEN REGULATIONS. Most people call it commandments.

Did you know what is behind the mistletoe? A long time ago, it was a symbol of invitation to sex. They said, people hang them outside their door to invite whoever for orgy (it was that orgy turned into christmas).

Watch the video below. You will be very surprised.


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